Darkness - a short story

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  • Published: 15 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 15 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
this is a short story I wrote which has like less than 1000 words its my first movella and I hope you enjoy it!!

it happened and I didn't know how to stop it I felt like the world was about to end and only the gloom would be left along with HIM. but instead I was given a chance... a chance to save everyone.


1. chapter 1

I’m running, I haven’t stopped even when they took Polly, I miss Polly I should have helped her, my own sister, but instead I kept going. Three days with only a thirty minute rest up in a tree, I couldn’t rest for long otherwise it would take me, like it did all the children. Dad and mum told us to get away dad screamed ‘run’ just before he was killed; soon everyone will die; it’s just a matter of time.

“Hey come on Sam or do you want your mum and sister to beat us” smiling he passed me the golf club; I loved playing crazy golf especially on holiday. I shot … yes!!! Hole in one. I high fived dad giving mum and Polly a smug grin “Beat that” I laughed.  No, I shook my head, there’s no time to remember the past, but my mind wouldn’t let me forget my last minutes of pure happiness “Come on Sam hurry up and open the cabin door” we stepped inside just as we heard the scream, it pierced through the air like a fog  horn. As I took a step forward to take a look at what was happening I jumped back just as quickly, there stood in the doorway, was a man with brown greasy hair, slightly yellow chipped teeth and his eyes were completely black. That’s when dad made the biggest mistake of his life and asked “Who are you?” in a split second a black void had surrounded mum and dad and they were being strangled slowly. I looked at the man in the doorway as he murdered my parents and saw he wasn’t even touching them, he just stood there with a dark smile on his hideous face. ‘Run’ dad’s last word.

I had stopped running for a while as I remembered the night I saw my parents killed, a sob rose in my throat. I was all alone in the world I had no one to look out for me. Sighing I sat down on a tree stump and looked around me hoping this wasn’t going to be my new life.  If I listened hard enough I could hear distant screams -wait those screams weren’t distant they were close. I look again but this time the man’s there. My heart starts beating hard against my ribs, I start sprinting I need to get away from him my life depends on it.  The adults are killed, I think, but I don’t actually know what happens to the children, when Polly went I glanced back once and it looked simply like shadows caging her, but when they were gone so was she.  Suddenly, I tripped over a log which gave the man time to catch up with me; it also gave time for the void to seize me. I struggled but it seemed to embrace me. “Hello again” the man said, I was about to make the same mistake as dad “Who are you?” I asked uneasily.  No! I was drifting; my head dropped to the side “I’m your worst nightmare” he replied “Who?” I said sluggishly, my eyes closing slowly.  “Darkness”


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