One Direction- The Larry Stylinson Tragedy (Larry Stylinson and Niam Bromance)

Harry Styles wants to admit his love for his best friend, Louis Tomlinson, once their last concert of the tour is over. Little does he know about the tragic events that are going to happen. Will Harry live or not? Will Niall and Liam also confess their love for each other?


4. Finding Louis

Liam POV:

     Niall and I run out of the hospital and realised we couldn't just leave Harry unatended. Niall voulenteered to stay with him again. Niall goes back to harry as I am running to the car. Where would Louis be?! I called Zayn and told him to meet me in the hotel driveway. 

     "Have you seen anyone walk out in the middle of the night last night?" I ask the attendant.

     "Yes, he went that way" she replied pointing to my left.

     I see Zayn and yell, "C'mon! Follow me to the car!" We are in the car and drive off to the left. 

     "God, I hope Louis is okay. I hope he hasnt done anything stupid." Zayn said.

     Knowing Louis, he is probably just walking arround. Where could he be?

     "Try calling his phone." I told zayn. After a couple of seconds he said that Louis' phone was off.

     "Oh Louis, Where are you?" I mumbled.

Louis POV:

     It was 3:30 AM. Liam was gone. Probably to go and check on Niall. Zayn was still sleeping so I thought I would leave. I was so upset so I thought that a walk might help me feel better. Well, it didn't. I could see the hospital from where I was so I started to cry, thinking about Harry. I couldn't bare the thought of loosing him. I went into a shop and just sat down. There was a TV in the room so I asked a woman to change it to the news. 

     <The famous singer of One Direction, Harry Styles, was shot durring the last concert of their tour. He is in the hospital, but his current condition is unknown. Investigators are working long hours to find out who had done this, and why. All we know is that the bullet hit him in the stomach but it is unknown where it came from in the large audience. We suspect......>

    I didn't want to listen to that anymore. I walk back outside and asked a young woman where the nearest drug store was.

     "Take your first left, then a right and it will be on the corner." She replied.

     "Thanks." I said back with a little smile. I am walking down the street when I heard some people talking about Harry. 

     "..... Harry Styles died. Yah! They were showing it on channel 7 news!"

     Oh no! Can it really be?! Why wouldn't one of the boys tell me this?! I want to be with him! I wanted to be there for him, but if this is true... This can't be happening. I start to cry again, as I am walking to the drug store. 

     I just want to see him one last time. I thought to myself. I walk into the store and find a bottle of pain killers. The store only had the small bottle in stock. 

     "I hope this will still work." I said to myself. I walk up to the counter getting ready to buy the bottle, realising I had left my wallet at the hotel. Thankfully, I was carrying arround a spare $10 bill. I purchase the pain killers and walk over and sit on a bus bench. I look at the bottle of pills and open them. I start to take them. In a few minutes, I passed out.

Zayn POV:

    "Is that him?" I ask aloud, thinking I spotted Louis. 

     "No, Louis isn't as tall. Or round." Said Liam. 

   "Wait a minute... I SEE HIM! THERE ON THE BUS BENCH!" I said as I was pointing out the window.  Wait...

     "What is that in his hand?" I asked Liam worried. 

     "I... I think that is a bottle of pi- LOUIS!" He screamed.

     No, this can't be happening! Not him! Not now! Liam parks the car and I run out, screaming his name.

     "LOUIS!" He didn't move. I started to cry. Why would he do this?! Liam runs towards Louis and starts to shake him. He still didn't move. 

     "LOUIS, WAKE UP! PLEASE!" he shouted. Liam slaped Louis on the face. Hard. He started to groan. 

     "Oh thank god!" I said to Liam. "I thought he took the whole bottle of pills!"

     "I did too! Oh, Louis, don't EVER run off with out telling us! We were worried sick! We saw the bottle and..." I choked up and tears started to stream down my face. "Why do you have those pills anyways?"

    "I had a massive headache so I took some." He said.

Louis POV:

    I don't exactly remember much after I passed out. But what I do remember is waking up to a sharp pain in my face. I think Liam or Zayn had slaped me. 

     "Why did you think I took the whole bottle of pills?" I asked.

     "We thought.... Well... We thought-" Said Zayn as Liam interupted.

     "We thought you had killed yourself. You were so upset about Harry and we thought of the worst. Sorry..."

     I could see where they were comming from but I wasn't even planning on doing that. I gave them a look that said How dare you? I stood up a little too fast and realised I still have the headache. I fell over but luckly, Zayn caught my fall. 

     "Lets get you in the car." Zayn said to me. We are driving back to the hotel when Liam decides to call Niall. 

     Liam: Hey, any news on Harry?

     Niall: The doctor..... lost a lot... blood...... too much..... slight...... of.... I'm sorry.... ment to tell.... earlier.....

     Liam: As long as he is still, you know, alive, we will hope for the best. Do you need anything?

     Niall: Food...

     Liam: Alright, I'll bring some by in a little. Bye.

     "Liam," I ask, "What did Niall say about harry?"

     "He said that he is still sleeping and he is doing the best he can."

     I see tears roll down his cheek. I knew something was wrong with what Niall had said but I can't think about it too hard right now because of how bad my head hurts.

Liam POV:

    I had to lie to Louis. I couldn't tell him what Niall told me. He should have told me this when I was at the hospital. I shouldn't get mad at him right now. He is doing a lot by watching over Harry. Gosh, I wonder when  he is going to wake up. But right now, I need to focus on how to tell Louis about Harry's condition. I tell Zayn about what Niall told me.

     "I didn't think it would be any better." he said with his head down. You could tell he was upset, not because of tears, but because of his voice cracking. "How are we going to tell Louis?" Thankfully he said that quiet enough that Louis couldn't hear him. 

      "I don't know, but not right now. Let him have some rest." I whispered back.

Louis POV:

    We get to the hotel room and the boys tell me to get some sleep. Zayn was laying in the other bed while Liam was going to get us some lunch. Zayn turned on the TV while I tried to go to sleep. It took me a while but once I was asleep, I was woken up by the sound of the door shutting. Liam was back and he had food. A lot of it too. I'm thinking most of it will be for Niall when he goes back to the hospital. I look at the clock. I had only been sleeping for 20 minutes. UGH. Liam passes Zayn a burger then passes me one. I hear Liam's phone ring.

     "It's Niall." he said. 

     It was a quick conversation. It probably lasted 10 seconds. He puts down his burger and sais, "He's awake."


Hey everyone! I was bored so I decided to put another up tonight. I am still looking for people to be the shooter in either chapter 4 or 5. Leave your name, and discriptions about you in the comments and I will be choosing soon. I hope y'all enjoyed this chapter! I don't know when the next one will be :/ But if you like'd this, go and tell your friends and I would greatly Appreciate it!


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