A life worth living

My life before I ran away looked perfect, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a decorated officer as a dad and a stay at home mother. But if you looked closer you could see the imperfections. You would see that the beer in our fridge would only last for a couple of days. You would see my mother, always trying to keep my dad happy. And you would see the burns on my skin, where the cigarettes had left there mark. But you would have to look hard, to see these imperfections. They weren’t on the surface, they where kept hidden like a deep dark secret.


12. Six weeks

Nobody’s P.O.V

After dealing with a broken heart, people turn to comfort. Some turn to food, and some turn to family and friends. That is the way people deal with a broken heart. Leila she has never wanted to deal with anything, running is easier.  After being reminded of TJ, all of her feelings came back. Hurt, distrust and love. Emotions she had kept hidden away for too long. So she did what she knew best: she ran away. She ran right back into the arms, of an awful and not caring person also know as Malcolm. The day after she ran back to Malcolm, Jason didn’t know where she went. But he had a feeling that she, went back to Malcolm. Jason didn’t know why, but he did know that he missed her. He thought he missed her as a friend, but what he didn’t know at the time. Was that he was in love with her. She knew, she knew how much she loved Jason. She didn’t know where those feelings came from, but she knew that they were dangerous. If you don’t want to end up broken, don’t posses something that breaks. She knew her feelings were fragile, so she hid them. Her biggest fear was to seem vulnerable. With Malcolm things were simple, no emotions it just seemed like business.


Leila and Jason stayed apart for six weeks. Leila rebuilt her wall, no emotions could get past it. Jason kept looking for her, but didn’t succeed. It was like she vanished, she didn’t though. She was just well hidden. She was hidden behind a façade of makeup, Chanel, Prada, business meetings and money. Jason wouldn’t recognize her, if she were standing right in front of him. He had changed to, he had become tougher. He had gotten a couple of tattoos, he was stronger and a lot more street smart. But even though the surroundings changed and the appearance changed they didn’t change. They were still stupid, idiotic and in love with each other. But none of them knew what to do.  But maybe a meeting set up by fate, would help them figure things out.

Leila knew she was heading down a wrong path, but she didn’t care. She just needed to clear her head, and a walk in the park would help her do that. She walked right pass the bench, were her and Jason would always meet. It was just different this time, she was alone and no one there knew what the bench meant. That is where she bumped into a handsome stranger. She of course yelled, that he needed to watch were he was going. And he quickly turned around to answer. When their eyes met, they saw who the other one was. It was the person they missed the most, the person they didn’t know how to deal with.





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