My One And Only {1D}

My ring. It's speciel. I mean, all rings are speciel. But mine is just a tiny bit more speciel. It changes colour, When I'm looking at 'the one'. I can only marry my family, else I bring shame to them, and I loose my ring. And my life. My family consists of all the other people in the world that own a ring similar to mine, it's only about a thousand people or something. And i have to marry one of them.

If I take my ring off, the person i'm thinking of, or looking at, i will be bound with forever. My great-grandma did that. She married at 20 year old women the month after. And she was, let's just say, not young.


7. Dateeeeeeeee!

Nialls P.O.V

Should i call her? I mean, she's nice and funny, and i sound like a stupid idiot in love...Maybe thats what i am? 


I shook my head. I'm not 'maybe' a stupid idiot in love. I AM a stupid idiot in love. I should definitely call her. Shouldn't i? Yeah i should.


"Hey, erhm, i'm gonna go home now, i'm tired" i pointed towards the door. The guys nodded and mumbled some 'goodbye's before getting back to the tv. That was showing some talkshow.


"Bye!" i yelled before smacking the door behind me and running down the stairs. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and found Joselyns number. 


"Hello?" her sugarsweet voice sounded over det phone.

"Hi it's Niall" a big grin spred across my face as i said it. It made me happy just thinking about her. 

"Oh hi!" i could almost hear her smile.

"I was thinking if you like, erh, would maybe like, to maybe, erh" i stopped speaking, my voice just didn't wanna work me! This was so embarrasing!


"If i would like to go out with you?" she giggled in the other end of the phone. 

"Mmhmm" was the only thing i could get out of my mouth.

Another giggle was heard "Yeah!" A big relief rushed through me, and i let out a big sigh. 


"So, erh. How does later today sounds?" my plams was getting sweaty, even though i already got the yes.

"It sounds wonderful!" she almost yelled in the other end. "Great, i'll pick you up at 7!" i put the phone down my pocket again, and started running home.


* * *


 I got out of my car, and walked up to her house and knocked on the door. A middleaged women opened the door, and i think it was her mother. "She'll be down in a minute" she sended me a smile, and i just nodded.


A few seconds later Joselyn came down, and she looked abselutely stunning! She was wearing a short dress, that stopped just above the knee. It was white with pastel pink flowers. "Wow" i just stood there and stared at her. She bit her lower lip, and to be honest, my pants got a little tighter. 


"Stop staring dude, we better get going!" she punshed me friendly on the arm and walked past me and out to my car. "Come on! I can't drive, and i don't know where we're going" she chuckled a little over me just standing there. 


My body began to react, and i moved. I opened the door for her, she nodded and sat down. "Gentleman" i chuckled and and sat down in the drivers seat. "Are you gonna tell me were we're going?" she ajusted her dress, and looked at me. "Nope" i said popping the p.


We got to the resturante a few moments later, and her mouth was wide open. "No, please say we're not eating here" she sounded serius and my heart dropped a little. "We are, but if you don't like it we can just eat somewhere " i mumbled and looket out the window. "Niall, it wasn't meant like that, it's just that this is the most expensive resturant in town, and i don't wanna waiste your money" she put a hand on my knee and nuzzled it.


"I would love to waiste my money on you" i smiled at her and got out of the car. I opened her door and she stepped out with a hugeeeee grin on her face. "Lets go!" she put one of her hands in the air and took my hand.

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