It All Became Too Much (Complete)

"I didn't think that it was possible for things to get so out of hand."

When you move to a completely different place and you are in highschool, it is a new brainer that you will do all that you can to make friends. My case? I heard that Harry Styles was a player, one of the girls that I first met, my friend told me that he broke her heart for some cheerleader then left her too.
They wanted me to break his heart by making him like me then blow him off but how could I even get him to notice me? By becoming close to his brother Marcel. It couldn't be bad could it?


2. Two

"What happened back there?" I asked Kendall completely lost.

"Nothing, I just don't really like him." She insisted, shrugging things off.

"Is that what you guys were whispering about in class? Don't get her started on it, she gets all sad like whenever she thinks about it to this day." Harley warned.

"You would be too!" Kendall whined out. We were walking her to her locker because she didn't grab her book for her next class. While she switched her books out we took it as our chance to switch out books too.

"No, because I would have known what I was getting myself into. I even warned you before you said yes to him that he was no good for you." Harley explained to her.

"I'm so confused you two." I said making myself present in the conversation again.

"Last year, Kendall was noticed by none other than Harry Styles.Even thought he is a year older than us, they dated, she fell head over heels for him and two weeks into the relationship he brought her along to a party. He got drunk, she went off to get a soda and came back to find that he was no longer there." Harley explained to me.

"Well?" I asked pushing her to go on. It wa Kendall that spoke up though.

"I went upstairs to find a bathroom but when I opened the first door that I came to I found Harry laying ontop of the party owners bed with the blonde cheer captain bouncing ontop of him." She explained sounding disgusted. I could see why she hated him.

"Well he was drunk wasn't he?" I tried.

"He broke up with her the very next day. We saw them at lunch, her in his lap making out with him at their table." Harley finished.

"Wow, I am really sorry to hear that he did that to you." I said to Kendall honestly.

"No, I guess that it was expected. I should have listened to Harley. Always listen to Harley." She noted at the end. "I just really wish that I could get him back, before he graduates this year."

Harley looked at me, her eyes seemed brighter if that was even possible. "Maybe we can."

"What are you talking about?" I asked curiously.

"You are new, all eyes are going to of course be on you. We just have to get him to begin to like you. Then you can easily knock him and down and he will know what it is like to be hearbroken." Harley explained.

"That's horrible." I commented chewing on my bottom lip.

"But then you are getting him back for all of the other hearts that he has broken. Please!" Kendall jumped in making me sigh softly.

"Fine, but if it doesn't work then we are just going to drop it." I agreed.

"It will work out perfectly." She said with a smile before we began to walk off to class.


I took my seat in my English class flipping to the page number in the book that was written on the board, she expected of to read an entire massive chapter in this massive textbook. I began to read as the bell rang but the kid beside me distracted me, writing loudly on his piece of paper.

"Are we supposed to be taking notes?" I asked, he looked up at me. The light causing his glasses to glare lightly but eye could still see his green orbs. His hair was slicked back with hair gel and he wore a horrible colored sweater. He really outdid the nerd thing, for only a second I wondered it he was one of those hipsters.

"No, I just like to.. So I don't have to come back to the book and it helps me remember." He said blushing. It was a cute color on his cheeks. His face looked all too familiar.

"Harry?" I questioned under my breath as I looked over him. I didn't think that he could hear me but I guess that I was wrong because he looked at me strangly.

"Marcel." He said. Before looking down at the spot on the page that he had left off on. "My brother is Harry." He said seeming done with the conversation.

"I'm Stella by the way." I said holding out my hand. He looked at my hand for a moment before shaking it and giving me a soft smile.


"Tell me about that boy, um.. He said his name was Marcel." I said as I caught up to the girls at lunch. They sat at a table opening their drinks.

"Marcel? That's Harry's brother." Kendall said looking at me strangely. "How did you hear about him?"

"He was in my last class, he seems like a nice guy. A very nerdy nice guy." I said with a laugh. "How is it possible that he is related to Harry?"

"Well they are, Harry is so protective over him. He was so upset when he found out that some guys were bullying him. He's just sensitive when it comes to his brother." Harley explained to me which seemed to make Kendall happy for some reason.

"Oh my gosh!" She exclaimed. "You have to use Marcel, that would ruin Harry I just know it."

"No way, he did nothing to me!" I said backing out of this idea quickly.

"Stella you promised!" Kendall pleaded.

"I don't want to hurt his feelings." I said softly looking down.

"If anything Harry will be more hurt. Marcel is a pretty strong kid, it seems." Harley said urging me to agree.

"Fine but if I am the girl that breaks poor Marcel's heart I am taking it out on you." I said taking a bite from my apple.

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