Bad Boys

Ever since Becca moved to New York, her biggest worry was to see the boys again. But she didnt have to worry much when she got a total new makeover. She never thought she would see the boys two years later, while they are STILL searching for the missing Becca Victor. They dont need to search for long anymore.


9. Back to normal?


Ever since Niall and i went clubbing, i havent heard from him, but im nervous. What if the boys found out? Maybe Niall told them, and they got mad at him and.. I don't even want to think about it. I was walking to work today. I walked past a recording studio and decided to enter. Loud music blasted through the walls and i walked in. 

" hi simon! " i waved.

Yes, Simon Cowell. One Direction were practicing a song.

" Oh Oh Oh, She's so mean but, i gotta love it, and I just cant let her go. Im so whipped on her tiny little, she's a sexy animal. Spends to much and I never tell her no, drives me nuts and she got me by the throat. She's so mean but i gotta love it, and i just cant let her. La la la la la la la la la la la Just can't let her go."

Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall stopped singing and looked at Simon, who smiled happily at the boys for their good work. Harry looked up and saw me, before singing his part, and frowned. His eyes got dark as he remembered all the memories about me. Slowly, and soon the boys will all recognize me.

" Breaks a billion hearts, I know im next in line, but i dont mind hey oh oh.." Harry sang.

He kept his eyes on me while Zayn sang his part. The boys followed his gaze and looked at me. They tried remembering the words but stop short and stared, mouths open. I frowned at Harry, then backed up towards the door.

" She's so mean but.... Becca?" They all said.

I bite my lip and nod slightly and looked at Niall. He smiled dryly and grinned at the boys. He told them. There is no way in Hell that they will rape me again. I spun around and ran out, the boys shouting my name. I couldnt let them catch me. No way. I went into and alley and stopped there, to catch my breath. Five shadows crowded over me. I turned around slowly and looked at them. 

" Becca. " Niall said.

" I knew it was you! The moment you walked in. Becca where the fuck were you?!" Harry spat.

I winced and backed against the brick wall. I let out a small whimper when Harry grabbed my arm, forcefully. I gulped and opened my mouth. Nothing came out at first. But then i suddenly let it all out.

" Where was I?! I ran away because you RAPED ME! And I got a new job, dyed my hair, broke my phone to get away from all of YOU! But I saw you at the SEVENTEEN! magazine photoshoot and only Niall recognized ME. He told you guys. I knew it. Im scarred of you guys. REALLY scarred. I thought you guys were my best friends. " i said.

Harry's expression calmed down. They boys had hurt written all over their faces. I hurt them, but it was the truth. And i trusted Niall. He told the boys and slowly they realized that it was me all along. I started crying. I know it sounds child ish, but when you realize that your best friends are hurting you, physically, you just cry. Because you have to let it out. Zayn sighed, and looked at me, so did Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall. And Liam! The mature one RAPED ME!

" Look Becca, we're really really sorry. The fact of you being gone, is.... unbearable and we didnt know how to react when we found you and actually had the chance to take you away. You have every right to hate us, because we raped you. We forced you to do something you didnt want to. And we know its not right. I think the drinks put us on a doze and we are just... really sorry. " Liam said.

" And, Becs. We're just hopping that you can forgive us. We know your hurt, and maybe you wont forgive us. But we're really sorry." Niall added.

I let out a sob and fell to the ground. Flashing cameras got around us and i stopped crying immediately. Fucking paps. How in hell did they find us? Ugh. Questions came from everywhere. I got out of that mob of bitches and ran away. Back to my appartement and I knew i was getting followed. But who cares. Im so tired of celebrities and being famous and knowing One Direction.

I just wished everything and everyone would CALM DOWN.

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