One Direction adopted a hybrid

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 26 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
Katie gets sent to a orphanage in London???? Who might adopt her??
WHat happens on a Full moon? Read and find out.


1. Disaster


        Katie's pov.

     I woke up on Saturday. I felt all cramped up so I got undressed and jumped out my window. Then in mid-air I shifted in my wolf. ( my wolf is pitch white and my ears, paws, and my area around my right eye is jet black. I have neon purple eyes. I know freaky.) I then ran into the woods behind my house. I ran for 2 hours. When I got home I smelled smoke. I got in my house and found everything on fire. I ran to my parents room and found them dead with a dagger in their chest. Me being a wolf and a fire bender drew in the fire and ran to my room and called 911.


   ( I'm just gonna skip to when she is told she is going to an orphanage in London.)


   When I was told I was moving I ran to my friend Krystal's house. I got there and found her about to get raped by her parents so I knocked them unconcis. ( sorry if that is spelled wrong.) I grabbed her packed her bags and we went to the airport.


 ~skip airplane ride.~


  We got to the orphanage and settled in.




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