Short Stories and Poems

Just some short stories I wrote :)


1. One Rainy Day In Paris

One rainy day in the city of love, two people were destined to meet.


  He was an aspiring artist who had dreams for his future. All he wanted was to be famous and rich. He was ambitious, and love was never one of his goals but that rainy day changed his perspective in life.


  She was a simple small  town girl. She dreamt of helping people in all her might. She always put other’s happiness first She loved and lost. She never dreamed of finding love but it was love who found her.


  Looking down from the top of the infamous Eiffel Tower, they realized that something was missing.


  Life isn't just about fame, or money, or others. Life is about you. Your choice, your decisions, your mistakes, and your lessons learned.


 That was the moment love found them.


  As the young lady was on her way out of the tower, she dropped her handkerchief behind. The young artist saw it and decided to give it back to her.


 “Excuse me, I believe you dropped this.” He said to her.


She looked back to him       “Thank you.” She smiled


  And there, their own story started. From One Rainy day in Paris to forever.


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