Lilly is your typical girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, not super thin, but not fat, also, she is in love with One Direction. So, when her dad pulls off the best 18th birthday ever, her perfect world is flipped upside down. Will she fall in love? And will she get hurt again? And who will be there to catch her when she falls?


3. The Ultimate Surprise

Lilly's POV:

I gripped the chair, holding on for dear life to stifle my excitement. My dad slipped into the kitchen, not allowing me to catch even the slightest glimpse. I could hear whispering and the anticipation kept growing. All of a sudden the door flew open and out came the one and only, ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I just stared wide-eyed, frozen in shock. Then I felt the darkness start to close in. Oh no, not now! I struggled to hang on, but it was too much. I fell and everything went black.

Harry's POV:

We all ran out an stood in front of her. She was beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pink, full lips. She wasn't super thin, but I don't really care about that. I snapped out of it in time to catch her as she fell over, unconscious. I looked up at her dad, still holding her in my arms, and he didn't seem worried, or even surprised. He went into the kitchen. He came out with a small vial, and held it up to her nose She instantly shot up and hit her head with mine. We both fell over, her landing on top of me. When I looked up at her, my eyes landed on hers. I smiled, "Hello, love."

Lilly's POV:

I woke up and hit my head on something hard. I fell over, and when I looked down, I realized I landed on top of Harry Styles! "Hello, love." he said in his deep, raspy voice. I blushed, pushing myself off of him as carefully as I could manage, and sat back down in my chair. "sorry Harry..." I said softly, looking at my shoes. I felt fingers on my chin, I looked up and he was staring into my eyes again. "No worries babe." He smiled, and stepped back. Then, all the boys screamed in unison "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" and burst into laughter. I still could not believe this was happening. Then they all took their hands out from behind their backs, revealing five small gifts. "Aww, you didn't need to get me anything, you being here is more than I could have ever imagined." I said. "Anything for you love." Harry replied. I blushed...again.

Louis's POV:

I looked at Lilly, and she was stunning. Beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes that made me melt, perfect plump lips. [in this story, all the boys are single! don't get me wrong, I love Louis and Eleanor, and i totally support their relationship, but i thought it would be a fun twist] "Here, open mine first." I said, handing her my gift. "Ok" she said as she opened the box. Inside was 3 front row tickets to our show the next night as well as backstage passes.


*Author's note*  This one was a little longer, hope that is better. I am still just getting into the story, but I hope you like it so far. PLEASE comment, like, favorite, etc.!!! It would mean a lot! I will add more really soon. I am excited for you all to see what happens really soon! Love y'all!!!!!! ;D <3

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