Best Friends or A killer

Taylor Crane is a normal teenager till she starts dating her best friend and then reality wont leave taylor alone and neither will her ex boyfriend Gavin. gavin ends up kidnapping taylor and wont let her go unless she goes back out with him. is it a trap or will he actually let her go if she does agree to go back out with him


1. introductions

Hi,my name is Taylor Crane.My Best Friends are Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio.Yes,the famous Austin Mahone the one that girls scream when they hear his name,but we treat him like he is a normal teenager just like us. My boyfriend,Gavin McGee,we've been together for 3 1/2 years.He has really changed over the years.Gavin was  and still can be sweet and caring but,the last couple of months he's been super aggressive and bossy. Austin and Alex both think that i should break up with Gavin so thats what i think so but then the last time i tried to break up with him he tried to rape me

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