A life worth living

My life before I ran away looked perfect, a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, a decorated officer as a dad and a stay at home mother. But if you looked closer you could see the imperfections. You would see that the beer in our fridge would only last for a couple of days. You would see my mother, always trying to keep my dad happy. And you would see the burns on my skin, where the cigarettes had left there mark. But you would have to look hard, to see these imperfections. They weren’t on the surface, they where kept hidden like a deep dark secret.


10. A couple days after the fight

Leila’s P.O.V For the next couple of days, Jason and I didn’t talk or see each other. It wasn’t because we were avoiding each other, but because we were never in the same place at the same time. You see I spend all of my time with the hot guy from the club; his name is Malcolm by the way. He had been taking me to fancy parties and business meetings, and I have been living in his hotel room. Normally this would feel like a vacation, but Malcolm is such an ignorant egotistic jerk so he kinda ruins it for me. But still it is better than to face Jason. I had just walked out of a restaurant, were I had ate lunch with Malcolm and his business partners. They had to stay there to do some business, so Malcolm told me to go home. I stood there in front of the expensive restaurant, wearing black high heel Jimmy Choo’s, a grey Chanel dress, black Prada gloves, a black Bulgari handbag and diamond earrings. I looked like a trophy girlfriend, like walking money. I did not like it. It pissed me off to see Malcolm spend this much money on clothes, when I can’t even buy food for my self.

I stood there, and guess who walked by. Jason. And he stared at me like I was a piece of trash, just like rich people used to look at me. It felt awful. When rich people stared at me like that, I would just brush it off. But when Jason did, it hurt. Argh what was it about this guy, that made me care about what he thought about me.

We stood there for a couple of minutes, looking at each other not saying a word. I guess it was me who had to break the silence. “Hi.” Was all I said, I didn’t really know what to say, I hadn’t been in a situation like that before. “Hi.” He answered. He was looking at me, while the awkward silence took over. We were sitting on the bench in the park, not really saying anything. I guess we were both to stubborn to apologize. “You look different.” He said commenting on my new look, he didn’t say it like a compliment. He just stated a fact. “Yeah, I’m not really a big fan of this look.” I said making both him and me laugh. “Yeah, it’s not really you.” He said, smiling at me.

“I never got to finish teaching you. How have you been?” 


“It’s been fine, even though it has been boring without you.”


“Well, I’m back now and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.”


And just like that the fight was over. We didn’t really talk about it, but I guess that is fine. I just hope that this fight won’t come back to bite us in the ass.

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