It All Became Too Much (Complete)

"I didn't think that it was possible for things to get so out of hand."

When you move to a completely different place and you are in highschool, it is a new brainer that you will do all that you can to make friends. My case? I heard that Harry Styles was a player, one of the girls that I first met, my friend told me that he broke her heart for some cheerleader then left her too.
They wanted me to break his heart by making him like me then blow him off but how could I even get him to notice me? By becoming close to his brother Marcel. It couldn't be bad could it?


4. Four


I sighed softly as Marcel started the car and hid my face in my fists as we pulled away from the house. We left the girl in the grass, I didn't care. She played me, with my own brother. Him of all people.

I looked over at him and glared through my ruined vision, I did it to myself I drank as much as I could as fast as I could.

I got tired of watching him staring at the road, he's perfect posture made him seem far to happy and he had an amazing night, with her. I frowned and leaned over and went for his neck gripping it with both hands before I let go with one and started to hit him.

He slammed on the brakes the best that he could, not meaning to but steering the car all over the road, until we hit something. I stopped and looked out of the window seeing that we had hit a street light leaving a dent in the hood of my car.

I looked over at Marcel and saw that he was crying, tears spilled down his cheeks and he stared at me as if I was the monster this time around. I wasn't. I swear, I'm just a drunk. I frowned to myself and ripped myself out of my seatbelt and out of the car slamming the door closed in my anger.

I wasn't sure how long we had been out before Marcel came out, he had pulled himself together, his tears gone. "What has gotten into?" He asked with a frown.

"I drank to much." I insisted shoving my hands into my pockets.

"You have drank before and you have never gotten into fights and then attacked me." He said folding his arms over his chest. He was obviously trying to be the braver one here.

"He said something about you and it pissed me off." I said and he realized that I was talking about my friend by now. "I don't know which part made me more upset, the fact that he talked badly about you or that fact that it was true." I said harshly making him flinch.

"What did he say?" He asked dropping his hands to his sides.

"Can we just get home?" I asked walking to the car and opening the door.

"Tell me first." He said walking to the door I stood at holding it closed.

"Move Marcel." I warned and he stayed there looking up at me. "You want to know what he said? Fine. He just called you a few names then took notice of the fact that you stole a girl right from me. You." I said running my fingers through my hair.

"I didn't." He said moving around the car letting us both get inside.

"You did, Stella spent all of her time with you." I pointed out and he shrugged.

"She doesn't like me. Not like that, we are only friends." He said not looking at me.


A/N: Sorry it's so short. I might put another up in a little while but comment for it. :)

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