It All Became Too Much (Complete)

"I didn't think that it was possible for things to get so out of hand."

When you move to a completely different place and you are in highschool, it is a new brainer that you will do all that you can to make friends. My case? I heard that Harry Styles was a player, one of the girls that I first met, my friend told me that he broke her heart for some cheerleader then left her too.
They wanted me to break his heart by making him like me then blow him off but how could I even get him to notice me? By becoming close to his brother Marcel. It couldn't be bad could it?


9. Nine

I guess that you could say that it was rude, for me to come over. I wanted to make sure that he was alright. He hadn't shown up to school for an entire three days and that worried me. I didn't ask Harry about it. He didn't want to talk much about it.

Since Marcel's dissapearance, Harry and I had been getting closer. He admitted to himself taking a liking to me. I don't know where we stand but I told him that I liked him too. Nothing serious goes on between us I don't think that it would be right for the two of us to go together. The farthest that we had taken things was going out to lunch during our break at school, he always took me to some bakery.

I took a deep breath before knocking on the door, I reached up to knock a second time but the door opened revealing a messy-haired, tired looking teenage boy with large green eyes. He rubbed one of them which made me smile. "What are you doing here? It's rainy outside." Harry said with a small smile.

"Well Marcel never canceled out on our tutoring sessions." I said holding up my books in my hands.

"I don't know if its that great of an idea.." He began and looked behind himself as if to make sure no one was hearing what we were talking about.

"Please Harry, I really am worried about him. He hasn't been in school I feel that I have humiliated him." I said with all honesty. Of course I wasn't hear to study. He sighed softly and stepped aside opening the door wider letting me come inside.

"Marcel!" He called out then led me into the kitchen where he got himself a cup of water. "Marcel!" He yelled out again waiting for his brother. After a few minutes he turned to me then looked down.

"What?" I asked confused, I lifted his chin lightly to make him look at me but he continued to drop his eyes again. "Whats wrong?" I asked him confused.

"I just know that I am not going to be the one to get you. I know that neither of us will no matter how bad we want you, how much we think about you.. You arent going to chose or kiss or even touch one of us in any intimate manner." He said with a sigh. "And it sucks because.. I think that maybe I love you."

"No, no you don't it's just a crush." I said, sighing softly and shaking my head. "That is all that I have to its nothing, something that will just go away. If you feed off of it, you will never get over it." I said but he pulled me closer.

"Kiss me one more time and I will let it go." I said wrapping his arms around my waist. I bit my lip and put my hands to his chest but he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. I didn't fight it, after a moment of two I moved my lips with his.

We kissed until I felt dizzy from being breahtless, he pulled back to let the two of us breath then he turned around lifting me to sit on the counter. I wrapped my legs around his hips and ran my fingers through his hair while he started to run his hands up my sides. Soon I stopped him by putting my hands on his own and shaking my head lightly. "I think that was a little more than just a kiss." I said breathlessly.

"Yeah, what a hell of a kiss." I heard a new voice break the ice. I looked over Harry's shoulder to see Marcel standing there look more hurt than any of the other times that I have ever hurt him.

"Marcel! No it wasn't meant to be like that. I didn't, he did it! He kissed me!" I spit out quickly letting myself down from the counter and turning to frown up at Harry. Marcel had ran off up the stairs by now, I was more upset with Harry than anything. "You! Did you do that on purpose? He hates me now! Why couldn't you just have control over yourself and stay away? Why did you have to take a liking to me? I was your brother's!"

I ran up the stairs and and into Marcel's room. He wasn't in bed but his bed wasn't made, that wasn't usual. He was always a neat kind of guy, I looked around and noticed that the bathroom door was closed and walked to it twisting the door knob. "Marcel?" I questioned trying to pry the door open even though he had it locked.

"Can I please just have my privacy? I am done. I am done with this. I can't stand this anymore." He said before turning on the shower. He couldn't just come out and talk to me before he got in?

"I'm sorry Marcel! I didn't ever mean to hurt you I just with that I could tell you the whole story. I really do." I said, tears beginning to fill my eyes.

"What is holding you back from doing it?" He asked suddenly, I could hear that he had moved closer to the door but he didn't stop the shower.


A/n: Decided to let you guys off with it early. This is a short story so there are only a few chapters left. Comment for more!

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