Don't Leave (Death Note Fanfic)

Hailey may only be thirteen, but she's willing to leave Wammy's House to help Matt search for Mello. The problem is, Hailey is scared of lots of things which make the whole ordeal much more complex and she feels like a burden. But as time goes on, will they have to break their one rule? That rule is: don't leave.


2. Promise?

We walked for hours in the early summer heat. Leaving started to lose its glow since we had very little money and nowhere to stay. Soon, it started to get dark; I had lygophobia. Since I was so scared of darkness I stayed as close to Matt as possible.

Eventually, we made our way to a motel and got a room. We didn’t have enough money to afford it, so Matt offered to work in the diner to pay it off and they let us stay. The room was bigger than I was used to. I plugged in my nightlight and set my bag down.

Since Matt was working the night shift, I was entirely alone. He had locked the door, of course; but I still felt unsafe in my new surroundings. Then I asked myself: Would I rather feel safe and alone? Or feel unsafe but with the people I couldn’t live without? Well, person, but we were going to look for Mello.

Mello… Was he okay? I hoped he was; I missed him so much…

I sat and waited by the dim glow of my nightlight for Matt to come back. It seemed like an eternity. It’s funny, really; a few hours on your own seem like forever and years with your friends fly by in the blink of an eye.

At long last, a key rattled in the door and Matt came in, looking tired.

“Aren’t you asleep yet?” He laughed, collapsing on his own bed.

“I was scared,” I replied, turning to look at him, “I hate the dark.”

“Don’t worry, Hailey,” He yawned, not even bothering to change into his pyjamas, “If any monsters try to eat you I’m right here.”

“Matt, you’re so stupid. Monsters don’t exist.”

He laughed and said goodnight, but I wasn’t finished yet.



“Promise… promise you won’t leave?” I stared into his eyes.

“Promise. Besides, I could never just leave you; you would never manage on your own.”

“What's that supposed to mean?” I sat up in bed, not caring that my pyjamas consisted of little more than a tank top and shorts that, to be honest, looked more like underwear than actual shorts.

“You’re scared of pigeons, Hailey.” He smiled.

“Hey, Pigeons are creepy! How are you not scared of them?” I crossed my arms over my chest and acted more pissed off than I actually was.

“Just get some sleep.”

So I crawled back under the covers.

“Night, Matt.”


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