Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


18. Things Happen

Tiffany's pov


Few days have passed and me and Selena are still in the hospital. And let me tell you - It's borning here. And to top it all off - Justin's acting wierd, not like i have told him  about that. And that's something im not planing to do in near future.

I know that hearing you lost your baby  is hard, but you need to try and get over it. I know i am. And besides you can always try in the future.


''So does your fans know that your in here?'' i asked turning to look at Selena

''Yeah'' she nodded ''My mom told them and i bet that most of them watch or atleast reas news.'' she smiled.

I smiled back ''Wanna watch TV?'' Yeah, the doctors were nice inaff to let us have TV in out room. She nodded and i turned it on.

''Popstar and Disney Princess Selena Gomez-'' the lady on the news spoked. Her voice - Ow, that's one high voice.

''You want me to change the channel?'' i asked

''No leave it'' she said ''I want to know what do they have to say''

''-still in hospital. And the same goes for her new back-up dancer Tiffany Butler. Both girls were signed in Good Samaritan Hospital on seventeen of December-''

''She's talking as if she's reading some magazing or news paper'' i laughted which made Selena to laught to

''Selena's mom, Mandy, recently tweeted to let Selena's fans know.

Selena is fine. She's okey. She says thank you for the amazing wishes to her and her new dancer.

Her mother tweeted the next day. But Selena, herself, haven't said anything. However after what her mother tweeted we can hope she'll be out of hospital soon'' she finished and re-runs of Jersey Shore started.

''Well they said all good'' Selena said ''But how they hope to hear from me?''

''Well in that situation they're stupid'' i added which made her laught

''Must be'' she agreed.


The was a knck on the door which made our head turn in the diresction where the door was ''Come in'' i slightly called out and the door open to reveal Justin, once again.

''Hey.'' he smiled ''How ya doing?''

''Better now'' i smiled back ''I thought you left to go home''

He shook his head ''Im not leaving till you get out''

''But...'' i trailed off ''...when i get out it's Christmas already''

''So?'' he questioned, tilling his head to one side ''I'll go home with you''

I nodded, agreeing. I just don't want to this to turn in somekinda argument ''Okey'' i gave him warm smile ''Come here so i can hug you''


No one's pov


''Well you did it'' the guy in black cloths patted his back and sat back in his seat ''I ddin't really think you could do it.''

''Well i did it. Believe it or not'' the other guy said looking him dead in the eye.

''Yeah'' the guys nodded his head, agreeing with what the other one said ''You really came through Chace''

''Yeah well that was my job, wasn't it?'' Chace asked rasing his eye brow

''It was. But i didn't think you'll do it.'' the guy said, rushing his word ''And anyways i was thinking in other way, but that's still good''

Chace rolled his eyes and stood up ''I can go now?'' the guy nodded and Chace turned on his heals around and headed for the door

''Stay in touch'' Chace nodded and walked out and down the stairs where Mike was waiting.

''How did it go?'' he asked

''He thought i couldn't do it and that he was thing to do it in other way, but how i did it was okey'' Chace spoked as the both boy walked to his car ''And that i should stay in touch''

''Well atleast he's happy or okey'' Mike said as they both got in the car.

''Yeah'' Chace said and pulled on the road, driving away from the werehouse.



Next morning



Tiffany's pov


I woke up to light snoring. I turned my head and Justin was sleeping right next to me. I turned my head back and looked at Selena. She was still sleeping.

I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. 


I must have fallen back to sleep because someone shook me. ''Babe, wake up'' someone spoked

''No'' i mubeld and turned to other side

''Wake up'' they shook me agian

''Ugh. Fine'' i ground ''Im up''

''Yey'' Selena cheard.

I rolled my eyes and sat up. ''So why did you wake me?'' i asked annoyed

''Well we have some good news'' Justin said

''And that is?''

''The doctor said we can go home early'' Selena smiled

''Omg that's so great'' i squeld. ''So when do we leave?''

''Um'' She looked down at something -i don't really know what- and than back at me ''Whenever we're ready''

I claped my hand together ''Than we better get ready. I want to leav this place'' Selena laughted and nodded. I turned my attention to Justin ''Mister you go out in the hall''


''Because we need to change'' i smiled 

''Ugh fine'' he scuffed and walked out. As soon as he closed the door, I and Selena let out the laughts we were holding in.


~ ~


''Finally we're out'' i said as we walked out of the hospital

''Yeah'' Selena agreed ''And it's good that the paparazzi isn't here''

I nodded understanding what she ment by that ''So what do we do now?''

''Well'' Selena started ''when are you planing going back?''

I shrugged and looked at Justin ''What?'' he asked. I rolled my eyes and looked at Selena agian.

''I asked - When are you planing on going back?'' she repeated

''Oh'' he chuckled ''I don't. When ever she's ready'' he pointed to me

''Maybe Friday'' i shrugged and he nodded

''Okey'' Selena chirped in ''Than let's go to my house because im guessing you have nowhere to stay'' she said looking at Justin and than at me ''and you are already staying with me''

We nodded and she pulled out her phone to call a car.


Dark alley in New York


Chace's pov (didn't see that one coming. did ya? lol)


''About time you got here'' HE spat

I rolled my eyes and stuffed my hands in my jean pockets' ''What was so inporten that you needed me?'' i asked ignoring his comment

''I need you to take care of one person'' HE said 

''Okey'' i simply answerd ''But who is it?''

''You'll find out your self. Here's the adress'' HE passed paper and like that he was gone. I shook my head and bent down to pick it up.


~ ~


''Where were you?'' Mike asked as i walked throught the door.

I shrugged ''Out'' was my answer. I walked in the livingroom and sat on the big black coutch

''What is this?'' he asked holding up the piece of paper. Shit

''Uh it's mine give it back?''

''Another kiiling job?'' he raised his eyebrow.



''Everythings not what it seems''

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