The Weapon Witch

Her name is Soka, no one knows about her past and she never speaks. She communicates to her meister, Vinjio, telepathically. She's come for revenge but no one knows it, who is she out to get and why? Her story is about to unfold before the DWMA's eyes.


8. Soka

The test, was not hard. But then again I had studied hard. Not even a minute into the test, Sid had Soul strip down to his boxers because he'd been concealing cheat sheets all over his clothes. Kid couldn't even get pass writing the K in his name, ripped the paper, and fainted in a straight symmetrical line. Patty colored her test and created an origami giraffe, and promptly snapped it's neck yelling, "I got 'im!"

Liz plucked the small piece of hair on the top if Ox's bald head and held it up shouting, "Victory!"

Tsubaki, Maka, and Vinjio seemed to have no problem. Black*Star stuck a finger up his bloody nose and wrote his name with his blood on the chalk board, giving Soul a thumbs up. "How the hell is that supposed to help me?!" Soul yelled.

"Be quiet or I'll kill you." Sid snapped.

I finished ten minutes before Sid called out it was time and we had to hand in our tests. I walked down to him, standing in line and giving him my test. I finished off the last of my coffee as I walked with Vinjio and Tsubaki out of the academy, meeting Soul, Maka, Liz, and Patty. "We'll head to our apartment." Soul said, hopping into his motorcycle with Maka.

Liz and Patty and Tsubaki started walking after them after they drove off. "Shouldn't we get Kid and Black*Star?" Vinjio voiced my thoughts.

"They'll get there fine without us." Liz said.

We found the apartment and knocked on the door. We walked in and settled down in different spots. I stood, glancing around. I spotted a purple cat with a witch hat on walking toward us. Suddenly, it changed into a tall attractive woman. Vinjio lept to his feet. "A witch?" He exclaimed.

"No, I'm just a kitty with magical abilities. Hello little boy." She scooched close to him.

I grabbed her hair a yanked her away. A seducer. Already I didn't like her. "Who are you?" She asked me. "I'm Blair."

"I'm Vinjio. This is my weapon, Soka." Vinjio gestured to me. "She doesn't speak."

"Doesn't speak? So no objections if I take him for my own little cat toy?" Blair squealed and grabbed vinjio's arm.

He yanked himself away. My right armed changed quickly into a scythe blade. I lept forward and pressed Blair into a wall, blade against her neck. Her eyes grew wide. "After eight years I don't think she'd take it to kindly if you took me, Blair." Vinjio pulled me back as I changed my arm back.

Blair stared at me, eyes narrow. I glared back beneath my hood. She shouldn't cross me in such a bad mood after thinking more about my mothers death. 

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