Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


7. Clubbing



Ugh, i do not want to go out again. You know when you start reading this REALLY good book and you cant stop, well this is my case. If you havent read The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, then i dont know you. I had to meet Niall at the club. Surely they boys would be there. Which, i didnt want to happen.


I walked up the stairs and went straight to my room, slipping on some skinny jeans that made my bum look good. I slip on an orange tank top that gave away a huge cleavage and pulled a leather jacket on. I slipped on my white converse sneakers and run down the stairs and jump into my mini Cooper once again.

Once i get to the club, I sneak in and go immediatly to the bar. Im pulled back to someone. I let out a little scream and turn around. I sigh when i see that its Niall.

" Becca..." he whispered in my ear.

I nod and we walk over to get a few drinks. We got a bit wasted as we headed to the dance floor, fooling around and Niall whispering sweet things in his drunk, sexy, irish voice that made me a little drunker. We started kissing and it was amazing, just like at the photoshoot. Niall grabbed my hips, suddenly and whispered:

" I want you, Becca. Now."

I moan in respons as we make our way out of the club, into the cold, rushing city.

Next thing i know, I'm thrown onto my bed, getting my clothes ripped off by one, that i ran away from.

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