Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


4. kidnapped.


Niall took something out of the backk seat and leaned forward to talk to the boys. he nods and turns back to me.

" hey, you want a beer Becs?"

" sure!"

he hands me a beer i dont know what its called, but i started drinking. we had 2-3 beers, so i mean it doesnt mean we cant drive home right? They movie ended and the boys and i chatted for a while about the movie.

"... i think she was the hottest girl in the movie! I mean come on, that killer smile she had!" 

Ohhhh cheecky Harry. They were arguing about who was THE hottest girl in the movie was. yeah we had a few drinks, but it was hilarious! I told the boys we had to go home now, it was starting to get late. But then i thought : wait, we dont live as close. I sighed and pouted. i missed the good old days. i mean, practicly living next to each other. Man, if i hadn't ran away... Stop it Becca. You have them now, be happy. Liam started driving the car out of the drive-in.  He turned on the radio, blasting a summer tune. I started singing every word. The boys had no idea who this was. 

" And we cant stopp and we wont stoop, cant you see its we who own the night..." i sang.

" Who is this?" Niall asked.

" Miley Cyrus!" i shouted.

He grinned and looked forward again. I watched Zayn whisper something to Niall. Hmm. Suspicious. Something was going on. Niall took something in his hand and leaned towards my ear. 

" Becs, im so sorry." he whispered.

I inhale a strange sent and he starts a count down from 30. What was going on? I started feeling a bit woozy, and strange. What the hell did he give me? 

" 20, 19, 18, 17, 16.."

I looked strangely at Niall, as he made his way under 10. Oh my god. i just got drugged. No fucking way. Niall Horan drugged me. and those were my only thoughts after i saw black.




I wake up in a dark room. Huh? 

Shit, i was drugged by Niall! Oh my god! I heard voices. I didnt mean to eavesdrop but i couldnt help it. something was going on. i was so confused. I mean why would he do that? Ugh. Im so mad.

" So, now that we got her here... what do we do? I mean.." Niall said.

" Well, she's here. And she's not leaving us. We had to go through hell for wo years. TWO FUCKING YEARS IM TELLIN YOU!" Zayn yelled.

I shrinked in a little ball. i was so afraid. What would they do to me? Footsteps walked towards me and i shut my eyes closed. I didnt want them to know that i heard that. i stayed motionless and waited. nothing happened at first. but then i heard Harry speak.

" So this means... we kidnapped Becca Victor?" Harry asks.

" Yes, Harry we did. She wont leave us for another minute, second or year!" Louis says.

I silently gasp. they.. kidnapped me? What? Why? Aww man. im gonna be stuck here for a while. a hand brushes my arm and i shrug. The large hand leaves and im more afraid.

" Hmm, boys, looks like little Becs is awake!" Niall said.

Oh shit.

" Take her to the bedroom I'll be right there" Harry says.

He'll be right there? Wait... He'll be right there. OH MY FUCK. I hide my mouth with my hand, and scream silently. I know what this means. Bedroom, Harry's first. They kidnapped me for what reason. Niall takes me in his arms and walks over to this bedroom. He stays silently. There is light so i look up to a hurt Niall. What were they doing to do to me? I started shivering in fear at the thought of... rape. 


Niall set me in the bedroom and put me on the bed. Without asking me, he rips off my clothes and yells for Harry. I start shaking when Harry makes an entrance. He smirks at my naked, motionless body. Harry takes his clothes off in font of me and Niall and smiles at Niall.

" When im done, bring in Liam. Got it?" Harry tells Niall.

Niall nods and walks out, leaving me a lone with Harry. Harry walks over to me and sets his body on mine. He starts kissing me. I refuse to kiss back. Harry grunts and pulls away. He starts sucking on my neck. I still dont do anything, until he finds my sweet spot. I let out a moan. I feel Harry smirk against my neck and goes lower. I feel my nipples go hard as he plays with them. I moan again, and he goes to my pussy. He starts licking me, around my hips. My hips buck up in his face. Harry shoves his tongue in me and i yelp in pain. I've never done this before. He enters one finger roughly in me and pumps fast and hard. I moan in pleasure. Wait, what am i saying?! Harry comes back to my lips and kisses me. I melt in his lips and kiss him back. He enters me in one fast fluid movement. I shut my eyes in pain and swallow moan after moan. It hurt so much and he was so big. It has been 2 years since anyone has fucked me.

" Girl, you should be enjoy this!" Harry grunts in my ear.

He slips out of me and looks at me discouragely. Hah. That'll teach him something. He gets off the bed and gets dressed again. I stare at the ceiling, tears filling up my eyes when i think about my best friends raping me. Harry shouts Louis' name and he comes running in the room.

" She didnt seem to enjoy me." Harry says angry.

" trust me, she will enjoy me.." Liam says.

Harry stumps his feet as he walks out and liam jumps on my body, with his boxers. I sigh. Finally, somebody who wont rape me. Liam starts kissing my lips, softly and passionately. I immediatly fall for this. But i shouldnt have. Liam, enters his long, large fingers in me and i moan. His thumb making eights on my clit. I grab the sheets and try to controle myself. But a moan slips out of me again. following another one.

" Girl your enjoying this.." Liam says. " Hmmm i think your ready for Zayn.." 

Another fucking raper?! You gotta be kidding me. Liam wasnt so bad though. i mean he didnt rape me at all. zayn walks in and smirks at my body, all sweaty and ready for him. or so he thinks. He undresses himself and Liam stays in the room, keeping an eye on us. Zayn walks over to me and enters me the second he sets himself on me. I swallow a moan but cant help it. I start moaning. Zayn's hands fly up to the headboard, for support. My hips buck up and follows Zayn's motion. He really knows how to fuck. I scream his name once in pleasure. Liam chuckles and tells Zayn that he's had enough. My breathing is fast and envy once Zayn slips out of me. Zayn groans unhappily and Louis walks in, as Liam and Zayn walk out. I hear them joking around in the other room. That used to be us!


" So, Becca, you enjoying this so far? I heard you yell Zayn's name." he chuckles.

But i dont answer him. I give him the silent treatment. he deserves to know NOTHING about what happened previously. He undresses himself slowly. Is he giving me a freaking strip tease? Once his boxers are off, he starts pumping his crotch. Moaning he looks at me so.. seducively. I moan and see him grin.Fuck Becca. STOP IT! Louis walks over to me and starts kissing my whole body. He goes up to my tits and starts sucking on my left, playing with my right tit. i feel them go hard and moan again. Keep yourself together Becca! Louis kisses my stomach and goes to my pussy. He starts kissing me, then enters his tongue in me. He moans and i feel my hands go up and push him further in. Louis smirks and continues his little fucking work. i grab his hair and pull him out. he yells.

" OW! WHat the fuck was that for Becca?!" he yells.

i dont answer him again. He sighs and gets dressed. not so bad louis. Wait what?! He gets dressed and i feel a tear fall on my cheek. i wipe it and look at louis. He slips his shirt on and walks towards my sore, aching body. He smiles and look at my body again. I give him a death look. If only looks could kill... I swear i want to kill every fucking one of them.

" Niall is next. He is usually the one who keeps you up all night.." he smirks.

Louis walks out the door. Niall is USALLY the one who keeps you up all night, he said. They've done this before? Man, i didnt know this. I take this opportunity to run to a corner and cry silently. The door creaks open and i see Niall walk in.

" So becca.. Becca where are you?" He asks.

I let out a sob and Niall turns his head to where i am. Oh no no no. He walks towards me with a ... dangerous look on his face. I let out another sob and muffle the rest. He was going to rape me. keep me up all night. Fuck me till my pussy hurts. Make me sore and aching for more.

" Becs, are you crying?"

I shake my head no. But I know that he heard my sobs. He stands next to me then picks me up. He walks over to the bed and sets me down. He takes his pants and shirt off, and keeps his boxers on. He crawls on the bed, his face close to mine. He looks at my face and i feel a tear fall down my eye.

" you are crying.." he whispers.

" Just do it. just fuck me. i dont care. Get it over with. Im tired of fighting back. Do it Niall." i sob.

Niall shakes his head He lays next to me and hold me tight in his arms. He kisses my hair and whispers things in my ear. Things only him and i would only understand. Things he would never tell anybody else. His hand rubbing my back. We fall asleep like that. I knew something like this was going to happen to me. honestly, Niall is too sweet. Wait, am i falling for one of my rapers? No Becca. You can't.




Ohhhhh long chapter with a bit of... um.. you know some moments. but do you ship 

Necca - Niall and Becca -

Barry - Harry and Becca -

Zecca - Zayn and Becca -

Bouis - Louis and Becca -

Lecca or Biam - Liam and Becca -

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