Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


10. Finally Home.


Nothing was going to be the same you know. Confessing the truth to my used to be Best Friends. And i needed a fresh start. So i was going back to Melina's. For a good reason. Because famous and all that crap, is just too annoying and i need a break. My flight was leaving today and i left half of my things at my old place. London was great to blend in and have a new start. So I hopped in my sold car and drove to the airport, where the new owner would take the car and the appartment keys too. yeah i sold it. I got a couple thousand dollars. But i would use it for stuff i actually need. 

Of course the boys would come back to Melina's once in a while. which was ok with me, but no rapping and falling in love. Love could wait. And being famous could too, and the boys would finish their contract with Simon soon. 

I guess everything was going to be on pause for quite a while. Yes, i had fallen in love with Louis, then Niall. And i broke the band. I did say stuff i shouldnt have, but look where i am now. I did mistakes that i wont do again. But who the hell knows, i probably will. Lol. I also got rapped and kidnapped but made my way out of it. I guess i really want a new start. Im still young and everybody makes mistakes.

( quote ) 

I am confident, 

because i can admit who i am,

what I've done and

love myself with

who i've become.


Who knows, Harry and I might be the new ' it ' couple...



Hi guys!

So this is the end of Bad Girl/ Bad Boys story. School has been in my way a lot so sorry for not being so active and not updating so often. I had so much fun writing this story and having a few compliments about the story.  I might make a sequel, maybe over Christmas break. It might be callled  True Love or Fresh Start. But i will keep you all updated! I really love this story and im hopping that you all loved it more than I did. My other story, Your My Drug is not really a story i feel like updating a bunch. But Thank You guys. Without your support, well i guess i wouldn't have continued the story. If you do want a sequel to this, just comment and i'll see. I know this is long sorry.

Haha thanks again guys!

alison xx (:

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