Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


25. Surprises and Guilt.?

Im sorry, but i gonna skip Chirstmas. So New Year is coming.

Enjoy :)

And don't kill me by the end of this chapter



Selena's pov


 '''You should really come for the New Year Eve party'' i said in the phone at the same time looking at the flat screan TV in the livingroom.


''Why?'' he asked from  the other side of the line.


''Why?'' i over asked him ''Because it'll be fun, i can promise that. Plus alot of celebrities will be there''


There was along pause from his side when he spoked agina ''Fine. What time?''


I immediately smiled even though he couldn't see it or me ''Yey'' i let out a giggel ''Eight'' we said our bye's and i hunnged up. Putting it on the coffee tabel i stood up and walked up to my room.


Tiffany's pov


 ''Bye mom'' i said and hugged her ''And don't you dare to cry'' i pulled away from her and went to hug dad and Ryan. ''Make sure she doesn't cry'' i wisperd inmy dad's ear.


He lightly chukled and wisperd back: ''Don't worry''


I smiled at him and hugged Ryan ''I'll soon fly you out to LA. Don't worry'' He nodded and we pulled away. I never tough that saying Goodbye even for little while would be so hard. Taking in deep breath i let it out ''I bet go. Don't want to miss the plan''


They all nodded. ''Oh honney'' mom gasped and hugged me one last time ''My baby is growing up so fast'' she said as we pulled away again.


I gave her week smile and nodded ''What can you do?'' I took the handel of my suitcase and looked at them one last time ''I'll come visit soon'' and with that i walked out.


Closing the door behind me i turned around as was close to have hart atteck. ''Oh my'' i gasped placing my hand over my heart ''Justin''


''Hey'' he said and looked at the black and blue suitcase behind me ''Uh where are you going?'' he fixed his gaze back to me.


I looked down at the concrete steps that led up to the front door ''Back to LA''


There was paused in which im guessing he was trying to find the rigth words. ''Why?'' he asked sounding disappointed.


''It's complicated to tell'' i said in alomost a wisper. And not once meeting his gaze, but i knew i need to do that. I need to see what he's feeling. ''Look, Justin, i- im  really sorry, but i have to go'' i said and walked past him.


''So you're breaking up with me?'' his voice craked making me stop.


Not looking back i spoked ''I think it's best for both of us''





Walking in the airport i looked for the one girl who'll help me here. Once i spoted dark brown hair i called out her -middle- name: ''Marie''


She turned around ans smiled coming in my direction ''How come your flight was a little late?'' she asked.


''The pilot didn't take off in time'' i just shrugged as if that wasn't big deal ''Im just happy to be here'' i said as we walked to the exit of the airport ''Oh and this is Holly. Holly this is Selena''


''Hi'' Selena said ''Nice to meet you''


''No nice to meet you'' Holly quicly answerd. Looks like someone is starsruck.


Selena chukled and we walked out where black van was waiting. As soon as we got in it started to drive and we were of to Selena's house.


''So tell me Holly little about you.'' Selena said in the middle of the drive there. Fixing her gaze from my to Holly's.


She shifted in her seat, so she was facing us both ''Well i'll be 18. I got, well went to the same school with Tiffany. Im sinior.''



Ryan's pov


''What's up guys?'' i said greeting two my best friends.


''Hey'' Chaz said as we did our hand shake. We turned to look at Justin, who wasn't really happy looking - which who he really is. ''Dude what's with you?'' Chaz asked.


Lazely Justin looked up at us, meeting with our gaze ''Nothing'' he shrugged. I gave him a look as if saying: 'Nice try. I know you're lieing.' ''Im fucking telling the truth''


''Justin'' i said in calm voice, sitting next to him ''C'mon you're never like this. What happen?''


He sighed and looked down again befor looking back up ''Long story short'' he started. Which of course suprised me because i though he'll yell or something. ''she broke up with me''


''Why?" i spoked up after a long pause ''Did you do something?''


''Dude i don't know'' he stood up from the seat on the coutch he was sitting on and looked down at us ''And why the hell would i do something? I've had crush on her like forever now''


''Whoa'' Chaz was the one to speak now ''Calm down.'' he put his hand on Justin sholder ''Did she say something?'' he asked once Justin was calmed down. Because quite frankly Justin can go a bit overboard when he's angry.


He nodded, now looking down at the carpet which took most of the wooden floor. ''She said that she's going back to LA and than i asked why and she just said that i'll be best for both of us''


''I'll talk to her. Okey?'' i asked and stood up ''But now how about we go play some hockey?''




''Bo Ya'' Chaz yelld as we walked down the street ''I won''


''Okey. Whatever'' i said ''And you just lucky. That's it.''


''No way'' he turned to me and than at Justin ''Tell him that.'' he spoked to Justin.


Justin jsut rolled his eyes which made Chaz murder under his breath. We just finished our little hockey game. And just becouse Chaz got lucky, he thinks he won. But of caurse he won't admit that. That's just how he is.


I was about to spok when my phone ranged in my jean pocket. Slidding it out i looked down at the screan where the oh so familiar number flashed.


Incoming call: Christian


 ''Shh'' i said putting my index finger to my lips. I pressed answer and put the phone to my ear as both of them mputhed 'Whos is it? ' 'Christian ' i mouthed back. ''Hey Chris'' i saidin the phone.


Shuffuling was heard from other side and than he spoked up '"Hey Ryan. Just wanted call and wish you guys happy Christmas and New Year''


I let out chuckle ''Chris Christmas was like two days ago'' i said ''But thanks anyway. So how are you doing?'' i said and put it on speaker, so Chaz and Justin wouldn't need to pres againts me so they could hear.


Befor Christian could answer what i just asked Chaz spoked up Justin following behind him. ''Yo Beadles'' Chaze said. ''Sup Chris'' Justin staited after him.


Laughted was heard from the other side ''Hey guys'' Christian spoked ''I've miss you. And to answer your question Ryan, im doing fine'' he pused ''But how are you guys doing?''




''Mom im home'' i called out as i walked through the door, locking it behind me. I walked passed the livingroom where my parents were watching a movie or something. I didn't even bother to say something because:


a) i yelld ' im home '


b) i locked the door, so they'll know im home


Walking pass them i walked up the steps and to my room which was at the end of the hallways next to Tiffany's. Walking in i closed the door and pulled out my phone. Finding her number i pressed call and put it up to my ear. 



Tiffany's pov


''Yeah i know'' i smiled looking at Taylor Swift, who was standing rigth in front of me ''Im fan of your music''


''AW thanks you'' she said and turned to Selena. Right now me, Holly, Selena and Taylor were at Selena's. She said we could do a little girl party or something like that ''Sel you were rigth she's cute''


As Taylor's word ecoed in the air my phone buzzed in my short pocket. Pulling it out i looked down at the screan, where the name of the called flashed.


Incoming call: Ry


Dicating to ignor it this time, i prssed ignor and slide it  back in my pocket. ''So what are we doing tonight?'' i asked, eyeing all the girls.


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