Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


3. forgiveness and having a blast!


After an hour and a half of explaining my story, i was crying. i didnt know how they felt about his. what they thought of me. i felt bad.

" will you ever forgive me?" i ask.

They look at each other, like they could understand facial expressions. i was really hoping to be getting my best friends back.

" well you did make us go through hell.." harry started.

" and you did change your style." 

" and even though you were just in a car accident.." louis says.

" but yea. we will" liam finishes.

I smile and jump off the stupid hospital bed. I hug all of them, then do a group hug. I didnt let go. Everything came back to me. Their touch, their smell. The butterflies. The effect they had on me. The feeling was absolutely great. my best friends were back.

" Oh thanks so much! I finally have my five best mates again!"

They chuckle. We only let go when the nurse walks in.


After the nurse tells me im free to go, the boys and i decide to go out and eat. After, we go see Grown Ups 2 at the drive in theatre. And did i mention, that the boys got wayyyyyyy more musclier :) (;

We stop at Nando's - of course - and order. The boys and i talk about our lives, to catch up. LIke best friends always go.  I show them the tattos i got before i left them. zayn and i surprisingly have the same tattoo. We were laughing and its like we couldnt stop talking. Once we left Nando's smiling, we met papz outside. But who the hell cares? i mean im with the boys again. my best friends. my brothers.


we hop into Liam's amazing convertable car, and drive to the drive in theatres. We were singing songs at the top of our lungs. This is what i was missing in my life. 

We got our tickets and park the car as close as possible to the screen.


The boys and i decide that its best if i go get the snacks, because we would get invaded with fans. I walk to the little shop and buy 6 bags of pop corn and 4 extra large pops. Because i knew that niall ate a lot. lol! :)


Once i come back with the snacks to Liam's car, i sit in the back of the car and smile to niall. his words replayed in my head.

" you scared the shit out of me. you dont know how much i missed you."


Aww he missed me. To be honest he's a cutie. We sit next to each other and died of laughter as soon as the movie started.


My life was officially back to reality. Back on track. No more poopy Becca. Fun becca was back to town. 

:) :) :)


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