One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


9. The Break Up


Zayn POV

    I see Niall pull Liam up to his chest and a smile forms across both of their faces. Thankfully, I have Perrie to talk to. So I'm not as alone as I see. I hear my phone buzz on the table next to me. I look at it and it is a text from Perrie.

     From: Perrie
     How are things going over there? Is Louis taking it okay?

     To Perrie:
     He hasn't eaten one thing all day and just stared at a wall all day today sitting on the couch. I went over to his place with the rest of the boys. Right now, I am watching over Lou as he is sleeping. As well as the others. 

     From Perrie:
     I am so sorry to hear that. Do you want me to come over?

     To Perrie:
     No, no. It's okay. You don't have to.

     From Perrie:
     But I insist Zayn. Your probably bored, lonely, and sad.

     To Perrie:
     Alright. but please come in as quietly as possible. I'll leave the door unlocked. I'll see you when you get here. xx

     From Perrie:
     Alright. Bye love. :)

I really did want her to come over, but It is out of her way and she is probably tired. It is four in the morning. But she insisted so she obviously wanted to be over here. I look over at Louis and he is quietly asleep. I had to make sure he was still breathing because of how quiet he was. I was deathly scared for him. I wanted to make him better but I didn't know how. I am off in another world when I hear the door open. It shut kind of hard.

     "Sorry!" I heard a voice whisper from the hall. Perrie walks into the room and I scoot over in the chair motioning for her to come sit next to me. She sits next to me and I pull her in for a hug, not wanting to let go. I pulled away, not realising the tears falling from my eyes. Perrie looks at me worried.

     "Come on, love. Tell me what happened earlier." Damn, she could read me like a book! That is when I spill everything from what happened at the hospital to when she got here. 

     "Oh, babe, come here.' she said pulling me into another hug. I stop the tears from my eyes, not wanting to look too childish in front of my girlfriend. I couldn't hold it in.

     "I don't know what I am going to do! Louis is not eating and he won't talk. He never left that spot except to go to the bathroom once yesterday. Then there is Liam and Niall and th-" I was cut off by Perrie.

     "Wait, what do you mean 'Liam and Niall?'" She saw my face go red and I realised I talked too much. Well, it's a little late to go back now. "Perrie, can you promise me not to tell ANYONE what I am about to tell you?" She nodded in confusion.

     I sighed and started talking. "Well, you see- Niall and Liam- No, Niall loves Liam." Her jaw droped and she gasped. "Liam doesnt know about this. Niall is afraid to anything to him because he is dateing Dani." Perrie nods and realises I finished. 

     "Wow. I- I don't know what to say." she said.

     "Don't say anything." She nods and I lean on her shoulder. It wasn't long before I passed out and fell asleep. Next thing I know, I am being woken up by Perrie.

     "Hey, babe, get up. I need you to watch the boys. I am going to go cook us up a nice big breakfast." I nod and move over so she can get up. I hear her go in the fridge and rummage for some food to cook. I pick my phone up, realising it must have died while i was asleep. All of the other boy's phones have been dead since we got back. Our chargers were in our bags, which are toing to be shipped over tomorrow. About 5 minutes passed and I look over to see Louis wakeing up. He glances over to me and tears fall from his face into his lap. I imediately get up and go over and sit next to him. I pull him into a hug and he starts to let it all out. 

     "I am soo sorry Zayn!" He said. I look at him confused. What does he have to be sorry about?

     "Lou, what are you talking about? You have nothing to be sorry for."

     "Yes I do! I refused to eat, I practicaly didn't move all day yesterday, and I made Liam cry."

     "Shhhhh, Lou. It is okay. You are hurt worse by what happened. You can't help what happened. Calm down." He nods and slowly takes deep breaths and stops the crying. 

Niall POV

    I wake up to the sound of Louis crying.

     "Lou, are you alright lad?" I look over to him concerned.

     "Yeah. I am doing better now." He said. I noded and looked down at Liam, who was fast asleep on my chest. I sneesed unexpectedly, wakeing Liam up. Crap. He moaned my name and clenched my shirt into his hands. He dug his head into my chest some before snaping his eyes open. He jumps up from where he is sitting and scares me half to death.

     "Li, are you okay?" I ask conserned. 

     "Yeah. Its- Its just that I haven't seen Dani in a while and thought it would be nice to go over to her place for a while." He looks down at me with an embarased, or worried look on his face. He gets up  and almost runs out of the room. I look over to Zayn as a tear escapes from my eye. 

     "Ni, it will be okay. Don't worry too much." I nod as I hear the bathroom door slam shut hard. I let out a small sob and ball up on the couch to calm myself down. Suprisingly, it worked. 

Zayn POV

I don't know what is going on with Liam, but he needs to wake up and realise that his actions are starting to hurt Niall. I bet the guy has a lot on his chest right now, but I have never seen him act this way before. Perrie sticks her head into the room.

     "Hey, is Liam okay? I saw him run down the hall and heard a door slam."

     "I don't know. But it would be best to leave him be right now." Perrie nodded her head. 

     "Well, I just wanted to let you all know that breakfast is ready." I get up, followed by Louis and after a few seconds, Niall. We walk to the dining room and look at the buffet of food. Niall must have regained his apetite, because he imediately sat down and started eating. We all grab some food and start eating. After a few minutes, we hear the front door open and slam shut rather loudly. I look to Niall, who let out a few tears. He stoped eating. I was about to head over to him, but Louis beat me to it. He walked up to him and pulled up an extra chair. 

     "Shhhhh, calm down. It's okay. Liam probably needs to blow off some steam, thats all."

     "But what if I did something that he didn't like?!" Niall said. I feel bad for the guy. He always thinks the blame shoud be on him. 

     "Niall, you didn't do anything. It will be okay." Niall nodded his head. We all ate in silence for the rest of the meal. Once we finished, we walked into the living room and sat down. Finally Lou is talking again, so we wanted to spend some time with him. 

     "Does anyone want to watch a film?" Louis sugests.

     "Sure!" i say in agreement. 

     "Lets watch something funny!" Niall yells. I go and find a movie we all like that is funny and put it into the DVD player and hit play. At one point, Louis and Perrie were on the floor crying from laughing so hard. Niall and I look at each other and shrug. 

     It is about an hour and a half into the movie when we hear the door open followed by loud crying. I look over to Niall. 

     "Liam-" I say. Niall jumps up and goes to the sound of crying. 

Niall POV

    I jump up and run to the firmiliar sound of Liam's cries. I go to the door and see him standing there, crying in the doorway. I have never seen anyone cry this hard before. I pull him inside the flat and shut the door. Liam runs up to me and gives me a hug. I pull away asking,

     "Liam, tell me what's wrong. What happened??" I asked worried. 

     "I went toas jlkdfjafionckasjd klj djc oe ij ldks jcklajds and she alkj dsiafj eioakjdn cvkja next thing alsjdf aslkdjf alksj foeia jckjn she told me akoewi ndkn out and lajds foiej nc ljhere." I had no idea what he said. He was crying way to hard. 

     "Come on Li, lets go in the living room and sit down. Okay?" He nods and I lead him to the couch and sit him down. I sit down next to him. "Try to calm down a little bit and explain again what happened." He wiped the tears away and began explaining.

Liam POV

    I wake up from Niall sneesing on me. I grab his shirt in my hands and dig my head into his chest. I sudenly realise what is going on. Why am I laying on Niall? I sit up rather quickly. Niall asks what is wrong and I explain that I wanted to go see Dani. It was partaly true. I also wanted to get out to clear my head. I need to figure out what is going on with all of these thoughts with Niall. I get up and go to the shower. I turn the water on and wait for it to get warm before getting in. I didn't think about too much in the shower. I just kind of stood there. I get out, dry myself off and do all of the other things needed to get ready.

     I walk out of the bathroom and into Harry's room. I walk over to his wardrove and grab some of my clothes that I leave over here. I put on boxers, jeans, and a black t-shirt. I also decided to grab a coat, because it was probably going to be cold. I walk past the dining room hearing the others sitting down for breakfast. I didn't stop in to say goodbye because I didn't want to upset Niall anymore. I go to the door, open it and shut it loudly so they know I had left. I walk down to my car and Get in. I turn the key, put it in drive and go off to Daniella's place. I park the car and walk up to the door. I nock and only a few seconds later she opens the door.

     "Hey babe!" I say with a smile.

     "Hey." she said back with a happy but upset face.

     "Can I come in?" I ask. She motions me inside. I sit down on the couch and she sits across from me. We talk for about an hour and she started to get serious. 

     "Liam, I don't think I can do this anymore." She said. My eyes widened.

     "wh- what do you mean?" I said worried.

      "You don't answer my calls any more. Or my tex-"

      "My pho-" She cut me off.

      "Liam, you act different. I don't like it. And I don't want to be in the drama of all that just happened." All I could do is stare at her. How could she be saying this? "Liam, I'm done. We're done. I am breaking up with you." I felt a tear escape from my eye.  "I think it would be best if you leave." She said. I showed myself out. Once I got in the car, I turned the engine on and drove home. All I could do was sit there in shock.

     I park my car and walk up to the front door of the flat. I think back on what just happened and let out a loud cry. I didn't know I had opened the door until Niall was pulling me inside. I looked at him, still crying, and ran up to him and huged him. That is when I realised something. I felt safe. I felt at home with this boy because I knew that he would always be there for me and would never leave my side. He would keep me safe. He pulls away asking what happened but I don't think he understood because he had a puzzled look on his face. He pulled me into the living room and sat me on the couch. He told me to try to calm down and explain again. I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes and started explaining. I had to stop in the middle and I cried into Niall's shoulder. I kept my head there and told the rest of the story. I was scared out of my mind when I heard Perrie scream, 

     "THAT BITCH!!!"

     I grabbed Niall's arm, but didn't notice how tight I was holding him until he whimpered in pain. 

     "Ouch, Liam. Loosen up a bit." I did as he asked. "Perrie, I think you just scared the shit out of Liam over here."

     "Oh, sorry lad." I nodded saying it was okay. Niall pulled me close to him and I layed my head on his chest again, not so freaked out this time. I finally stoped crying completely and calmed down after about 15 minutes. I think Niall thought I was asleep because I felt him lean down and plant a kiss on my cheek. It sent shivers down my body.

     "Ni- Niall? What are you doing?" I asked. He blushed the darkest shade of red possible. 

     "I just thought maybe you needed a kiss?" I don't think he was intending it to sound like a question. He gets up and runs out of the room. 

     "Niall, wait!" I said, going after him. 

Niall POV

    Once Perrie apologised for scaring the living shit out of Liam, I pulled him close to me, letting him rest his head on my chest. It took him about 15 minutes to calm completely down, but durring those 15 minutes, he scared me several times. One time, his breathing was so unsteady, he couldn't breath and I had to pat his back a couple times to get him to cough and breath again. It scared the living daylights out of me to see him like this. He must have had alot of emotion building up behind those walls of his. I finally think he is asleep so I lean down and so I lean down to kiss his cheek. 

     "Ni- Niall? What are you doing?" he asked. Shit. 

     "I just thought you needed a kiss..." It came out as more of a question. I feel four pairs of eyes on me and it made me very uncomfortable. I get up and run out of the room crying.

     I walk into the room that Liam and I are going to share. I sit down on the edge of the bed. "What if I just ruined everything between us? What if he doesn't talk to me again? I am so stupid!"  I say to myself. 

     "No your not. Don't say that about yourself lad." I look up and see Liam standing there. Oh crap. How much of that did he hear?

     "Do you want to go to bed? I am." 

     "Sure," I said agreeing. I get under the covers, too tired to change. 

     I must have dozed off for about 20 minutes and I notice the lights are still on. Weird. I was about to say Liam's name, asking where he is but I see him walk back into the room with a towel covering his body. I don't think he knows I am awake. I just stay silent. He must be getting out of the shower. His back is facing me when he dropes his towel, revealing his beautifly sculpted body. I blush a little bit. He walks over to the wardrobe and picks out some sweats, a t-shirt and boxers. He accidentaly droped the clothes. He bent down to pick them up, revealing almost the whole mid section of his body. He turns around and lays the clothes on the end of the bed. I crack my eyes, enough for me to see but for him to think I'm sleeping. I sudenly feel bad for invading in on his privacy. I shrug it off and look at him. His body is perfect. He finishes putting his clothes on and goes to turn the lights out before climbing into bed. 

     "So how long have you been awake?" He asks me.

     "Long enough" I say smiling. And with that, I doze off to sleep. 

Liam POV

    I see that Niall already fell asleep so I thought it would be a good time for a shower. I head over to the bathroom and turn the water on, waiting for it to warm up. Once it warms, I get in and stand under the warmth. What am I going to do about these thoughts? I ask myself. I need to figure something out soon. I finish washing myself and Climb out of the tub. I grab a towel and dry myself, brushing my teeth after. I leave the bathroom and go back to the bedroom. I shut the door and drop the towel on the floor. I walk over to the wardrobe and pick out something to sleep in. I drop the clothes and say "Ugh,". I pick them up and lay them on the end of the bed. I put them on, and turn out the lights. That is when I notice that Niall has been awake becaues he opened his eyes when the lights went off. Silly leprichaun. I climb under the covers and ask,

     "So how long were you awake?"

     "Long enough," He sais with a smile. I blush. I turn over and close my eyes and it only took a few moments before falling asleep. 


I am walking into the flat, comming back from the store. I bring in a bag with some food and set it on the counter. I feel someone's arms wrap around me from the back. 

"Hey Li. I've been waiting for you for a while now." It is Niall.

"Ni, I was only gone fifteen minutes," I said rolling my eyes. 

"But it felt like forever!" I laugh. "And I have something waiting for you." He said with a big grin. He spun me arround and put his lips to mine. I put my arms around his back and pull him close to me. I feel his tounge slip into my mouth. I pick him up and carry him down the hall into the bedroom. I lay him down gently on the bed, climbing on top of him with my hands by his head and knees next to his waist. I lean in for another kiss and he gladly accepts. I feel him grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it up, trying to take it off. I break the kiss and pull it fully off. I lean back down and kiss him and do the same for him. I look down at his body. Damn! He is so hot. His eyes are the type you can get lost in if you stare too long. His smile gives you warmth, even on the saddest ocasions. His touch is like magic. It can make you feel better in an instant. His stomach having the even lines around his abs and the v-line is slightly visible. I lean in for another kiss, but not on the lips. I lean down towards his neck and plant a small kiss on the side. I move down to his shoulder and do the same.

"Damn, Payne. I like the dirty side of you." Niall said, letting out slight moans. I smile and continue. I move down and kiss his lower chest. I find myself unbuttoning his pants, and slowly unziping the zipper. I try to slide the pants off, failing misribly. Niall quickly takes them off and discards them on the floor. I feel him doing the same and take them off myself, throwing them across the room. Niall slowly moves his hand down my shoulder, then my chest, and then my stomach. I feel him playing with the hem of my boxers. Right before the next move, I wake up.


I wake up, sucking in a large breath of air. What just happened? I look over to Niall, seeing he is still in a deep sleep. I am glad I didn't wake him. I look at him agian and just keep my eyes locked on him. He really is cute when he sleeps. That is when it hit me. I am falling in love for this boy. 


Okay. so i have retyped this chapter 4 times because wattpad kept deleteing it. so I completed this in the middle of the night so I am sorry if it isnt as good as the others. Leave me a comment on what you think!

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