One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


21. Waiting


"SHE WHAT?!" i scream.

"She escaped or something," Liam says. "We just have to wait here till Paul or someone else gets here."

I start paceing back and forth and Louis suddenly grabs my hand. 

"Harry, calm down! You are going to give yourself a heart attack!" Louis says

He is right. I need to just relax. I sit down in the chair next to him, still holding his hand. 

"Louis, what did your nurse look like this morning?" Zayn asks slowly. 

"Her? Oh, she wasn't olivia. This lady was much larger than her."

Zayn nods his head. 

"So what are we going to do until Paul gets here?" I ask.

"Well, luckily," Liam says. "I brought a few board games and some movies."

"Well what movies did you bring?" Louis asks. 

Liam lists 7 movies. Louis picks out a comedy that I haven't seen before. 

We put in the movie and Louis begs me to get on the bed next to him and I give in. I hop up on the bed and we watch the movie. 

The movie was accually pretty hilarious. Louis asked them to stop the movie at one part because he couldnt stop laughing and he was hurting too much. So at least we could cheer him up. 

I wasnt really focused on the movie. I was more focused on Louis and keeping him safe from the now missing Olivia. I swear if i ever see her, i am going to kill her. I cant have her do anything to my Boo again. 

I think Louis can tell i am thinking about it because he is shaking me.

"Harry, Harry!" He says.

I snap out of my thought and look at him all confused.

"You are squeesing my hand really tight," Louis says. 

I loosen my grip on his hand.

"Louis, I'm sorry! I didnt mean to hurt you its just-"

"Hey,its fine. I would be angry at her too if i were you. Just try to relax," He says.

I nod my head and get comfortable again. 

We finish the movie and it is about 3 in the afternoon. we decide to just take this time and talk about what ever comes to mind. 

"Hey," Niall says. "We should play a game!"

"Well, what game?" I ask.

"Hmmm. How about truth or dare?" he asks. 

"Sure," We all agree. 

I just hope this doesn't go too out of hand like last time. 

"Liam, Truth or dare," Niall asks.


"I dare you to dance like a balirena in the middle of the room." 

Liam gets up and starts to dance and twirl around. We all burst out laughing and Liam sits down, his face all red.

"Okay so harry, truth or dare."

"Dare," I say.

"I dare you to lick Louis nostril." Liam says.

"Really liam?" Louis says. "Ugh, okay Harry. go ahead."

I put my toung in Louis nostril and gag wiping my toung off.

"Louis, Truth or Dare?" I ask.


"What is the one thing you could redo?" I ask.

"Waiting to tell you i love you," He says. 

I smile and peck him on the lips and we continue with the game. We played until about 7:30 until we got bored of it and then put in another movie. This time Liam picked and he chose 'Toy Story 2'. I dont mind this movie except for the fact that i have seen it countless times. 

Not much happened durring the movie. Louis and I cuddled the best we could with out inflicting pain. Zayn fell asleep and Niall was eating a bag of chips he brought. I still couldnt pay attention to the movie. Olivia could be anywhere and i am extremely hungry. 

Finally, the movie credits come on and i speak up.

"Can we get some food?" I ask.

"Yeah! Can we?" Niall asks. 

"Sure. Ill call them to bring up what ever they have in the kitchen." Liam says. 

As Liam is calling thte Cafe, i lean over and kiss louis on the lips, but it lasts longer than it was intended to. I pull on his bottom lip with mine and his tounge is begging for entry, so i slightly part my lips and his tounge rushes into my mouth. it is like the whole world around me has no meaning. Just me and Louis. I feel his hand slide onto the side of my face and I do the same to him. Our toungs battle for dominance as we share this moment. 

Our moment was disturbed by a nocking on the door. I grunt and roll my eyes, pulling away from Louis. He whines.

"Boo, our food is here," I say.  

He rolls his eyes and smiles. I have no idea what he is thinking but it is obviously a good thought. 

Liam says thank you and carries iin a tray of food. he hands Niall two cheeseburgers, me and Louis two slices each, a grilled cheese for himself, and threw a burger at Zayns face while he was sleeping. He snaps awake and glares at Liam. We all burst out laughing, except for Zayn. He looks a little pissed off. 

This is the first time Louis has had solid food since he has been in recovery. I take a bite of my pizza and it actually wasnt bad for hospital food. Louis eats only one of his two slices, in fear of upsetting his stomach so he gives the extra to Niall,who gladly accepted it. 

Now that we are all full and mostly tired, we decide to go to sleep. I get comfortable and fall asleep almost instantly.


"Hey Liam?" I ask. "You awake?"

It is about an hour after everyone has fallen asleep. I am sitting on the couch with him, in the pitch black room.

"Yeah," He says. 

I don't think i can hold my secret any longer. I love him too much and it hurts too uch to keep me from trying this. 

"I don't know how to say this," I say.

"Well just try." Liam says. 

I take a deep breath. I lean over to where Liam is and put my hand on his cheek. 

"Niall, wha-" He gets interupted.

I press my lips aganst his , kissing him gently. I was suprised that he didn't pull away. But what shocked me most, is that he Kissed back. 

Liam slowly pushed me back on the couch to where  i was laying down. Liam was on top of me and he pulls away from the kiss. 

"You don't know how long i have been waiting for this," liam says.



I wake up at about 10 AM and I look over to see Liam on top of Niall. 

"Louis!" I whisper shaking his hand. 

"Hmm?" He says.

"Look!" i say noding in the direction of the two on the couch. 

"I knew it would happen eventually," Louis says.

I pull my phone out and take a picture of the two on the couch. I open twitter and post it. Instantly, several comments and favorites are added to my tweet. Zayn wakes up and looks next to him to see the two entangled together. 

Zayn smiles at us and wigles his eyebrows, probably planning something. 

"NIAM. OH MY GAWD!" Zayn says in a fangirl fashon. 

They both jump awake and fall off the couch. We burst out laughing, and Niall's face gets really red and he balls up on the floor infront of the couch. 

"REALLY GUYS?" Liam yells. He scoots over to Niall and rubs his back. 

"What happened last night?" Zayn asks. 

Nialls eyes got really big and he looked at Liam. 

"I don't know. Does it matter?!" Liam says harshly. 

Everyone drops the subject after that. 

"So is paul supposed to be here today?" Louis asks. 

"Yeah," Liam says. "Simon said about mid day."

So until then, we call for breakfast and we all got french toast and bacon. We put in a movie, The Incredibles, and talked. Not much went on.

We got a nocking at the door and liam goes and craks it open to find paul. 

Paul walks in and gives us all a big hug, except for Louis, and sits in the window seat. 

"So how is he doing?" Paul asks.

"Good. He is recovering but really slow." I say. 

"I feel fine when i am still, just a little weak," Louis says. 

paul nods his head understanding. 

"How was the flight?" Liam asks.

"Long. I slept for most of it though so it wasn't bad."

"Well you must be hungry," Niall says. 

Paul laughs and nods his head in agreement. 

"Well, what do you want?" Niall asks.

"Suprise me!" He says.

"oh boy," Liam says.

Last time someone said that, Niall ordered everything on the menu. And that is exactly what he did for Paul.

Since Niall ordered that much food, we all ate lunch at that time. I got to admit. this hospital knows how to cook!

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