One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


22. Good News!


The day went on and we didn't really do anything but watch movies and a twitcam. The fans were really glad that Louis was doing better.

But I didn't know about Harry posting the picture up on Twitter until people brought it up on the twitcam.

"So what did you and Liam do last night Niall?"  One said.

"Are there going to be some Niam babies?" See that doesnt even make sense. 

When we shut off the Twitcam, I went all out on Harry.


"I'm sorry Ni. I didn't know it would upset you so much!" 

We got over it after a little. I mean, who can stay mad at Harry? It's like not possible!

So the lights are out and everyone has been in bed except for Liam and I. We stayed up and watched a movie together. 

"Liam?" I ask.

"Yeah Ni?" 

"What did you mean last night when you said that you waited a long time for this?" I ask.

Liam looks at me confused. 

"remember? When we stopped- kissing- you said something like you waited a long time for this?" I say.

"Oh. Well, I have liked you since I layed eyes on you. I knew that there was something there, but it got stronger as we stayed together longer. I just didn't know how to tell you. I thought you would think i am some sort of weirdo."

"No," I say. "I- i have liked you dince the beginning too. I just wish i would have told you," I say. 

"Well, now we know," Liam says. 

I start tearing up. I think of what happened to Louis and Harry and how they found out they loved each other. 

"Hey, Ni, Its okay! Whats wrong?" Liam says.

"It- Its just that Louis hasn't really gotten any better in the past couple of days. What if he doesn't make it?" I aks tearing up. 

"Hey, don't say that. He will make it through. I can feel it." Liam says. 

Liam pulls me over and I kinda just rest my head on his shoulder. He grabs my hand wich kind of shocks me but I go with it. I won't complain onebit.

I can't say I love him yet because i don't know what it is like to be in a relationship with him. but It is just as close as love. What i am feeling that is. 

I hear Liam click off the TV and the room goes completely dark. I close my eyes and peacefully fall asleep. It did take a while tho. Probably thirty minutes? But I think Liam thought i was asleep so he started talking. 

"I will never let anyone hurt you. I love you with all my heart. I just wish you knew that."

And with that i fall asleep. 


I wake up and the others are still asleep. Zayn is quietly snoring, and Louis heart monitor is beeping. I can feel Liam resting his head on top of mine. i look down and our intwinedhands are resting on my thigh. 

I still can't believe that I told Liam how i felt. I finnally could tell him. It did feel good knowing how he felt. I just hope everything works out for Haz and Lou.

"Mornin Ni," Liam says. 

"Morning," I say back with a smile.

"How did you sleep?"

"Really well accually," I reply. 


"Very!" I say.

Liam picks up the phone and asks for six of what ever they have for breakfast this morning. 

A few minutes later, there is a nock at the door. 

"WAHTS HAPPENING?" Paul yells, startled by the nock.

'Just ordering breakfast," Liam says. 

"Oh, okay."

Liam gets up and brings in the large tray full of plates. I grab one and begin eating. He hands one to Paul who thanks him kindly, and places one next to zayn on the table and put the tray on the shelf across the room for when Harry and Louis wake up. 

"Haz, I'm hungry," Louis says sleepily. 

Liam gets back up and hands Louis a plate. 

"Oh, hi liam," Louis says. 

He begins eating as Liam sits down and begins his meal. A few minutes later, Harry awakens and Liam also gives him his plate. 

I honestly don't know how Liam can keep doing this, putting up with four teenagers. 

There is an unexpected nock at the door and paul asks who it is. We all shrug.

Paul gets up and walks to the door.

"Who is it?" he asks.

"the Nuerse!" An unfirmiliar voice says. Paul cracks the door and sees a short woman standing there. 

"I am just here to check on Louis," She says.

Paul opens the door and she walks over to louis and checks him and sees if he is recovering well. 

"Well, I have to say. He is doing well. His heart rate is still slow and weak but his overall recovery is well. He can get up and walk around if he pleases," The nurse says. "Don't move fast. because your heart is beating a little slower, you have the risk of fainting so just take it slow."

"Why is his heart rate slow?" I ask.

"Well i am not exactly sure but it could have something to do with his body trying to replace all of the lost blood. If his heart rate isnt back up some tomorrow, we might have to take a closer look to see if anything is wrong."

"Okay. Thank you for chrcking up," Liam says. 

The nurse walks out. 

"You hear that Lou?" harry says. "Do you wanna get out of bed?"

"Sure. Maybe in a few minutes."


I was thrilled when the nurse said that i can get up. But I still am nervous about what is wrong with my heart beating slow. That can be a searious problem. 

"Are your cuts healed up some?" Harry asks. 

"I'm not sure," I say.

I lift up my gown-thing and see that they are getting a little bit better. They are starting to scab some so I guess that is good!

"They still hurt a little bit but not as bad. The marks from the- whip- still hurt."

"Well that might take a little more time because it bruised," Liam says. 

The room goes quiet so i decide to speek up.

"Okay, i think i am ready," I say. 

The boys look at me confused but harry knew what i meant. he got out of the bed and walked over to my side of the bed. He takes the side railing off of the bed and i slowly swing my legs around so they are hanging down towards the floor. 

Liam runs over to a navy blue duffle bag and pull out a pair of red shoes. He hands me them and they are my red toms. I smile at him and harry puts them on for me. 

"I will go get a wheel chair," niall says. 

Liam goes with him and come back a few seconds later. I can't walk because of the cut on my right thigh and my broken left leg and foot. 

"Ill help you into the chair," harry says.

He comes up next to me and i put my arm around his neck. he puts his arm under my shoulder and another under both knees. He picks me up, which is kind of painful and i think harry can tell because he whispers sorry. I nod motioning it is fine. he walks me over to the chair and gently sets me down. 

I squirm around until i am comfortable and I nod my head. 

"Can we go to the garden outside?" I request.

It stoped raining last night and it is currently bright and sunny outside. 

"Sure," Harry says. 

Harry pushes me and the others follow as we make our way to the elevator. We all make it on, but not comfortably. it is quite a small area. 

The elevator reaches the first floor and we all step out, Harry and I going first. We walk down a long, white hallway to the main lobby and out the front doors onto a brick path. Harry walks me around and eventually we find a large bench to sit at. 

"So how much longer do you think I will be here?" I ask.

"Maybe a few more days?" Harry says. "They will probably let you out early because of the amout of injuries from the storm."

I take a deep breath, finally getting some fresh air. Not being hooked up to that beeping machine is like a miracle! I mean the constant beeping was driving me insane!

"Are we going back home once I get out?" I ask. 

"Yes. It isn't really an option," Paul says. "You were requested to be back immediately after you are released."

"Good. But can we stop by the house to get my things? I mean i dont even have a phone anymore."

"Oh, yes you do," Paul says. "I got you this!"

Paul pulls out a brand new blackberry, replaceing the one that was with me when i was with Olivia. 

"Thanks paul!" I say. 

I turn it on and immediately check my twitter. I guess the media didn't get the story yet.

"Have you told everyone back at home what happened?" I ask.

"Yeah, your family is worried, but i told them last night you were doing okay." Paul says. 

I nod my head and thank him. If we didn't have paul, well it wouldn't be the same. He is like family.

We stayed outside for maybe an hour and a half and decided to come back in because it was getting hot. we go to the second floor and stop by the cafeteria to get some lunch.

I order a slice of pizza and a Coke. The nurse said I can eat and drink normally. I just cant endure in any physical activity.

I get my food and set it in my lap and attempt to wheel myself to a table, but failed misribly. I kept getting my fingers pinched.

"Lou, I got you. Its fine. Just hold my food," Harry says.

I smile and thank him in my head and take his burger and drink.

We get to a table and sit down and begin eating.

A nurse comes up to our table.

"Louis?" She asks.


"I have some good news hun!" She begins. "I talked with your doctor and because of the saftey issues you are having, he said you are healthy ebough to go home today if you would like!"

"Oh that is awesome!" I say.

"You can have the wheel chair no charge as well. We dont need that one anyways. It is a smaller one that most people dont want."

"Thank you so much!" I say.  

We finish our lunch and head back up to the room. we speed walk down the hall and into the room, shutting the door behind us. Liam pulls out a pair of khacki shorts and a green shirt. 

I quickly pull the shirt on, but i ask harry to help me with the pants because I cant get it around the cast. It takes a minute of strugle, but we finally get it past the cast and i button them. Harry wheels me out of the hospital and where the car is parked. he picks me up and sets me in the passangers seat. Liam throws the chair in the trunk and Harry drives us to the house where our stuff is.

We pull up to the house and quickly gather all of our things and drive to the airport. We get there and Harry pulls the car over and we all get out. Harry puts me in the wheel chair and we go thru the doors. we dont need any tickets because we have our own private jet. 

We travel all the way to the other side of the airport, fans screaming everywhere. Thankfully, security was nice enough to lend a few people to help us get to where we needed to. It took us 20 minutes, but we finally got there. 

One fan threw their shoe and hit me directly in the thigh with the giant cut. I screamed in pain. The woman was taken away and out of the airport. Another attempted to throw a book at me while screaming "One Direction Is GAY". Luckily harry caught it and threw it back. 

That is when the guards decided to surround me so it would be more difficult to hit me with miscelanious items.

We get to the gate and Harry tells me he will have to carry me to the plane. he picks me up and we walk down the stairs to outside and over to our jet. Harry climbs up and walks to the back and sets me on the couch to lay down. I see paul putting our bags underneath and Liam brings the wheelchair on and puts it up front so he can secure it.

We are all on the plane and the pilot climbs on and says hello then shuts the door. 

A few minutes later we are on our way back home. Finally. 

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