Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


4. Stupid dare...

Tiffany's pov


I turned to Justin and he was smiling like an idiot. I got closer to him and..... kissed him. Ew... but dare is dare, right? I pulled away as quikly as i could and ran to the kitchen. I will KILL Chaz. I washed my mouth. Ew

''Yo, sis you okey here?'' Ryan smirked walking in the kitchen.

''No'' i sapt ''I WILL KILL CHAZ'' i yelld.

''Whoa, not my friend.'' I rolled my eyes.

''Yeah.. your friend made me kiss who I DON'T LIKE'' i yelld the last part ''You need me, i'll be in my room'' I smiled and walked past him.

I walked up to my room and made sure to shut the door. I walked over to my closet an took out grey sweats and black tee.

I walked in the bathroom and hopped in the shower. I let theh hot water run down my body... It felt so nice and i got the feeling that everything, even that kiss, washed away.

After 20 minutes, not that i count, i go out and wrepped a towel around me. I walked back in my room and over to my bed where my cloths lied. I pulled over my head the black tee and than put on my sweats. I got in my bad and turned on my laptop.

username: JustinIsGay

Ha ha, i know what you think. But that is good username for my laptop. Because RYAN likes to sneak on my laptop. But sinc i put on the username and password - he can't.

I tiped in my pasword and i was in. Ha ha. I opend Google Chrome and logged in facebook. I looked at chat, to see who's onlain. For my luck Nicki was.


Tiffany: hey girl :)

Nicki: hey'ya ;) what's up?

Tiffany: uh sky :D okey, anyways u wont believe what chaz made me do!!!

Nicki: what?

Tifanny: so we were playing truth or dare and...

Nicki: and what?

Tiffany: i pucked dare...

Nicki: and?

Tiffany: ...and he made me kiss bieber

Nicki: OMG... and what bieber? and witch place? cheek or lips?

Tiffany: he of curse injoyed it... and lips :(

Nicli: u poor thing :(

Tiffany: okey let's drop it... how's kevin? oh and i'll tell u tomorrow something :)

Nicki: ugh i don't want to talk about him...

Tiffany: why boo?

Nicki: he fucking cheated on me!!!

Tiffany: no way!! :O with who?!

Nicki: with... Sara :(

Tiffany: with Creepy Betty?

Nicki: yeah...

Tiffany: OMG even Ry said he would never hook up with her and + he's on the basketball team, why would he hook up with her?

Nicki: idk and idc

Tiffany: that's my girl :)

Nicki: ha ha

Tiffany: ookey, see'ya tomorrow at school

Nicki: kk


And with that i logged out and turned of my laptop. I put it on my night stand and drift in sleep.


• the next day •


''Forget them other boys baby, Forget them other guys.

Yeah I see your nose ring, Might as well be a bull's eye.

Never used to pull girls like you, Not in '09,

You ain't a mixtape chick baby (uh! ), Had to sell a million for your time.'' My alarm ranged. I slide my arm from under the sheets and turn it off. How mush i love that song - Looks like sex by Mike Posner, i need to get up.

I slide out of my bed and walked in the bathroom. I did my morning routine. When i was done with that, i walked back in my room and over to my closet. I picked out blue jeans and red shirt that showed my belly, just a part.

I did my make-up and crulled my hair. I was done and walked down stairs. ''Hey Ry'' i smiled as i walked in. 

''Hey'' he nodded his head ''Whant breakfast?''

''Of curse'' i said in duh voice ''So where's Chaz and Justin? Or did they leave?''

''We are right here" I rolled my eyes ''What's cooking?''

I facked smiled and stood up ''You know what, i'll just eat something on my to school.'' i turned around ''Bye Ry'' I called out and shut the door behind me. 


Justin's pov


''What's her deal?'' i asked, refering to Tiffany. Who just walked out.

''Don't worry about her bro'' Ryan said passed  a plate of pancakes to me "Probobly on her period''

I nodded my head and ate my pancakes. Maybe she's pissed because of that dare yesterday? Yeah, that could be one thing why.

''Yo done?'' Ryan asked snapping me out of my thoughts ''Because we need to leave for school''

''Yeah. im done'' He nodded abd walked out. Ryan made sure to lock the door and we were of to school.



We walked in school and the hall ways were buzzing with the students. ''What's happen?'' i ask as we walk down the hall. I look at Chaz and Ryan and they just shrug.

''OMG Ry'' someone chears. ''You won't believe this''

''What happen?'' Ryan askes turning around ''Tell me''

''Okey so you know Kevin?'' she asked

''Yeah. So?''

''Can you just fucking tell?'' i spat

''Don't get your boxers twist Bieber'' she smirked at me and turned back at Ryan "So he cheated on this girl with Creepy Betty and for his luck everyone saw him fucking her''

''No way'' 

''Yes way'' she smiled ''C'mon i'll show you'' She said and pulled Ryan with her. Me and Chaz followed them.

''Yo Greason, how did it feel to fuck Creepy Betty?'' i called out as we stood three feet from him. He looked at us and than at ground.

After sometime me and the guys walked away "This - you don't see every day'' They nodded.

''Okey bye Ry'' Tiffany smile and walked away with her friend. Well, now she's just being a bitch.


Tiffany's pov


I walked in Biology class and took my seat at the back of the class. ''You know, i feel good now'' Nicki smiled and sat next to me.

I turned to her and smiled ''See? You don't need him to be good''

She nodded ''Yeah, you're rigt. I can do better''

''That's the spirit.''

''Thanks Tif for being there''

''Nicki we are friends and that's what friends do'' I smiled and the techer came in. 

''Okey class im giving you each a subject that you need to do. It will be like project, but this time you'll do it on  your one'' Mrs Brook said ''On this project you'll be working all month'' she said and picked up pieces of paper and started to call names ''...Tiffany'' she called my name and  stood up.

I took the paper from her and sat back down in my seat. I looked at the paper she gave me, to see what i need to do. My jaw dropped when i saw on what my project is basted on.


Subject: One month with a boy


Great. ''Nicki what did you get?''

''I've got a month with a old lady. You?''

''You have better luck than me.'' i mumbeld

''Why?'' i gave her the paper and i could see from corner of my eye that her jaw dropped ''Oh my God''

''Yeah.. i know'' i sighed ''Why couldn't that be someone else?''


The bell ranged. I got all my stuff and walked out of the class. ''Hey Ry'' i smiled as i couth up with him and  his friends.

''What's wrong sis?'' he asked putting his arm around my sholder.

I sighed and gave him the paper ''Look''

He took the paper and read out loud ''For whole month you need to be with a boy. You need to hang out with him and stuf like that. At the end of day write how was that day.'' he lookd Justin and than down at me ''You know we need to write essey on one subject and Justin here has to write about How is hanging out with a girl''

''And?'' i questioned looking at him ''That doesn't help me''

''Just work with him.''

My jaw dropped, again ''No way''

''You have the same subject, just driffrent sex''

''Okey fine'' i sihged ''But only when you or Chaz are around, i'll be around Justin''

''Work's for me'' Justin smiled ''I hope this will be over fast. Because i don't thin i'll live someone like that'' He said and walked away.

''What's with him?'' i looked at Ryan and than at Chaz ''Who got his boxers in twist? Some random girl didn't want him?''

They laughted at my comments and we walked in the cafateria. ''Where are we gonna sit?''

''Out side'' Chaz smiled and we nodded. We got our food and walked out side.

''I wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey. You made me insecure, told me I wasn't good enough. But who are you to judge. When you're a diamond in the rough...'' my phone ranged in my pocket. I pulled it and presed it to my ear. ''Hello?''

''Oh hey sweetheart. I just wanted to tell you that i see what ever you're doing and so be cerfull'' someone spkon on the other side of the line

''Um who's this?''

''Someone you know. Be cerfull'' and with that he hungged  up.

''Tif, who was calling you?'' Chaz asked and took a bite out of his sandwich.

I shrugged ''Heck i know. He just said that he sees whatever im doing and ro be cerfull'' i looked up them ''And that i know him''

Ryan looked at me with that worried look ''You don't think it would be...''

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