One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


2. The Stage

Harry's POV:

We are all in the van, going to our last concert of the tour.

"Louis, where is the concert again?" I ask.

"It's in Los Angeles, California. Why?" Louis answered

"I am Tweeting about it and forgot where it was." I explain.

It's the last Concert in the US Before going home. We have been together so long, but Louis still doesn't know I have been in love with him since the first week. I think the other boys have been able to tell, but I don't know if he loves me back. I have given this some thought and I have decided to tell him after the concert on the flight home.

"WE'RE HERE!" screamed Niall. If he would have been any louder, we would have wrecked!

"Niall! Don't scream that loud!" I said.

We had just got to the hotel. In a few hours, we are going to be onstage singing for the last time until we start our next album.

As we are checking in to our hotel, I go and talk to Louis. "Hey Louis, you wanna room together?" I ask.

"Sure, We always do!" Louis replied.

I didnt really have to ask him, but whenever I talk to him, it makes me feel warm inside. Oh, how I hope that telling Louis my biggest secret won't change anything.

As we are checking into the room, Louis runs to the bed nearest the window and screams, "IT'S MINE!"

I just laugh as I walk in the room. I put my things next to my bed and lay down. Next thing I know, Louis starts jumping on my bed!

"What are you doing?!" I ask.

"Its not like I'm gonna break anything, Harry."

So I stand up and start jumping back and forth with him. We bump into each other and fall on his bed laughing so hard it hurt. I stared into his green eyes. It's finally going to happen! Our breathing was heavy as I was about to lean in for a kiss when he jumps up and runs to the bathroom.

"Louis?" I call. 


Am I really that unattractive? I said to myself.

Louis' POV:


It was just amazing! We were jumping back and forth on the beds, laughing. It was perfect. HE was perfect. I wish I could tell him but I didn't know if he loved me back. What if it changed everything and nothing was the same again? I want to tell him but I don't know when. I had just realized I zoned out and Harry and I collided and fell on my bed. We layed there laughing and then I stared into his eyes. It was perfect. I didn't want it to end. But of course, I paniced and didn't know what to do. I wanted to lean in for a kiss but I couldn't. What if he wouldn't like it? So I decided to get up and run to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and just sat on the floor. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Should I have stayed or did I do the right thing? I just sat there for a while.

I hear Harry calling for me, "Louis, are you okay in there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lied. I wasn't fine. I wish I knew what he thought about me. I decided to put it behind me and walk out of the bathroom. He was waiting out side the door.

"I'm not feeling too good. I'm going to take a quick nap." I said.

"Okay. It's probably best anyways." Harry replied.

Harry's POV:

A couple hours later, we arrive at the stadium and go to our 'make up' room.

"You'r on in 10!" yelled the manager from the other side of the door.

So we are all getting ready to go on stage while Niall and Louis are talking. I am still nervous to tell Louis what I have been waiting to tell him for years. That I love him. But I need to focus on the concert.

We all go out on stage and start doing the usual thing. The audiance is probably the biggest I have ever prefomed for. It is definitely the loudest one yet. Anyways, I am in positon for my solo in 'That's What Makes You Beautiful' when I heard a loud bang. I knew that it sounded like a gun but I couldn't tell where it came from. There was screaming. Lots of screaming. But i couldnt figure out what they were all screaming at. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked down where the pain was and saw blood. A lot of blood.

Next thing I know, everything went black.

Liam's POV:

Here we are, getting ready to go on stage. It's the last concert for the tour before going home.

"Just think, this time tomorrow we will all be home again!' said Niall.

"I'm going to miss performing, but I'm ready to go home." I think I am speaking for everyone here when I say this.

We all have been expecting Harry to admit that he likes Louis but at the same time, we have all been wondering when he was going to tell Lou. Oh well. Anyways, we are all going out on stage and started the show like normal. I was getting ready to get in position for Harry's solo in 'That's What Makes You Beautiful'. Once we were all in position and Harry started the solo, there was a very loud banging sound. It sounded like a gun but that couldn't be possible... Next thing I know, Harry is falling to the floor. Not moving. There was blood all over the floor. Myself and all the other boys are just standing there in shock.

"HARRY!" This couldn't be happening! I run up to him not knowing what to do next. I'm screaming for help but since it is so loud in the stadium, no one can hear me...

Louis' POV:

All of a sudden, I hear a loud bang. I thought something fell, but I was completely wrong. Next thing I know, I hear screams and Harry fell limp on stage. I am just standing there in shock. I didn't know what to do! I look up to the crowd and see people running in every direction to find any red, glowing Exit sign. There was a lot of screaming. Most of it was "Harry, NO!" or, "SOMEONE HELP HIM!". I see Liam, running up to Harry screaming for help. Niall and Zayn are trying to help Harry too.


I wanted to but I couldn't move. It was like something had bolted me to the floor. I felt tears run down my cheek and I hear the boys screaming at the staff while they are being pulling them off stage. I felt a hand on my arm and was being dragged away. I refused and ran towards an unconscious Harry. He was there on stage, unconscious. Not breathing. Losing a lot of blood. The paramedics arrive once the other boys were off stage. I started screaming Harry's name.

The staff picked me up and had to carry me off stage. I was out of the stadium and could no longer see him. I am crying the hardest i have ever cried before, as well as the others.

"I loved him and I never got to tell him." I said to myself.

Zayn's POV:

I am dragged outside with the others but I can't see Louis. Oh no. Louis loved Harry. This isn't good.

"WHERE IS LOUIS?!" Niall asked, crying.

"He is here!" someone shouted. Someone was carrying him. I knew this couldn't be good. The staff stood him up on the grass behind the stadium. He was crying the most I have ever seen anyone cry. I think we were all crying pretty hard but Louis... Poor guy. I looked over to make sure the others were okay but once I looked back to my left, I see Louis fall.

"LOUIS!" I scream.

He passed out on the ground and we all ran to him and helped him. He was okay but unconscious. I picked him up and sat him in the van. I look to my left and Harry is being carried out onto the ambulance.

Liam, Niall and I start crying again as we are rushed into the van. We are on our way to the hospital and Louis wakes up.

"What happened? Where is Harry?" That's when it hit him and he started screaming and crying.

"HARRY! I HAVE TO GET TO MY HARRY!" Did he just say 'my' Harry?! We all were thinking the same thing.

"What?" asked Niall.

Louis just realised what he had said and started crying in embarasment. We decided to ignore that for now.

"Shhhh Lou, it will be okay." said Liam, trying to calm him down.

That didn't help any. Louis just cried even more. We pull up to the hospital and Louis is the first one out of the car. We see Harry being carried inside and Niall ran after Louis to stop him from chasing after Harry. Once he caught up, it took all his strength to drag him back to the car. Louis is kicking and screaming and we all get out to try to calm him down.

Niall's POV:

We are all really upset, but Louis... He LOVES Harry. It took all of my strength to hold him back. He is screaming his name as loud as he can. Everyone gets out of the car to try to calm him down, but it's not much help. We got him to stop screaming so we walked inside the waiting room and sat down. Louis was still crying his heart out so I try to comfort him.

"Shhhh Louis, he will be okay, I promise. I will make sure they do everything possible to make Harry better." That seemed to help him a little bit. He started to calm down. He wasn't crying as much and so he started to talk again, which was a good thing.

"Niall, will Harry be okay?" Louis sniffles.

"Yes, Louis, he will." I reply. I hoped poor Louis missed the fact that I didn't make a promise, but I never make promises that I may not be able to keep.


Hey everyone! This is my first time writing anything on here. So, please leave in the comments on what you think! I will try to post a new chapter up every weekend. If you liked this, go and tell your friends! Leave in the comments on what you think should be next! If I don't have any ideas, i might go by what you leave me.

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