One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


8. Larry's Flat

Louis POV

    The plane ride home was long and torturous. I sat beside Liam and Niall beside Zayn. I cried almost the whole way home. We landed back in London and decided to go straight to Harry's and my flat. I walked inside with the others right behind me and just drop to the floor. I ball up and just lay there shaking.

     "LOU!" Shouts Liam and he runs up to me and sits down beside me. At least I think he does. I don't have the strength in me to open my eyes. I hear the others come over and sit down beside me. One of them is rubbing my back, which I am pretty sure it is Niall. 

     "What do we do?" Asks Zayn. 

     "I don't know. But what I do know is that one, Lou can't just stay on the floor and two, someone needs to stay here with him. Only god knows what he will do by himself." Liam stated. "I think I am going to stay with him tonight."

     "Li, can I stay too?" Asks Niall.


     "I promise I will keep quiet. We can take turns watching him while he sleeps. Please?" Niall asked with sadness in his voice. I could hear Liam give in.

     "Fine. Zayn? What do you want to do?" Liam asks.

     "I-I think I am going to go back to my place for the night." He replied. I could hear him crying as he answered Liam.

     Liam leans down to give me a hug and I tense up. He notices and backs off. 

     "Louis, I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay."

     "Okay? OKAY?" I sit up. "HOW IS THIS OKAY? HARRY IS GONE! THIS IS NOT OKAY!" I stand up and run to my room slamming my door shut. I realised I was probably a little harsh on Louis out there. I lay on my bed, and next thing I know, sleep takes over me.

     Liam POV

I am just sitting here with a shocked expression not knowing what had just happened. I know Louis is upset and should let this go but he was right. Harry IS gone. I let a small cry out and Niall scoots over to me and hugs me for what seems like the longest time. It felt so comforting. I can tell it has been a while because Zayn clears his throat stands up, still with a tear falling down his face every now and then, and says, "I need to go. I'm getting too tired. I will see you all tomorrow."

     I stand up and walk over to Zayn and give him a hug. Next thing I know, he is out the door. I look at Niall and just let it all out. He comes over to me and hugs me again, crying as well. I don't know what about his hugs are so amazing, but they just are. 

     "Come on Liam," He says leading me to Harry's room. I cry thinking about the one we just lost. Niall shuts the door behind me and i go and lay down on his bed. Niall follows me. I decide to stand back up and find some clothes in his wardrobe for bed. We all have some clothes over here. I put on my pajamas and turn the lights off before climbing into bed next to Niall. I let out little sobs and sniff my nose. Niall moves himself closer to me and rubs my shoulder. 

     "Shhhhh, Liam. Try to calm down bud. Get some rest." And with that, I calmed down. I don't know why but I always feel better around him. Next thing I know, I am fast asleep. I don't think I slept for long before I heard a blood curdling scream coming from the next room over. Niall and I jumped up and looked at each other.

     "Louis-" I say as we jump out of bed.

     I run into the room to see Louis just sitting there shaking. Hard. It is frightening to look at.

     "Louis, What happened?" Niall said in the most relaxing voice I have ever heard. That's when the tears came. 

     "I- I dreamt tha-that you were all sh-shot and I w-was kid-napped a-and they tortured me to- to the point of death!" Louis stated. He started to cry his little heart out. I didn't know what to do... for once. Niall motioned Louis for a hug and Louis ran up to him almost jumping into his arms. I feel a tear fall down my face and brush it away quickly. 

     "Niall, why don't you sleep with Louis for the rest of the night." I said.

     "are you sure about that?" Niall asked.

     "Yeah, I'm sure." But in reality, I wanted Niall to come back with me and keep me company. But I knew that right now, Lou needed him more. Niall nodded to me as I walk back to the bed I was in previously. It isn't long before sleep takes me over.


I wake up the next morning to go make some breakfast for everyone. I walk into the kitchen and I grab some eggs. I crack the eggs, letting them slide out of the shell and into the hot pan. Next thing I know, I see blond hair walking towards the kitchen. I blush and start to smile. What?? Why am I blushing over Nia-

"Hey Leeyuumm" Niall says teasingly. I blush again.

"Hey Ni," I said with a big smile. He couldn't see it because i was still facing the stove.

"Whatcha cooking?" He asked leaning over my shoulder. He backs away once he examines the food.

"Just some eggs." I look over at Niall and he is staring at me intensely. i could tell he wasn't even thinking about food. 

"Niall, what are you loo-" I was cut off before finishing my question by a pair of lips pressing against mine. Is Niall Horan kissing me? After a few seconds I realised what is going on and I liked it. Wait. I like kissing Niall? I ignored my own question as I snaked my hands around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer than i thought was possible. He jumped up and I caught him with out breaking the kiss. It felt like nothing else in the world mattered to me. I could feel his tongue run across my lower lip asking for entry. I didn't realise it at the time but I was walking down the hall to the vacant bedroom. I opened my lips slightly and his tongue slipped into my mouth. Our tongues were battling for dominance as I dropped Niall on the bed. I climb on top of him staring into his beautiful blue eyes. I hear a faint voice calling my name. 



I feel someone saying my name. It sounded like an angel. I also felt my shoulder shaking slightly. The dream faded away as I came back to reality and slowly opened my eyes to a beautiful pair of blue orbs staring at mine waiting for them to come to life.

     "What." I ask in my sleepy voice.

     "Wake up Li, Louis is up and Zayn called saying he was on his way over."

     I suddenly realise the dream i had. I jump, throwing Niall off of the bed. I think back on the dream I had, not knowing how I feel about it. 

     "Li-Liam, are you alright?" he asked confused.

     "Yeah, I just had a bad dream." But that is the thing. It wasn't a bad dream. I think back on it some more. I can feel Niall staring at me waiting for something. Why couldn't that be real? It felt so real and I wanted it to be. Badly. I felt a tear roll down my face and Niall quickly got up and rushed over to me, hugging me. Once he hugged me I felt tingles go down my back and a warm feeling in my stomach. but that only made me cry more. Is this because we have such a close friendship?

     "Liam, Liam, shhhhhhh. It is okay! What's wrong? What happened?" He asked in such a soothing voice. 

      "I- I just had a dream." I said.

     "Well, do you want to talk about it?" he asked. I shook my head. I couldn't explain that to him! I wouldn't even know how to. What if he hated me for telling him and never talked to him again. I just started to cry harder not knowing what to do. 

     "Shhhhh Liam. I'm here. If you ever need anything, you can come to me." It felt so weird for him to tell me that. I am the one called 'Daddy Direction' and usually tell the other lads that. But it felt nice hearing it from him. I pulled him in for another hug and squeezed him up against my body not wanting to let go. He just stayed there, stroking my hair. After a while, I calmed myself down and he pulled away. I'm going to go make breakfast. You get yourself ready. I nodded in agreement and he stood up and left the room. I wanted him to come back so I could tell him everything, but I don't know what would happen afterwards.

Niall POV

      I wake up and notice that Louis is out of bed so I check my phone and noticed I have a missed call from Zayn. I also had a message from him that said,

     "Sorry, your probably sleeping. I am leaving my place in 15 and coming over to check on all of you. See you soon."

   I go and look around the house for Louis, but stop by where Liam is sleeping to make sure he is doing okay. I open the door and look at him. He is so cute when he is sleeping. i say to myself. I am walking away from the room and froze  when I hear Liam start to moan and whimper. It was very strange. He stops for a second and I continue walking. I hear it again and speed walk back to the room. I see him tossing and turning and making noises. The thing that threw me off was he had a grin on his face. I go in the room and sit on the edge of the bed. I shake his shoulder gently and say his name trying to wake him. It takes a little but he eventually opened his eyes. Next thing I know, I am being thrown onto the floor as he jumps in his bed. 

     "Ouch," I say, but I don't think he realised what he did. I'm sitting on the floor. I suddenly become concerned with the look on his face. It was starting to worry me. I asked if he was okay and he said it was just a bad dream. But I didn't believe him. Something was wrong. The next thing I know, he is sitting there with tears falling from his face. I got up and practically ran to him. This isn't good. Liam never cries. I pull him into a hug and he lets it all out. I am about to pull away when he cries even louder. He leans over and cries into my chest. In a way, I like this because I get to have Liam close to me. That is all I ever want, but he has Daniella so he always holds hands with her, kisses her, hugs her... You get the point.  It was also comforting that I can be there for him and he trusts me. I was worried for what was wrong with him. He wouldn't tell me and that scared me most. I try to hush him down a little but it didn't really work. He pulled me in for another hug and I just sat there stroking his hair. I was hoping he wouldn't pull away and he never did. I never wanted this moment to end. It felt so good. I was happy but at the same time sad. I realised we have been in this position for about five minutes and I slowly pull away, hoping he would understand that I had to go. I didn't want to. Trust me. 

     I get up and tell him to get ready before leaving the room. I gave him a small smile and he returned it. I walked out and looked into the den to find Louis sitting there balled up on the corner of the couch, staring at the blank TV. I sigh and walk into the kitchen. I only decided to toast some toast for Louis, Liam and I. I heard Liam get out of the shower and walk back into his bedroom. I sigh again hearing sniffles come from the room Liam is in. After a few minutes of daydreaming about nothing, I see Liam walking into the kitchen. I walk over to him and give him a small hug. 

     "Thanks," He said with a small smile as I pulled away. "Thank you for putting up with that in there."

     "Any time," I said smiling.

     "Niall?" He asked me.


     "Could we keep this between us two?" He asked sounding like he might cry again.

     To be sure he wouldn't, I hugged him again and said, "I promise."

     I pulled back the hug and went over to the toaster and pulled some out. I put some jam on Liam's and handed it to him. I did the same for me and ate it. I grabbed the last of it, putting jam on it and walked into the living room. I tried handing the plate to Louis, but he pushed it away from him. 

     "Lou, come on. You haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday." I said. He shook his head and looked down at his lap. I sighed and put the plate beside him on the table. I sit next to Liam but not to close. I grab the remote and turn the TV on. As I am scrolling through the channels, I hear the door open then close. Zayn walks into the living room asking,

     "Vas Happenin?" I think he was expecting us not to be as gloomy. He looked at Liam and his face looked worried. "Liam, have you been crying?" 

     He nods, tears forming in his eyes and he looks at me.

     "Liam, what happened?" Zayn asked. Liam started to cry again and he scooted over to me to cry into my chest. I held him and rubbed his back. This guy never lets his emotions out. It must have been building up or something. Zayn sits in the chair next to Louis and puts his hand on Louis shoulder. Louis flinched and tensed up. 

     "Lou, calm down. It's just me." Zayn said calmly. Louis started to relax but not taking his eyes off of his lap. Liam's crying has slowly stopped but tears still escape his eyes. I just held him on my chest and I realised he has dozed off and is now sleeping. I lean over and plant a kiss on his head. I look over and Zayn is staring at me. 

     "Are- are you two-" I cut him off.

     "No,' I sighed. "He doesn't know. Yet." Only zayn knew about my feelings towards Liam. That I love him. 

Liam POV

    When I got out of the shower, all I could think about is the dream. Why would I have a dream like that? Yes, I kind of liked it, but where did it come from? I go to the wardrobe and pull out some boxers, sweatpants and t-shirt. I put them on and I take a deep breath before stepping out of the room. I walk over to the kitchen, almost crying of happiness from seeing Niall. He came up and hugged me. It was a quick one but ill take what I can get.

     I asked him to keep everything that happened between us and he hugged me and promised he would. He hands me some toast and jam. I force myself to accept it and made myself eat it. Niall ate his and made some for Louis. I followed him into the den and sat down on the couch. I saw Lou push the plate back towards Niall, which made me sigh. The guy hasn't eaten in a while. Niall puts the plate of food next to him on the table and made his way over to where I was sitting. I was hopeing he would sit close to me so I could feel better. I don't know why, but I just feel better when I'm near him. Instead, he sits kind of far from me and that made me feel a little hurt. Is he annoyed at me from what happened in the other room? God, I hope not. My thought was broke when Zayn walked in saying,

     "Vas Happenin?"

     It almost made me smile. Almost. He looked over at me and had a worried look on his face. 

     "Liam, have you been crying?" He asks. I nod feeling tears rushing to my eyes, trying to escape.

     "Liam, What happened?" He asked. That is when I gave in. I started crying again and I pulled my self toward Niall. I put my head in his chest and just cried. God I hope he doesn't hate me for doing this. I don't think he did because he started to rub my back and he put his chin on the top of my head. He just let me lay there. I don't know why I was making such a big deal about this. Maybe This is crying that has been building up for the past year. It had to of been all the emotions rushing out at once. I finally calm myself down and Niall still is letting me Lay on his chest. I feel myself start to dose off and I hear zayn ask something. 

      "Are- are you two-" Niall cut him off.

     "No,' Niall sighed. "He doesn't know. Yet." What do I not know yet? Before I could say anything, I fell asleep. 

Niall POV

     "You can't hide your feelings forever," Zayn said. 

     "I know, but he has Dani and if I told him, what if he would never talk to me again?

     "Niall, I know Liam. The guy is just a little confused right now. That is probably why he keeps breaking down."

     "Probably, but..." I started to think back on the promise I had made Liam earlier. I looked away.

     "What?" Zayn asked.

     "It's nothing." I said, hoping Zayn wouldn't question any further. He just shrugged and looked at Louis, who was also fast asleep.

     "I'm starting to worry about him" Zayn said looking at Louis. 

     "Me too. But right now, all we can do is watch him. I am planning to call the folks back at home and break the news."

     "That's probably best." Zayn replied.


     "Hey Niall?" He asked.

     "Yah?" I must have dozed off because I saw the clock. 3:00 AM. Zayn must have stayed awake. Now I feel bad making him stay up by himself. 

     "Liam," he said pointing to the boy laying on my chest. He was shaking violently and several tears are coming out of his closed eyes. Right before I try to wake him, he lets out a loud yelp, making Zayn and I jump. Surprisingly, Louis is still sleeping. I look to Zayn with a worried and scared expression on my face.

      "Try to wake him," he says quickly. 

     I shake Liam's shoulder not so gently this time hoping to wake him quicker. He woke up, jumped closer to me and hugged me. I hug him back. I was sitting in an upight position on the couch and it is very uncomfortable. I lay down with Liam still in my arms, hoping he won't find this position awkward. We are now laying where Liam is kind of on top of me and his head is still at my chest. I hug him as he falls back asleep and he grabs my shirt into his hands and buries his head into my chest. He smiles a bit and sends me a reassuring feeling that he is okay. I look over at Zayn asking if he would stay awake and he was okay with it. Next thing I know, I am drifting off into a deep sleep.

Liam POV

I finally stop crying and feel myself doze off to sleep.


I look over and see all of the boys next to me in the alley. They have been shot and are no longer breathing. I see the 3 dark, masked figures and ball up into the corner where two buildings meet.

"Well well well. What are we going to do here?" asks one of the men teasingly.

"Hmmm... should we have some fun with this one?" he asked. I could see the forming grin on his face.

"Sounds good to me!" The other two snickered. I got kicked in the chest three times and was already coughing up blood. another one stomped on my arm, breaking it completely. Another one kicked me in the place where the sun don't shine. And the other broke both legs and shot my left thigh. I felt one of the guys kick my jaw, breaking it. Another picked up a crow bar and was beating me with it. I felt a knife go through my hand. I screamed in pain. I got kicked in the stomach by two men with all their might and in the head by one all at the same time. I let out a loud yelp before saying,

"Please, just kill me." I said almost begging. The biggest one pulled out his pistol and cocked it. 

"Good bye everyone," I said to myself.


Right before the man pulled the trigger, I was waken by Niall. I jumped over and hugged him so tight, I think he was weasing. I eased up a little but not letting go of him. He kind of saved my life. I just sat there crying silently, and shaking violently. I felt him hug me tight and started to shift positions. He lied himself down in the nook of the couch and pulled me to where my head was rested on his chest. I prefer it over a pillow. It is so comfortable. He hugs me tightly, pulling me closer to him, which I didn't think was possible. I think he did that because he thought I was sleeping or something. I dug my head into his chest and clenched his shirt in my fists making sure I couldn't go anywhere. I smiled a little bit, thinking I finally feel at home around this boy. I had him and would never trade him for anything. He is the best friend anyone could ever have.



Hey everyone! Do I sense a little Niam Bromance comming in here? Hahahaha:P Sorry that There wasn't much of Louis POV... My intentions were that he is so out of it, he isn't even thinking to himself. Poor Liam, having had that much stress on him. Is Niall ever going to reveal his love for Liam? And what will Liam think about the dreams he has been having. Will he come to realise something or will it just go ignored? Keep reading to find out! Sorrry again about the late update. I just got a new computer so things should go back to normal. I am going to start a new book. Although, I have no clue as of what to call it. Just keep an eye out and hopefully it will be up soon. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. It was a sad  and boring one, yes. But it might be getting better in the near future. COMMENT on the story, ideas, anything! and if you liked this, go and tell your friends to read it and get their friends to read it! Alright, well hopefully there will be another chapter up soon!

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