Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


24. Talk 2x

Tiffany's pov


''Well im here'' i said taking seat opposite from Nicki ''Now what did you wanted to talk about?'' i asked. I don't really care what she got to say. I mean she fucked up and showed me that we don't have really friendship.


''Don't you want something to drink?'' she asked shifting in her seat ''I know how much you love coffee here. It's one of the best in all town.'' Well that much she knows. Maybe that's all she knows.


I shook my head ''No im fine.''


''Okey'' she said quitly as if not believing me ''Anyways'' she started after a moment ''im really sorry how i acted yesterday''


''I said i don't care'' i staited ''You just showed how we don't have a real friendship''


''Yeah i know'' she nodded ''And like i said im really sorry. I should've been happy about you getting something like this, not bash you about telling that bitch'' she said referring to Brtiny ''And im sorry about going behind your back and to your brother''


There was a moment in which i just started at her. ''Well you did all that, but also called me a bitch and staited that i have though of you in names''


''Yes and im sorry''


I looked around Starbucks when once again my eyes lyed on my ''best friend'' in front of me ''You um done?'' i asked and she looked up at me for the first or second time since we've been here.




People have been really talkative these past two days. Even Britny. Who being the bitch of the school rarely talked to anyone who wasn't in her little ''crew''. Than came Nicki, with that fight or what ever you'll call it. Than Ryan with almost a talk.


Mom and Dad... ? With them it doesn't really call talk. At the dinner table every family talks, so that really doesn't count.


Oh and than that little talk with Holly. Which i must confess was great to have. I don't really remember when she -we- talked like that. Yeah, we have ''discussed a few words'' but that's it. Never a real talk like that.


And  most of the talks have been about me to be famous and than it went to being friends with Selena Gomez and than just normal teen -girl- talk.


I was pulled out of my thoughts by my phone ringing really loud. Rolling over i picked it up from the white, wooden night stend.


Incoming call: Sel Boo


Smiling i pressed answerd. ''Hello?'' i asked putting it to my ear.


''Uh hey Tiffany.?'' Selena said on the other side of the line ''So when's the flight?''


Shit. I forgot the tickets ''Ugh'' i rubbed the back of my neck ''I forgot to get the tickets''



Chace's pov


I walked down the cold street of Los Angeles when someone bumbed into me. I looked down and noticed a girl around my age with dark brown hair. ''Uh sorry'' i said as she steped away from me.


''No it's okey'' she send me a warm smile ''I should've seen you''


''Well i should've watch where im going'' i chuckled rabbing the back of my neck. She was pretty hot, if i may say. ''Oh by the way im Chace'' i said putting my right arm infront of me for her to shake ''Chace Williams''


She streched her arm and shook it with mine ''Im Selena Gomez'' she said, kinda hesitating for a moment.


''Wait,'' i said once she let go of my hand ''aren't you the Selena Gomez?'' i asked i low voice, so the people on the street couldn't here us.


She lifted her sunglasses -even if it was winter- and looked up at me. Her eyes meeting with mine own as she nodded ''Yeah, i am. But please don't tell anyone.''


''Of course no'' after that it fell in silenc. Not thos akward one's, no. I don't even know how to tell that. Well it was nice kinda silenc. At this moment we just stared at one another. After what felt like ages i broke it ''So you wanna have a cup or coffee or are you going somewhere?'' i asked


''No. No im not going anywhere'' she shook her head ''But coffee sounds great.'' she smiled and little blush creeped on her cheeks.


''Great'' i smiled back ''Thank let's go''




We sat in the nearby coffee shop. The waitresses running or walking really fast from table to table and to the ktchen. Well it was more as dinner or something like it.


Me and Selena were seated in one of the red booths as we waited for one of the waitresses to come by us. 


''So...'' i said braking the silence that have fallen over us as we sat and waited ''..what brings you in the town?''


She giggled and looked at me. Her brown eyes sparkaling from the dinner lights above us ''Just going for a walk and to see LA as 'normal' girl'' she said. Once again her eyes traveld around the dinner.


I was about to speak when lady in her 30s came up ''Hello. Welcome to Greasy Ed'' she smiled looking down at us ''May i take your order?''


''Yeah'' i nodded and she turned to look at me ''I'll have French fries with ketchup and Cola'' she nodded and wrote down my order.


''And you miss?'' she said looking at Selena.


At first Selena looked confused, but soon caught up with what was happing ''I'll just have black coffee'' The waitresse nodded and with that she walked away, disappearing in the kitchen.


''You seemed zoomed out or you were thinking about something really hard'' i staited, tearing my gaze from where the lady have gone off to the girl in front of me.


''I..'' she started looking down at the white, rectangular shaped table ''Yeah i was kinda thinking'' she addmited after sometime


''Wanna talk about it?''


''I don't want to be too pushy with my problems'' she looked up at me, meeting my gaze once again.  I gave her assistive smile, telling her to go on ''Fine'' she breathed out ''I was just thinking about the next year and all that stuff'' once again she looked down ''Plus i need to help Tiffany-''


''Tiffany?'' i asked cutting her off. She looked at me for mere moment and than nodded ''As in Tiffany Butler?'' i asked again and she nodded. Sensing she'll as 'how do you know her?' i spoked again ''She's a... friend of mine. But i lost contact with her''


''Oh'' she giggled ''That's understanding''




''I hade great time today'' Selena said looking up at me ''Maybe we could hand out sometime agian?''


I nodded agreeing with what she said ''Yeah that's sounds great.'' I gave her my number as she gave me hers ''I'll be in town for more weeks or atleast month so hit me up when ever''


She giggled and nodded ''Will do'' We hugged befor she walked up to her house and vanished behind the wooden door. I sighed and walked back to the town.


I could really stick around her and get closer to Tiffany... 

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