Jealousy (A Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry is your boyfriend but he gets jealous because you are playing football with the other boys so he goes back into the tour bus and he gets the mardies n and you go and find him and try and convince him to come back out to play football with you all xxx


1. "I love you babe"

You walked over to Harry who was sitting on the top bunk of one of the bunk beds in the boys room on the tour bus... "what's the matter Harry? Everyone is out side playing football. We need you!"

He didn't make a sound, he just began to play nervously with his rings on his fingers, twisting them around then taking them off then putting them back on.

"are you ok Harry?" you asked him as you looked in his eyes. But he didn't look up, he just sat there and fiddled with his rings.

"babe" you said to him as you put your hands on his making him stop playing with his rings and he looked up into your eyes.

"come on, let's go outside... I'm missing you... Please" You pleaded.

He sighed and then looked down at your hands and he linked his fingers between yours and he smiled, letting his dimples show.

"please" I said again.

Just then Harry let go of your hands and sat up, spun his legs round at the top of the ladders and jumped down and Harry looked down at you and smiled.

You felt harry's arms wrap around your waist as you smiled back at him.

Just then he picked you up and popped you up on the top of the ladder and he looked up at you as you looked down at him as he came even closer to you and you kissed him as he pushed up to kiss to harder. You could feel him smile as his dimples began to show as you began to play with his curly locks.

Just then Louis walked in and you both looked up and Louis said quietly "erm, I was going to help convince Harry to come outside but I think you have got it under control" and he slowly walked out but You quickly shouted over to him "louis we'll be out in a minute" and he smiled at you as you slipped off the bed and held Harry's hand, you both walked out of the boys room and then went out of the tour bus.

"yay! You two are back!" Niall shouted over as Zayn placed the ball on the floor and Harry walked over to the ball and he passed it to Niall who passed it to me and then I passed it to Harry, then Liam tackled it off harry then Zayn passed I to Louis and I tackled it off him then I dribbled it to the goal and... SCOUR!!!!!

"yeeessss!!" Niall shouted as he jumped up in the air.

Just then Harry ran over to you with a beaming smile and gave you a huge hug whist saying "well done beautiful"

You smiled at this comment then said "see I'm a better football player than you and it's my first ever go!"

Harry's eyebrows raised "are you so sure about that?"

You smiled "yep!"

"well it's on!" harry said as he stepped back taking his shirt off, raveling his fit body. He smiled because he knew he was impressing you and you began to walk over to the ball his hands wrapped around your waist and he spun you around as you squealed. Harry began to laugh as you tried to get out of his grip but there was no use because you knew he was way stronger than you.

You turned around In His arms as he pulled you even closer to him.

"close your eyes" he said sweetly to you.

You smiled up at him before you closed your eyes tight shut.

Just then you felt his soft lips press against yours as a huge smile spread across your face. You felt fireworks as harry kissed you.

Harry's lips pealed off yours as he rested his forehead on yours "I love you babe" Harry whispered, breathing deeply.

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