My One And Only {1D}

My ring. It's speciel. I mean, all rings are speciel. But mine is just a tiny bit more speciel. It changes colour, When I'm looking at 'the one'. I can only marry my family, else I bring shame to them, and I loose my ring. And my life. My family consists of all the other people in the world that own a ring similar to mine, it's only about a thousand people or something. And i have to marry one of them.

If I take my ring off, the person i'm thinking of, or looking at, i will be bound with forever. My great-grandma did that. She married at 20 year old women the month after. And she was, let's just say, not young.


10. Loonatic

2 Months Later (3 Months Left)

I looked in the fridge when i felt some hands around my waist. "Hey little beauti" i think Harry mumbled in my ear. "Harry? What are you doing?" I closed the fridge, but i couldn't turn around. "You know, it's a very pretty ring. Wanna see mine?" my heart stopped instantly. He couldn't have a ring! Look at him! He's Harry Styles!


He spun me around and took out a necklace from under his shirt. I looked at it. It was exactly how mine looked, exept, exept. It was glowing.


"No!" i yelled out, and tryed to run out of the kitchen, but Harry grabbed wrist and i began screeming like a loonatic. Niall and Liam came running into the kitchen. As i stayed at their house. 


Niall came over to me and tryed to calm me down, but i'm not gonna marry that thing! No offence. But i can't marry my boyfriends best friend!? That would be pure evil to him AND me! I would walk around every day, seeing Niall, but have to be all cuddlely with Harry.


"Babe what's wrong?" Niall took my head and maked me look into his eyes. I saw sorrow, sadness, worry. EVERYTHING! It was too much! For a very long time i've been walking around not crying, but now it was too much! I fell way to hard in front of Niall, and nobody was there to catch me.


A little tear fell down my face, followed by some others that got stopped by Nialls kisses all over my face. "Babe what's wrong?" he tried again, but this time he let me cry into his chest. "H-h-he ma-ma-marr-ry" was all i got out while pointing at Harry. Niall just looked very confused at Harry, while Harry looked at me with sorrow. 




* * *


Nialls P.O.V


I walked down the hallway, but stopped when i heard Harry talk. "Jose, we need to tell him, i mean, he'll find out sooner or later, and i prefer now" he said. I could picture him kissing her lips, getting a little more intimate, and putting his tongue...Okay no Niall! Stop! 


I walked into the room, but what i saw wasn't what i though i would see. Jose was sitting in a corner crying, while Harry sat on the bed with his head in his hands, looking frustrated. 


"Guys?" i said and both their heads shot up and looked at me. Harry looked kinda mad? and Jose looked like she's torn appart. "What are you gonna tell me?" i sat down on the bed next to Harry. He opened his mouth, and began to talk.

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