A life worth living

My life before I ran away looked perfect, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a decorated officer as a dad and a stay at home mother. But if you looked closer you could see the imperfections. You would see that the beer in our fridge would only last for a couple of days. You would see my mother, always trying to keep my dad happy. And you would see the burns on my skin, where the cigarettes had left there mark. But you would have to look hard, to see these imperfections. They weren’t on the surface, they where kept hidden like a deep dark secret.


4. You got my back?

Privacy. Well I don’t got a lot of privacy, since I don’t have a home. But almost every homeless person got his or her own space, a little spot to call their own. There are of course some rules about this, unspoken rules. Nobody will tell you these rules, you got to learn them the hard way. You see the first day I ran away, I was scared and cold and needed a place to sleep. I saw this ally and curled up in the corner, I fell asleep a short time after that.  A large homeless drunk man woke me up, screaming that this was his territory. He actually punched me in the face, but he was so drunk it didn’t really hurt. So if you don’t know the rules you don’t stand a chance. I myself got an ally, that I call mine. Once or twice I found somebody passed out in there, but I scarred them of. 


I was still sitting on the park bench, when I decided it was time to go “home”.  But when I got to the ally some kid was sitting against the wall, sleeping. He wasn’t exactly a kid, he was about my age. But still you don’t sleep in someone else’s ally! I calmly walked over to him, and pushed him gently with my foot. “Hello, dude wake up!” My voice was a bit raspy and harsh and I was yelling. I could see the guy slowly waking up, I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up. “This is my territory, you don’t sleep here!” I looked him in the eyes, and we were standing pretty close. I could feel his breath on my face, as I watched him put together what just happened. “I’m sorry I didn’t knew this was your territory.” It was weird, he sounded a bit scared. But he was way taller them me, and looked very strong. I was very short, and thin. I let go of him, because of the remorse in his eyes. “It is okay, just leave now.” My voice was still harsh, but I did pull away from him. I turned my back to him, and started walking away.  When I herd someone running after me, he put he’s hand on my shoulder I quickly pushed it of. “What the hell now?” I asked, as you can hear, I really don’t like talking to new people. “Wow you sound very angry.” He said that, before he realized what he just said. “That’s because I am angry. I don’t like new street kids bothering me, you’re not goanna last two days here. So you might as well leave now.” I answered. He looked a bit shocked, but I really didn’t care. I started walking away, irritated. “I got money!” He yelled at me, and watched me turn around and walk back. “I will give you all of what I got, if you will help me survive.” I considered he’s proposal. “All I have to do is teach how to survive the streets, and you will pay me?” He nodded, eagerly. “200” He said while he waited for my answer. “Yes” I said. He looked way to happy, and he’s enthusiasm annoyed me. “So you got my back?” He asked. “Yes, now shut up.”   


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