Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


4. My Wish To God

Back when I was younger, I used to ask a lot from God.


  On my 5th birthday, I asked for a kitten. Instead, I got a bicycle from my grandma. I was disappointed as I said to Him, “God, I have been a good girl. Why didn’t you give me the kitten I asked for?” I got no response and cried as I thought He ignored me.


  When I was 7 I joined a spelling contest, I asked Him to guide me and make me win. But I didn’t. I was sad as I said to Him, “God, I did my best and I know you know that. Why did you not let me win?” I got no response and I thought I was ignored again.


  When I was 16 and prom was approaching, I asked Him, “God, make him ask me to be his date.” But instead, he asked someone else. That night I prayed, “God, I have been good. Why did you not let it happen?” I had no response and I thought you never hear me.



  As I grew up, I still haven’t lost my faith. But as time passed, I was having my doubts.


  “One last try.” I said to myself. “God, please give me something that will make me happy for the rest of my life.”


  That’s when I met you. I found you in the most unexpected time. I found you when I was not even thinking about love. I found you when I did not really need you but still, you never left. You stayed. And that was when I realized, it was you God gave me.


  The day we said I do, I looked up to the sky and told Him, “God, thank you for giving me everything I could ever want.”


  And that’s you.

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