One Direction adopted a hybrid

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2013
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Katie gets sent to a orphanage in London???? Who might adopt her??
WHat happens on a Full moon? Read and find out.


2. One direction comes


       ~2 months later~



        Liam's pov.


    I am so excited. Simon said we have to adopt a kid 14-16 years old. 

  We are all happy except for Harry. I don't know why though. We are at the orphanage now and I see these two girls. They both have blonde hair except one has  electric blue streaks and the other has bangs and hot pink streaks.


  I go up and question them.

 ( Liam= L, Katie= K, Krystal= Kr)


L~ how old are you girls?

K~ 14

Kr~ 14

L~ Are you sisters?

K~ no but we act like it.

L~ what is your favorite colors?

K~ neon purple and electric blue.

Kr~ electric blue

L~ thank you girls. bye

K+Kr~ bye



    Harry's pov.


   I don't want to adopt kids. I like them but what if they know who we are and scream 24/7. I see Liam talking to these 2 girls who are really cute and look alike. He just got done and is coming this way.

( Liam=L, Harry=H)


H~ how did it go?

L~ good and they don't know who we are either.

H~ ok who do we pick?

L~ that's the thing I want to pick the girl with hot pink streaks but she doesn't  want to leave without her best friend with electric  blue streaks.

H~ get both.



       Katie's pov.


   this guy that looks 20 asked me and Krystal questions. Then he is like can you girls be separated for a long time. I jump up and scream no! I don't do anything without her.


  Then he goes and talks to a bunch of other guys and I her curly say get both????  We are not something to buy! We get told to go to our rooms.

 Krystal and I share a room.  It is our favorite colors. We spend all our time in there. Unless I want to run. Then I shift and krystal gets on my back. We run for 4 hours and then we go back eat then sleep.

we are told to pack cuz thos guys adopted us.

   Yay......not ( notice the sarcasim)





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