Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


6. Dear You

*I wrote this for my ex bestfriend. apparently, the guy I liked loved her sooo.... yeah. it was long ago though :) and sorry if the measurements aren't consistent*




Dear You who owns his heart

Please never let it fall apart

He was the best one I have ever had

And I know today I should be glad


Be glad that he found you

The one he can turn to

When he faces difficulties

You'll be there to make him feel at ease


I should be happy for you both

Because from the start, that's what I hoped

That someday he'll find his better half

Someone better than what he had


But to be honest, I'm not completely happy

That he found someone to replace me

I know he was never mine

But I hoped he would be, in time


I was never his but I cared for him

Gave him my heart on a string

But he never took the bait

Now it's just too late


Because I can see him smile everyday

Even though you're still miles away

I never saw him shed a tear

Because you're there to fight his fears


I want you to realize how lucky you are

You'll never have to wish upon a star

You'll never have to do the things I did

Simply because there is no need


He gave you his heart without a doubt at all

He's there to catch you when you fall

Not like me who's invisible in his eyes

Me whom he treats colder that ice


So Dear You so lucky one

I admit that you have won

You have won over his heart

He chose you to play the part


I wish for you to never neglect it

Because someday you might just regret it

And if I were you, I'd treasure the moments

The moments together you and him have spent


So I guess this is defeat

This should be the end of it

Remember all the things I just said

Keep in mind the things you've read


***Plagiarism is a Crime***



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