Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


27. The Song: '-there's nothing like you and me'


Justin's pov


Fixing the guitar in my lap, i brushed my finger tips over the strings of my acoustic guitar. Playing this beautiful instrument is one of my secrets along with singing.


''Lately I've been thinking, thinking about what we had

And I know it was hard, it was all that we knew, yeah

Have you been drinking, to take all the pain away?''


I sanged the lyrics looking down in to my notebook for just mere second. Actuality this song is about that one special girl. But i think she doesn't know how special she really is to me.


''I gave you everything babe

Well, everything I had to give

Girl, why would you push me away? yeah

Lost in confusion, like an illusion''


But sometimes music, the lyrics you sing and how you sing it, shows how you really feel about someone. But i highly doupt that she'll ever understand. All i got to do is hope and pry for the best.


''There's nothing like you and me together

There's nothing like us

There's nothing like you and me together through the storm

There's nothing like us''


I slide my fingers over the strings as i sanged the last line to the song: ''There's nothing like you and me together'' and as i finished my phone ranged. Putting the guitar next to me, i bent over and picked up my phone from theground. Pressing answer in the process.


''Justin you home?'' Chaz asked once i picked it up.


Sighning i leaned down on the bed. My back hitting the soft surface of my bed in the process ''Yeah im home'' i said and looked up at the snow white ceiling of my room.


''Good'' he said. Door shuting or something like it was heard in the background ''because im at your house''


As that was said, i shut up. So now i was sitting in my bed straight ''Uh what?'' i asked. Maybe i heard him wrong. Just maybe... Don't say what i heard... Please...


''Im out side of your house, Justin'' Chaz said, this time presenting the sentence in different way ''Should i just come in or what?''


Sliding my free hand through my hair. i stood up and walked out of my room ''I'll open it because it's locked anyways'' and with that i hunged up. Reaching the bottom of the stairs i took harsh breath and unlocked the door.


''Thanks'' he said and came in. Shuting the door after him, i turned around and crossed my arms over my chest, as if saying 'What are you doing here? And what do you want?'. Taking the sight of me (and my look) he opend his mouth: ''I need to talk to you''


''About?'' i asked, doing thos wierd hand gestures for him to continue


''About going in February to LA'' he said, not once meeting my gaze. Setting my jaw, i tryed to keep calm because last thing i want is to blow up infront of my best friend ''Selena is trowing Tiffany birthday party.'' he added, this time meeting my gaze.


''And why would i go?''



Tiffany's pov


''Sel i though you need to be in the studio, working on your new singel'' i said as we walked down the hall of the mall ''And if you have free day, why couldn't we stay home?'' this time i winned, maybe sounding like little kid, but who cares?


Suddenly stoping and making me alomost bumb in to her, she turned around to face me ''No, i didn't need to be in the studio. yes, i have free day and No, we couldn't stay home'' she said, answering what i said/asked her few seconds ago.


Sighing i looked around us ''Okey'' i mumbeld ''But why couldn't we go somewhere else, thought?''


Resuming the walk to whatever shop, she shrugged ''I just wanted to shop with you'' she pused and turned her heard slightly ''Is that such of bad thing?''


Laughting, i shook my head ''No'' i staited. When i was about so say something else, she pulled me in one of the shops.


''Now. Go find your self something'' she said, looking me in the eyes. If looks could kill, this maybe would do the trick. I nodded and the smile in her face grow even bigger, if that is posibel ''Good'' and with that she turned around, leaving me stand there.


''What just happen?'' i asked my self. And no, not out loud, but wisperd more. Im not crazy, you know.?






''What did you buy?'' i asked as i met up with Selena infront of H&M. As if sencing i was looking at the bag she was holding in her hands, she hid it behind her legs and smiled as if she would've steped in dog poop. ''Ah you okey?''


''Yeah im fine'' she rushed with the answer. Ignoring that, for now. I walked along with her to the car, this time. And im happy, because i really want to go home. Now.


''So what are you doing tomorrow?'' i asked as she sat in the driver's seat.


''I need to go in studio, but i should be done around 1pm and than at 4pm you and I have interview with Ellen'' she said as she pulled out of the Mall parking lot. The rest of the way home we were silent. The only noise was the radio playing in the back ground.


As the song Fireworks by Katy Perry started Selena killed the engein.''We're home'' she said and quicly got out.


Following after her i shut the door to my said and ran to the side where she was ''What's with you?''


''Me?'' she asked turning to look at me.


''Yes'' i nodded ''You been acting kinda wierd since we left the mall.'' i staited as we walked up to the front steps ''And what's with the all 'hiding the bag' game?''


''Nothing'' she shrugged and huried in the house. Disappearing up the steps the door to her room was heard open and shut closed. Sighning i walked in the livingroom and turned on the TV.



Justin's pov


''Ryan tell him'' Chaz pointing his index finger in my direction ''that he needs to come too''


Rolling my eyes for the milliont time i sat down in my seat. Even thought we're in school Chaz is winning about me needing to go to LA for Tiffany's birthday. Yeah, i really want to go, but i don't think she wants to see me. 


And even thought she called me couple days (?) ago, i don't think she even wanted to do that. Plus, who would like to see there ex at there party? That's right, no one.


''Chaz will you shut up?'' i asked annoyed ''I said im not going and that's final'' and this time i snaped at him. Even though i didn't want to do that. But, oh, well.


Taking his seat at the desk next to mine, Ryan turned to me ''Look Justin-'' he began. I didn't make any effort to look at him ''-i know you don't want to go, but she would be happy to see you. Believe me''


''Yeah, nothing spells party with out your ex there'' I said sarcastically ''And besides  i don't think she really wants me there'' i said, finally looking at him.


''Believe me, she'll be happy that you're there''




Closing my locker shut, i felt to arms slide around my waist and high-pitch voice following after ''Hey Justy'' she chirped.


Now remind me: why did you hook up with her at New Year's party? The voice, at the back of my mind spoked.


Shaking my head lightly, i turned around ''Hey'' i simply answerd


''Aw baby what's wrong? Do you have a problem?'' she asked taking step away from me. Now that i think of it - she's nothing like Tiffany. Tiffany is funny, cute in her own way and just awesome all together, but Britny - well she's a bitch.


Taking in deep breath, i looked down at her ''Yeah, you're my problem''



anyways.. this book will probably soon end :( but don't be sad, well bc i was thinking to make Book 2, but that is if you'll want one by the end of this book.


so yeah another break up. lol. and what's with justin for not wanting to go to tiffany's birthday? hm.?

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