One Direction adopted a hybrid

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2013
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Katie gets sent to a orphanage in London???? Who might adopt her??
WHat happens on a Full moon? Read and find out.


5. steet dancer


        ~Louis's pov~ ( new pov yay!!!)


      When Katie told us she was a wolf we thought she was kidding. Turns out she wasn't. Later after the ride they gave us we had tacos. Katie told us she always wanted us to go watch her dance.

  We told her we would love to. So we got in the car and she drove there. When we got there and it was a abandon house. She Went to go change. I asked Krystal " why are we here?"

( Louis= L/ Krystal= Kr)

 Kr- She's a street dancer.

 L- really? is it safe?

 Kr- sometimes. unless the loser doesn't want her to win then they beat her.

 L- what?????

 Kr- yea it happened once and she almost died.

 L- ok



   ~Katie's Pov~ 

   I can't wait my dads are gonna watch me dance. Lets just hope Max won't get made I beat him again and beat me again. Louis isn't looking to good.

 I wonder  what is wong?









 Im so sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I have been at colorgaurd and school and trying to make my holloween costume great. I might update before thanksgiving. If you want to be a co- author to help me update faster txt at 389-7421 from 3-9pm on weekdays and 12-11pm on weekends. plzz I need help im running out of ideas 

  ~Stay beautiful~










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