Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


5. Gone.


I wake up, alone in the bed Niall and i slept in. Flashbacks ran through my head, reminding me that i got fucking raped by my best friends. Well, not all of them. I sit up and stretch yawning. Man, i just can't believe them! Raping the shit outta girls, i mean WHO DOES THAT? I get up slowly, my thighs burning in pain. I walk to the door and stick my ear to it, listening. They were obviously in the kitchen and that was two hallways away. They were talking and cooking breakfast. Hah. They should never leave my sight. I took my phone out. 9:30 am. I unlocked it and saw i had a tracker on my phone. Ugh, them. I open the door slowly, hearing a small creak. I stopped short, feeling nervous about this. 

I walk slowly out, until i dont think they can hear me. I look around the dark hallway, trying to find an exit. Aha. Bingo. I walk to it, rather fast. I open it and then run out. I shut the door slowly behind me, and then run in the forest, in their backyard. Gee. I never thought escaping was that easy. I run as fast as my legs can. I look forward, seeing that im not that far from a city, or a street or something. My eyes had a bit of a hard time readjusting to some daylight. Once i arrive at the street, i look around. Im in Manhattan! ( sorry i dont know how to write that word haha ;P ) Good enough. I take my phone out of my sweats and smash it on the ground. I hit my foot as hard as i can on it. No more contact with them. Nor did i need it. I took out a 15$ bill and saw there was a subway not to far away. ( not the Subway shop. like a subway, trains and stuff ) I cross the street and walk over to the subway. 

" Hi. New York City train, what time is that at?" i ask kindly to the old woman.

" Hello. Its at 10:15. Oh my dear, you look horrible." she says.

I nod and pay for my ticket. I hadnt you know.. checked myself in a mirror lately. I thank her and walk to the bench. I sit down and sigh. Ugh, i had to go home and buy a new phone. Oh and die my hair a dark brown and get green contacts to you know, change my look again. Ugh this will cost me a fortune again. But its worth not getting raped again. And i had to get a job too. I look at the wall, and at the flyers. One of the caught my eye. Hmm, seventeen magazine is looking for a publisher.. Kinda my thing. I unclip the flyer and sit back down again.

" Subway Train to New York City, I repeat Subway Train to New York City." the announcer said.

Shit thats me. I run to the train an walk in. People walked in slowly. Geez people walk faster i got to get out of here. Finally everybody walks in and we start moving. In minutes, we're out of Manhattan and heading to New York. I zone out looking at the city, thinking at how i tried SO HARD to stay away from those boys! But im gone now so thats what matters. Once we arrive in New York City, i jump out of my seat and rush outside to the big, rushing city cars. I call out a taxi until one of them stop for me. I jump in the car telling the driver where my appartment is.

" So, why do you look like that?" he asks.

Umm freak.

" None of your business. "

Once we arrive at my appartement i throw a 5$ bill and rush into my appartment and lock the door. Makeover time.

Once again.



Sorry i havent updated. School started again. I'll try to update the most i can this year:) hope you like the chapter! 

alison :D

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