One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


19. The Car


I look down at my beaten and cut up boyfriend. His breathing is extreamly shallow. 

"Louis," I say, starting to sob. "Louis!" I yell. "Wake up!" 

I crawl over to him,not knowing what to do. I hear an officer call for an ambulance, but that was about it. I had no idea what the boys were doing at the moment. I pick Louis up and hold him in my lap. 

"Louis," I sob. "Please wake up."

I put my forehead on his head, not knowing how to help him. All i can do is hold him and wish he will be okay and wake up. 


I look down at Louis, and his mouth is slightly open, as well as his eyes. 

"Oh Lou! Everything will be okay, just hang in there!" I say. 

"Hey guys, the storm has increased too much for the ambulance to make it down here," Said a man from the upstairs. 

What?! Louis is dyeing and theere is no one comming to help. That is unacceptable. I stand up, Louis still in my arms and begin walking towards the stairs. 

"Harry, where are you going?" Liam asks.

"To the hospital."

"But the stor-"

"Can you not see Louis is on his last stand?! He is about to die!" and with that, i walk out.

I get to the car and the rain is almost too heavy to see anything. I open the passanger door and put the seat laying down and gently set louis in it. 

He cringes in pain from all of the cuts and scars on his back. A tear escapes his eye and i wipe it away foth my thumb. 

"I'm sorry Lou," I say. "Im getting you help."

The other boys come out and stand next to me.

"We are going with you Haz," Niall says. 

I nod my head and they all tightly cram into the back seat. I set my GPS up to go to the hospital and it says i will be there in 10 minutes. okay. so not too far! I put the car in gear and drive off. 

Niall is sitting on the console next to louis and making sure he stays okay. 

"H-Harry," Louis says weakly.

"Yeah boo?"

"D- do you h- have any thing to drink?" Louis asks.

"Sure. Niall, can you give him some of my water?" I ask him. 

Niall takes the bottle of water and unscrews the cap. Louis opens his mouth slightly and Niall pours a little bit of water in. Thankfully, he can keep it down. 

I look over at him and see on the right side of his face, it is cracked in two. 

"Louis, is your jaw broken?!" I ask freaked out.

All of the other boys come to attention and look at his jaw. 

"Yea," Louis says. 

The car is completely silent. 

"Can you please stop my leg from bleeding?" Louis asks us.

My face goes pale and i slowly look at his leg. There is a massive cut down his thigh that i didn't notice. It starts just below the bottom of his boxers and goes to his knee. it isn't bleeding badly, but it is still bleeding. 

"guys? Help him please." I say, focusing on the road. 

Liam takes his belt off and gives it to Niall.

"Lou, this might hurt," Niall says honestly.

he slips the belt on the bottom of his leg and wraps it around his leg right above the cut and buckles it in a tight hold. Louis opens his mouth to scream but nothing else can come out but silence. 

"Im sorry Louis!" Niall says. 

he jumps to the back seat and clings on to Liam and crries into his shoulder. Liam rubs his back and puts his hand on the back of Nialls head. 

We pull up to the hospital and Louis is silently crying in the seat next to me. It makes me so angry to think someone- Olivia, did this to him. I park infront of the doors to the lobby and run over and pick up Louis. He groans in pain as I shift his position. I try my best to keep my hands off of his back and legs

. I speed walk into the hospital and once we were in, we hear a lot of 'OH MY GOD!' and 'Harry, what happened?!'.

Liam walks up to the front desk as I hold Louis' small figure in my arms, watching over him to make sure he is still breathing. 

Next thing i know i hear an announcement over the intercom, "ALL AVAILIBLE STAFF TO THE LOBBY NOW. ALL AVAILABLE STAFF."

Immideately, 5 nurses come out and see me holding Louis in my arms. One of the staff members pased out from the sight. Great. 

"Follow us," A nurse says.

We run down a hallway and into an operateing room. I lay Louis down on a bed quickly and two doctors come bursting into the room. 

"Son you need to leave." A doctor says to me. 

"NO!" Louis screams, his eyes widen. 

"Fine," The doctor says. "Just go sit in that chair."

he points to a chair at the other end of the room. I go and sit, waiting for the operation to 

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