Lilly is your typical girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, not super thin, but not fat, also, she is in love with One Direction. So, when her dad pulls off the best 18th birthday ever, her perfect world is flipped upside down. Will she fall in love? And will she get hurt again? And who will be there to catch her when she falls?


1. Happy Birthday!

Lilly's POV


My eyes flutter open. The knowledge of today instantly brought a smile to my face. I look over an there is my dad standing in the doorway, holding a gift-wrapped box and a blindfold. "I have a surprise for you." he said with a smirk forming on his face. "One screaming!" he says, laughing. "Daaad!" I whined. "You know I only scream when..." my eyes widened. There was no way this could happen. Could it? "Now shut up and put the blindfold on."


I did as I was told. I kept pinching myself to make sure I was awake. So far, so good. My dad knows I only scream when I get something of my favorite boy band, 1D! To be honest, they got me through high school. As I put the blindfold on, my dad led me to the living room and sat me in a chair. When I took the blindfold off, my dad was standing in front of the closed kitchen door (which is NEVER closed) I looked down and realized he had placed the gift in my lap.


"Open it." he said suddenly, a hint of excitement in his voice. I instantly tore through the paper and found a card. It read : HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!  Enjoy you new personal space! That last part was weird. I opened the box and inside was a card with an address on it and a single key. I looked up at my dad, he was beaming. "Come visit often, will ya?" he said. I nearly jumped up from the chair. "You are joking right?!!!: I squealed. I heard a faint, raspy chuckle from behind the kitchen door. I looked at my dad who was still smiling. "Ready for your real surprise?" he said. I nodded vigorously.


*Author's Note*

This is my first story, so please tell me what you think. I you like it, comment, favorite! It would mean a lot. I am going to try and update every night, so make sure to check back. Also, any rude comments will be reported, so please no hate! Hope you like it! 1D for life!!


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