"don't speak as i try to leave, cause we both know what we'll choose, if you pull then i'll push too deep and i'll fall right back to you" - Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes


2. The Day I First Met You

Three years ago:

I was currently lying on the couch in the living room resting my eyes. I was in the middle of working on my algebra when I began to drift off to sleep. Today seemed long; hell every day did since I have to be at school five days out of the week for practically nine hours since I run in track. Homework sucked, it really did. Another thing that also sucked was the fact it was Friday night and I was stuck doing homework.

I heaved a sigh as I begin to get back to my homework. Algebra sucked, it was one of the things I hated about school. It was also one of my weakest subjects. Besides math, I was way better at writing and doing things pertaining to English and writing than math, which is definitely not my forte.

I set my pencil down on top of my papers and run a hand through my hair. As I lean my head against the arm of the couch, there was a light tap on my shoulder. Slowly opening my eyes, I look up to see my older sister, Rebecca standing there, a warm smile on her face.

“Hey Brookie! How’s the studying going?” she asks looking at me taking a seat beside me. I sit up and pull my legs up to my chest as I look over at my sister.

“Alright I guess. Not really going anywhere. Have a feeling I’m going to be up all night,” I say and let out a sigh as I stare at her.

“You know, it’s only Friday and you have tomorrow to get it done, Brooke. What do you say ‘bout goin’ out tonight and having some fun?” she asks, looking at me with a smile and her eyebrows raised.

“My mate Gemma’s throwing a party tonight. Want to come along? It’ll be fun,” she says and lightly grabs hold of my arm.

“I…sure, guess so. Anything to get out of the house for the night,” I tell her as I slam my algebra book shut and set it on the floor along with my loose papers that barely had anything about algebra on it. There were only two words written neatly on the entire page of the college ruled paper; my name.

“Great! Come on now, love, let’s go get ready!” she exclaimed and grabbed my hand which pulled me up from my spot on the sofa and drug me toward the stairs.

I just let out a laugh as I follow my sister up the stairs to where my room was. Her room was up here too but she hardly ever goes in there except when she’s home from University, like she is now, for the next week or so. Becca drags me into my room and straight over to my closet.

She begins to go through all of my stuff in my closet before she comes up with something good. She soon pulls out a black lace cut-out dress. It was embellished in lace down both arms and across the top of the dress. It looked pretty nice, but it was also something I would never wear, a dress. Since I run track, I almost always go around in a comfortable t-shirt, sweats or jeans and my converse.

“You’re crazy, Bec, if you actually think I’m going to wear that,” I scoff rolling my eyes and pull out something comfortable that consisted of a t-shirt and shorts.

“Brooke, we’re going to a party, not out on a night run. You should be turning heads, babe. It will look great on you, promise,” she says looking at me, holding onto the dress.

“Where did that come from? Never seen it before in my life,” I motion to the dress she was holding. She looks over at me.

“It’s mine, I think you hung it up my mistake since it ended up with your clothes,” she says with a laugh.

“Oh,” I say as I look at her.

“Now, go, love. We need to get ready, Gemma told us to be there by 8,” she puts the dress into my hands and begins to push me toward the bathroom in the hallway across from my room.

“Fine, I’m going,” I tell her tightening my hand on the dress I was holding and walk in the bathroom, shutting the door behind me once I walked in. That left my sister to go do her stuff to get ready.

I roll my eyes; I didn’t see what the big deal was. It was just a college party that I’m sure tons of girls show up in shorts and a t-shirt all the time. I strip out of my clothes until I was in nothing but my boy-short underwear and strapless bra. After a few minutes, I get the dress on. I stand there staring at myself in the full-length mirror that hung on the wall. It actually looked real nice against my slightly tanned skin.

I let out a sigh and run a hand through my blonde hair as I reach for the door handle and pull it open. I walk across to my room to find it empty.

“Becca?” I call for her as I stand in the doorway of my room.

“In my room, Brooklyn!” she calls back. I tug at the bottom of the dress making sure it covered my ass before making my way down the brightly lit hallway to Rebecca’s room.

“What do you think, Bec?” I ask my older sister as I walk into her room. She was sitting in front of her vanity doing her makeup in a strapless white and light blue dress. After a few minutes, she turns to me, a big smile on her face as she looks at me.

“Brooklyn, you look great,” she says with a smile as she motions me over to where she was. She lightly pushes me in the shoulders making me take her spot in front of her mirror where she was doing her makeup. Her hair was curled and looked real nice along with her makeup.

“I’ll curl it for you if you want, I’ll even do your makeup,” she tells me with a smile as she looks at me as I stare back through the reflection in the mirror. I look at her, my eyebrows furrowed.

“You don’t have to Becca, I can do it myself,” I tell her as I stare at her. She shakes her head ‘no’.

“I’ll do it, Brookie, I want to, come on,” she says with a smile.

“Fine, just don’t burn me, please,” I say with a slight laugh. She begins to put some ringlet curls into my hair that was already somewhat wavy. I cross my arms over my chest while she does it. Things like this always made me impatient; I hope it wouldn’t take her too long.

About fifteen almost twenty long minutes later, she finishes up. My hair was done up and makeup done; she gave me a smoky eye with mascara, a bit of eyeliner topping it off with smashing red lipstick. I smile at my reflection. I was also wearing a bright red pair of pumps of Becca’s she told me would go perfect with my dress.

“You look amazing, Brookie! Quite smashing, love,” she smiles as she looks at me.

“You look quite smashing yourself, Becca!” I reply with a smile.

“What do you say we get going, love? It’s getting close to 8 because it’s 7:30 now,” she says looking at me as she reaches for her clutch purse.

“Sure,” I reply as I reach forward and grab my black clutch purse with my stuff I could fit like my phone and keys.

We are soon on our way to her mate Gemma’s house. The drive didn’t seem too long from our house to her mate Gemma’s. We soon pull up to a house with countless people and blaring music that I could hear from sitting inside Becca’s car.

“C’mon, Brookie! I want you to meet Gemma!” my sister drags me out of the passenger seat and slams the door shut.

I let out a nervous laugh and continue on behind her. We make our way to the front door past a bunch of people who were partying it up. Becca pushes the front door open and walks right in, me following behind her. This is sure going to be one long hell of a night.

She drags me through a few huge clusters of people with red cups in their hands. I could smell the strong stench of cigarette smoke as we made our way through big throngs of people standing around. As I inhaled some of the smoke, I let out a loud cough. It was so strong, I felt the need to throw up, I’ve never really been into smoking nor do I think I ever will be. We are soon in the kitchen where there people were standing around drinking.

“Gemma!” my sister calls out to a pretty brunette girl who turns around and smiles.

“Hey there, Becca! Glad you came,” she says embracing her in a hug.

“Glad I did, oh, Gemma, this is my sister, Brooklyn!” she introduces her to me and vice versa.

“Nice to meet you, love, heard so much about you!” she exclaims with a wide smile and pulls me into a hug. I smile and hug her back.

“Nice to meet you too,” I mutter with a small smile. I tell Becca I’ll be right back that I was going to use the loo. She just nods her head in response. I begin to walk off to find the loo. As I begin to ascend the stairs, I run straight into a boy, who made me stumble a bit, sending me down to the floor.

“Sorry love, didn’t see ya there,” I am met by a pair of green eyes staring back into my blue ones.

Whoever he was, he had a head full of curls and dimples as he smiled, which I absolutely loved on guys. As I look up, I notice he was holding his hand out for me. He wore a button up shirt, slacks and white converse on his feet. I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks heat up as he helped me up.

“I-it’s fine, I-I’m uh, Brooklyn,” I tell him with a small smile as he helps me up.

“What a pretty name for such a pretty girl,” he replies in a thick British accent, a smile on his lips.

“It’s nice to meet you babe, I’m Harry,” he says with a smile as he looks at me. Man did he have pretty hair and nice eyes. Not only that, he had a nice looking smile, too that I loved. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so bad as I thought it would.

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