My One And Only {1D}

My ring. It's speciel. I mean, all rings are speciel. But mine is just a tiny bit more speciel. It changes colour, When I'm looking at 'the one'. I can only marry my family, else I bring shame to them, and I loose my ring. And my life. My family consists of all the other people in the world that own a ring similar to mine, it's only about a thousand people or something. And i have to marry one of them.

If I take my ring off, the person i'm thinking of, or looking at, i will be bound with forever. My great-grandma did that. She married at 20 year old women the month after. And she was, let's just say, not young.


5. Bacooon!

I wake up to the smell of bacon. It doesn't really smell nice. I don't like bacon. 


I get out of bed, and take a look around. I think i'm in the guys house, i think. I look down myself and see i'm only wearing an oversized t-shirt. Hm, better than nothing.


I walked out of the room i was in, and into some sort of hallway, with a biiiig door at the end. I walked over to the door and opened it. Guess where it led? To the stairway, i am in an apartment. And outside stood some boys just staring at me. 


"Hi, erh wrong door, cya" i waved at them, and they just kept staring. I closed the door, and heard some laughter. That was embarrassing. 


A cough sounded behind me, and i saw Zayn standing there with a little smile on his face. "Hi" i put on a big false smile, and walked right past him. "sweetheart the kitchen is here" i walked back, and in the door, i guess i got out from. And in there all the other guys was sitting and grinning at me. "Not funny, give me some food, i smell bacon" i sat down on a chair baside Niall.


"So how did these guys look?" Harry joked. I guess they heard it all. "Well they looked better than you curly" that wasn't a lie, one of them were kinda good looking, and curls wasn't me. "Impossible" he put himself in a majestic posision, and looked at me. "So possible, i mean, Niall is even better looking than you" i pointed at Niall, and he instantly woke up from his little sleep. "Huh?" he sounded tired, i guess thats understandable. "Aww poor Niall, so i'm planing on going out today, anybody wanna join?" Liam said and put a plate in front of me, with toast, egg and bacon. 


There was some small 'yes' from the guys, but Niall kept quite. "Niall, Joselyn?" Niall and i both shook our head, i was to tired to go out, and i needed to get home. "Sorry guys, but i have to get home" i gave them a little smile, and then they all left the kitchen, to get ready.


* * *


I got out from the room i borrowed, and saw that the guys already left. "Hey, do you need me to drive you home?" i looked to my left, and saw Niall sitting on the floor with his little beautifull head on the doorframe. "Do you have the energy?" he gave me a little smile and nodded. 


Now when i was thinking about it, he was actually really adorable. 


He was about to stand up, when i stopped him. "Stoooop! Don't move!" i think my voice could be heard in the hole apartment. "What's wrong?" he lokked confused, and scared, and that just made him even more adorable. "You're just so adorable sitting like that" he blushed hard, and stood up. "Come on, let me drive you" he took my hand and pulled me all the way down from the appartment and into the car.


* * *


The car stopped in front of the entrance to my house, and i looked back at Niall with sorrow in my eyes, i didn't wanna leave him. "Wanna come in?" was the only thing i could think about saying. He nodded a little toooooo over exited, and jumped out the car to open my door. "What a gentle man" i changed my voice so it sounded overly brittih. Cuz my accent wasn't brittish, my accent was like, nothing. Haha.


We walked to the door, and as i stepped inside, i covered my ring with my han. If my mum found out, i would die. Litteraly. And i knew she would be sitting in the kitchen, she almost didn't do anything else. 


"My room is upstairs, so just take your shoes off and follow me" i walked into the kitchen while waiting for Niall. And to my suprise, my mum wasn't even home, but she left a little note at the table.


Hey love.


Hoped you had fun last night. I'm out with the girls, but i'll be home tomorrow.


Huggs, mum.


Well that was new.


Nialls P.O.V


"Are you hungry?" she yelled from the kitchen. I wasn't hungry, but i wasn't stuffed either. "Nah thanks" i mumbled while walking into the kitchen. It was big at pretty, and NOT what i expected.


She began looking in the cabinets, and first there i noticed how pretty she was. With her oversized t-shirt and a little too short leggins, and brown long hair tucked on her chest. She was beautiful. Truely beautiful.



Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuun!


Okaaay? no....



No okay, erhm i really like reading your comments, it makes me really happy!

It's just like i like the word 'belongings' and 'really'




No okay.....


Byeeeee sweetheartsssssss....<3333

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