The Weapon Witch

Her name is Soka, no one knows about her past and she never speaks. She communicates to her meister, Vinjio, telepathically. She's come for revenge but no one knows it, who is she out to get and why? Her story is about to unfold before the DWMA's eyes.


14. Soka

I walked down the stairs, humming. "Soka wait! Wait up!" Vinjio called.

I turned and he ran right into me. I tumbled down the stairs and he ran down to help me. "Oh god sorry!" He helped me up.

'What do you want?' I thought.

"I wanted to ask why you're angry and who are you angry at?" He asked.

I led him into an alley. 'Im not angry at you I promise.' I thought.

"Then who?" He asked.

'A certain teacher and death scythe.' I thought.

"Ok...but why?"

'They hurt me when I was little. I know they don't remember me but when I'm done they'll know pain. I'll make them pay.' I growled.

"Pay? As in hurt?" He asked.

'Yes.' I thought, dead serious.

Silence. Then he started laughing. Laughing. What the hell. Did he think this was funny? "Nice one. You really got me Soka I thought you were serious!" He clutched his stomach laughing harder.

I clenched my fists. So he didnt believe me. Oh well. When I finished what I came to do he'd be on my side. He's know why I was doing it. He was my meister, my friend. And friends don't leave one another. Vinjio grabbed my hand. "You know you don't have to lie. You're mad at whoever you're mad at, but you can tell me why." He murmured.

I just told him. He didnt believe me. That's fine, because Vinjio never really knew when I was joking or serious. I sighed and started walking away. He walked beside me. "Promise me you won't really get in a fight without me ok?" He wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

'Promise.' I thought.

Good, he would be by my side when I fought them. The two men who killed my mom, killed my voice. The ones who decided that just because my mom had been a witch, she had to die. I drew in a breath. Damn I hated them. I had thought out my plan until I thought it couldn't get better. I'd kill the one thing that the weapon loved most and the other one I'd simply kill.

I knew it'd be hard but I had Vinjio with me. I narrowed my eyes as I leaned into Vinjio's side. He squeezed me and I knew he'd never leave me. The two men who I would need to get revenge on were indeed strong. Stein and Spirit, the best meister and a Death Scythe. 

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