One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


17. Help Me Harry

Harry POV:

I slide down the wall until i hit the floor and ball up. I bring my knees to my chest and put my forehead on my knees. 

"We have to call the Police!" Liam says. "Niall, stay with Harry."

I feel tears run down my face and start to sob as niall rubbs my back.

"Harry, he will be okay," niall says.

Louis POV:

I wake up with a major headache and once my vision focuses, i am tied up to a bed. Each limb on a different corner. I still have my clothes on from last night, but something is different. I cant figure out what. Wait. Where is Harry?

The room is very pink and so are the bedsheets. There are curtains covering the window that block out all of the light. the only reason i can see is from the small amount of light coming from the doorframe. 

I start trying to get my hands out of the huge knot that is keeping me tied up. I am wiggiling both hands and getting nowhere. who ever did this knows how to tie a tight knot. 

"Well well well," a voice from a pitch black corner comes from. "Look who's up!"

The girl walked out of the black part of the room. It was the same girl from last night!

"what do you want?" i ask her.

"Not much," She says. "Only to do what I meant to the night of the shooting, only this time, i will succeed."

It takes a second but then i realise that she was supposed to shoot me.

"That bullet was meant for me, wasn't it?" i ask.

"Yes, but only this time, i am not going to use a gun," She says with an evil smile. 

"Wha- What are you going to do then?" I ask nervously.

Being tied up on a bed gives her full advantage of me. She could do anything she wants. I try to wigle out of the knots again.

"Oh don't be silly," She says. "There are 4 ropes on each pole, each consistiong of a different type of knot. You arent getting out that easy!"

I look at her as i fight back tears. Do the boys even know I am gone? Of corse they do. Harry would have figured out by now. 

"Ahh, but back to your question. That is for you to figure out over time. But i will tell you this," She starts. "I am going to make this as long and painful as humanly possible."

She walks over to a drawr and opens it, pulling out a kitchen knife.

"Please don't do this," I beg. 

"Oh, but I must!"

She walks over and puts the sharp side of the knife on the left side of my neck, slowly cutting it, blood oozing out.

"Hmm, too bad you cant call out for anyone to help you."

After she finished dragging the knife acros my neck, she got on the bed, stratleing my waist. she grabs the colar of my shirt and rips the whole thing off with one pull. 

"Hmmm, what to do, what to do." She says. 

All of a sudden, she elbows me right in the middle of the chest, causing a shocking pain to go through my whole body. I scream in pain as she punches me straight in the jaw, causing it to break. She knees me in the crotch and I black out from the pain. 


I wake up who knows how much longer later and i am in a different position. I can tel i am in a basment, but i have no idea how she got me in the position i am in. I am hanging from the celing, , hands tied together, and feet not touching the ground unless i try to stand on my tiptoes. My whole body is extreamly sore from what happened earlier. I can't move my jaw comfortably at all. I hear footsteps comming down from the other side of the room. I am honestly afraid of what she can do. 

I see something in her hands.

"Wha- is that." i say painfully. 

"Oh, nothing. Just something I thought I could entertain myself with," She says. 

The object unwravels and hits the floor and I imediately know what it is. A whip. 

"No, Please don't!" I say. 

"Oh, why not? It will be fun! For me," She says with a smirk.

she pulls back the whip and throws it at my back with all of her might, sending a shocking pain through out my body. 

this goes on for about half an hour and when she finally left, i could see blood on the floor and I am physically and mentaly in pain and drained of all of my energy. I have marks all over my front, back and sides of my body. 

All of this pain would go away if i could just have my Hazza.

Harry POV:

We are now down at the police station, Zayn with me , hugging me telling me it will be alright. But i know that he is hurt. I can feel it. Something is wrong.

"Okay, so i gave them her description and aparentally she is a well known criminal that escaped prison three days ago." Liam says. "They have almost everyone out looking. She couldn't have gone too far."

"But Louis is hurt and I know it!" I say.

"Harry, i think he will be fine. all he needs is for us to help find him and save him from the psyco bitch," Niall says.

All of a sudden my phone rings. I look at the caller ID.

"ITS LOUIS!" I scream. The cheif of police tells us to come over where he is and pulls out a recorder. 

I set the phone on the table and picked up and put it on speaker. 

"Louis, " I say. "Louis, are you okay? Where are you?!"

"Harry," A weak voice sounds thru the phone. "Harry, help me. Please."

He sounds so weak and in pain. 

"She is gone and i got one of my hands loose," He says. "She broke my jaw and my ribs. She whiped me Harry."

With that, I locked up and Tears escaped my eyes. Zayn and Niall pulled me away and I went stiff. They dragged me out of the area and sat me in a chair but i could still hear the convorsation. 

"Louis, we are at the police station," Liam says,"Can you describe what you see?"

"I- I am in a basement, hanging from the ceiling. Its black and really cold. Please help me. It hurts so much." Louis pleads. 

By this point I am in complete tears. Louis is answering the questions the Police are asking him. 

"Oh Lewis!" We hear come from the other end of the phone. "Who are you ta- WHY ARE YOU ON THE PHONE."

"No, Please, stop!" Louis begs.

we hear the phone drop and a sound of a murderous scream. I jump up from my seat. We hear a sound of a bone cracking in half. then an even louder scream and another crack. 

"LOUIS" I scream.

We hear a door slam shut and louis is crying loudly. She completely forgot about the phone. I am now crying into Zayn and he is hugging me tightly along with Niall. Then something clicked. 

I was still sobbing saying, "Can you j-just track his phone already! GPS is in all of the phones!" 

I did feel bad for yelling at the cop but i was too upset about what I just heard. 

"YOU HEARD THE BOY! TRACK HIS PHONE!" the cheif yells. About 10 people get on a computer and start typeing away. 

"I GOT IT!" Yells a woman. 

We all run over to her computer and see that they are only 2 miles away from us. 

"LETS GO!" Niall yells. 

"Wait! We cannot go yet! We don't know how accurate this GPS is. We need to get a warrent." the cheif says.

"Well how long is that going to take?!" I ask.

"Two days." The cop says quietly. 

The boys imideately hold me back.


"Harry, we can't help this," Liam says.

I just plop down on the chair and cry.

"But he could die by then," I say.

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