Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


31. Some Un-welcomed Guests

Tiffany's pov

Today is Justin birthday, so I'm flying from here (LA) to Startford. I don't know if he's gonna be happy, but it's his 19th birthday and besides I've knwon him since I moved to Startford. Even thought we weren't friends back than I knew him as my brothers best friend.

Okey, and if he doesn't want me there I will go. It's not hard for me to buy another ticket and fly back here. But I don't think he'll want me to go, because form what Ryan and Chaz have told me - he likes me. I don't know if that's true or not, but whatever.

''You got everything?'' Selena asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. Turning to look at her I smiled and nodded. ''Okey. Passport?''

''Sel, will you calm down.'' I giggeld at how motherly she's acting ''I've got everything. Don't worry.''

''Okey.'' she nodded and looked around. Well I don't blame her about looking around every ten seconds. We are in airport and we are famous, so do the math here.

''Flight 177 now bording.'' the lady on interscope said.

''That's my flight.'' I said and picked up my dufel bag and turned to Selena, who with out any warning embrace me in bone cruching hug. I think I heard some of my bones cracking. I don't know. ''Can't. Breath.''

''Oh sorry.'' She giggeld and steped away from me. ''Well you better go. Not want to miss the flight.''

''Sel...'' I gave her the are you being serios? look '' gonna see me in like a week or maybe sooner.''


Taking my seat on the plane, I looked out of the window and Selena as being her was waving me bye thought the big glass window or wall. I laughted to my self as how childish she's being and fastened my seat-bealt.

And few minutes later the plane took off and I was on my way back to Stratford, where the population is 32 000. As soon as the flight attendant said that we're allowed to use our devices I called Ryan on the skype.

''I'm in the air.'' I said, adding a little laught at the end. ''So are you guys waiting for me at the airport?''

''About that.'' he said. Kinda hezatating on his words. ''The day after Valentine's day me and Chaz got in a fight with Justin.''


''And I said that we're not friends anymore.'' He said, closing his eyes and waiting for the worst. Blinking once, twice and thrice I looked at him through my laptop screan. Opening his eyes he looked back at me.

''Why?'' I spoked sofly. ''You're like friends since I don't know. For long time. Why would you do something like it?''

''Because I stood up for you.'' He said, unsure of the words that left his mouth. Taking a moment to think over what he just said, I took a deep breath. ''I know you love him and he loves you too, but when me or Chaz try to tell him, he thinks that's a bulshit.'' he added.

''Okey.'' I nodded my head ''So are you guys picking me up from the airport or I need to find a taxi?'' I asked changing the subject. 

''We're picking you up.'' He said and looked somewhere over the laptop lid. And than a familiar voice called through the speakers of my laptop.

''Yooooo.'' Yelld Chaz and few secons later he came in my view. ''Oh sorry bro. And hey Tiffany.'' he smiled, looking at me.

''Hey Chaz.'' I smiled back. Like that it's really fun to hang out with him. It's never boring.


Justin's pov

It's been like two weeks since that fight and I'm still not talking with Ryan and Chaz. We haven't made any conatact. And by this all I don't think they gonna show up for my birthday. Well Ryan said that we're no longer friends, so that means that they aren't coming, right?

Truth be told, I want them here because what is a birthday with out your friends, right?

And yeah since I know that no one will come I'm not really celebrating it. What's the use? It's nothing with out your friends. And besides it's like tradition for me, Ryan and Chaz. Because you see we've gone to each others birthdays ever since we became friends and till now we haven't missed. But I'm guessing that all good things come to end.

"Hun," mom said as she walked in the living room where I was. Turning to her, I paused the movie I was watching "why aren't you getting ready?" With that warm smile on her face. I really feel sorry about what I will say.

At that moment when I opened my mouth the door bell ranged. Not letting the confused me show on my face, I stood up "I'll go see who is it." The only her respond was a smile and a nod. As soon as my back was against mom, I let the confused face take over my face. Reaching for the door knob I yanked them open and the site surprised me. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We came to celebrate your birthday." Ryan said, with his hands in his jean pockets.

"You didn't thing we're not gonna showup?" Chaz asked, standing next to Ryan. But someone else was with them and in that moment a girl walked from there backs, but not any girl... Tiffany.


''Hi Justin.'' she smiled shyly. As she did that, something in  me wanted to go infront of her and wrap my arms around her and tell her that I still love her, but i didn't obey. ''Happy 19th birthday.''


''Uh guys again - what are yuou doing here?'' I asked, still with that confused look on my face. Closing the door behind me I steped out and they steped down the steps.


''Well...'' Tiffany started ''...I didn't want to miss your birthday and they'' she pointed to my friends excuse me my EX friends. ''they just came because of me. But if you want we can go.''



No one's pov



At that moment that person who was walking down the stree was the right one to do it. Turning her head in the direction Justin Bieber's house was, her eyes sudenlly landed not on the three of guys, but to the girl who stood with them.


''Justin!'' she called out as she crossed the street, so she could walk to his house and lie as always. That wicked smirk of hers was painted on her face.


The four people that stood infront of the house turned to look in the direction of the voice. And not one of them were happy to see her. Two had annoyed looks; One - pissed and the last one? Well her hope at the site of Britny Lancaster walked to them burned into ahes.


''Britny.'' Justin was the first one to speak up after the bitch had spokend. He was the one that was pissed off and he knew that NOW she will want to do something.


As Britny walked to where the four friends stood, she wrapped her arms around Justin's torso and looked at his friends, but send dagers Tiffany's way.


Turning in the direction where Justin stood, she tryed to keep the tears in her eyes. ''Well,'' she sighed ''I better go. Happy birthday.'' And just like that she turned around and walked away. Not waiting for her brother and/or Chaz. 


Looking form the little lieing bitch Ryan looked at his pal ''Me and Chaz better head off too. We're going play hocky.'' he said and looked at Chaz and as if saying Go with it with his eyes Chaz cought up to the little lies that were throwned out.


''Yeah.'' Chaz nodded ''Well you have happy one.'' With one less bye they were gone. The only two people standing infornt of Justin's house was him self and Britny. 


''What's wrong with you?'' Justin spat as he turned to look at her. The anger he was feeling was pumping in his vains.



Tiffany's pov



''Sel I'm flying home after tomorrow.'' I said in the phone as I packed all my things. ''I said it won't be for long.''


''Tiffany!'' She yelled from her side of the line ''Why?''


''Can we not talk about that now.?'' I asked as i folded another top. ''Okey I gotta go.'' Befor she could say anything or better yet protest I pressed End and threw the phone away. Sitting on my bed a knock was heard from the other side of the wooden door.


Knowing it's Ryan I didn't say anything, because knowing him whatever I say he'll do teh opposite of it. As the door opend I was right it was Ryan. ''Hey'' he said as he closed the door and came in the room a bit more ''How'ya feeling?''


''How can I feel?'' I asked not looking at him. ''I'm flying back to LA after tomorrow and I'm not turning back for him.'' This time I looked up at him, but his figure was kinda blur to me because of my tears ''The only reason why I came today was because of his birthday, but I guess it was a waist of time.''




omg. poor Tif, huh?


◘ annnnnnnnnnnnnd the next and the next after the next (following? no? well it's your fault) thos two are the final chapters to this book.

◘ buuuuuuuuuut there's BOOK II that is called [finds out in the final chapters of Hide & Seek

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