Heart Beats Harder

Harry and the boys take a year off from their crazy lives filled with fame.

Taylor is an american girl chosen to study abroad for the summer in London.

What will happen when Taylor meets a special boy and has to make one of the toughtest choices ever?

Does she stay... or does she go?

***This is the first thing I've ever written! Please comment with any suggestions and please keep reading! I'll hopefully post a chapter a week!***


2. A New Start: Taylor

I was finishing up packing when I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Come in." I turned and looked. I was dreading this moment since I found out I was going to study abroad in London for a year. It was my boyfriend... Well ex boyfriend, Jacob.

"Hey." He said sadly. I took a deep breath.


"Um, what's up?"

"Packing." I looked up, studying his face, I could still see a trace of the sunglasses tanline on his face from when we went to the beach where we first kissed. Before we got together, Jacob and I were best friends. I don't mean to be shallow but I didn't want anything long term. It was the summer after high school ended, I wanted to have fun. But now it was time to get serious. I broke from his gaze and loooked outside. I could see a single leaf fall from the tree outside my bedroom window, caught the breeze and slowly fall through my open window and on to my open suitcase.

"I'm gonna miss you." I turned and looked at him again. His face looked sad but behind the sadness there was a relief.

"Jacob... We both knew this was going to happen. I mean this summer was amazing, but we have to go our separate ways." I said as he sat on my bed next to my suitcase.

"I know. But I thought of this as a summer fling don't get me wrong, but I want you to stay."

"Jacob please don't do this. I was wary of even going out with you. We're so different. I knew one of us was going to walk away from this broken hearted. you want to let me miss an amazing opportunity just so you can break up with me when the next cute girl walks by?" He stood with his mouth hanging open.

"Bye Jacob..." I said with a tear in my eye.

"Bye." He left looking sad, but like a weight was lifted off our shoulders. We were only dating for the summer. We both knew that we weren't right for each other but we never acknowledged it. But now that the summer was over and I was free from anything holding me back in Texas. I could finally leave for London. I took one of my suitcases and my purse and went into the hallway. My grandmother was waiting by the door.

"The rest of your bags are in the car." She said nervously.

"Thanks. We better get going. I have to go through security and-"

"Are you sure you want to do this?" My grandmother interrupted. Did anyone want me to leave?

"Yes. This is an amazing experience. This can change my life! Getting to study in a new place, meet new people.. It's going to be great." I said smiling. I couldn't wait to start this new chapter in my life. I think I finally got my grandmother to understand. She kissed my forehead, squeezed my hand and said  "Well we better get you to the airport."

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