Heart Beats Harder

Harry and the boys take a year off from their crazy lives filled with fame.

Taylor is an american girl chosen to study abroad for the summer in London.

What will happen when Taylor meets a special boy and has to make one of the toughtest choices ever?

Does she stay... or does she go?

***This is the first thing I've ever written! Please comment with any suggestions and please keep reading! I'll hopefully post a chapter a week!***


1. Time To Think: Harry

"Why would you even think that was appropriate or even decent, Harry?" Carol, my publicist, yelled at the top of her lungs. "you're all over TMZ, People, Insider,,, you're everywhere!"

I took a deep breath and attempted to tell her what happened.

"Look, Carol, I know what I did was bad and I know I'll have to answer to some people but..."

"HARRY! You picked up a girl at the concert in L.A. and took her back to the hotel. You were both drinking illegally, not to mention that her mother put out a missing persons report!"

"I was just having a little fun." I tried to calm her but it obviously wasn't working.

It was then that the rest of the boys walked in. They all had sad looks on their faces.

I looked at them... then at Carol... and back at the boys.

"What's the big deal?"

"Simon and I have decided that all 5 of you need a year off, no touring, no singing, no appearances... nothing until you learn to behave as a 20 year old gentleman should."

  All I could muster was " WHAT THE FU-"

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