Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


30. Singel or Taken? Singel

Justin's pov


Shutting the alarm clock by my bed, i pulled the cover off of my body and got up. Another day... pointless day.


Walking in the bathroom, i shut the door closed and pulled of my boxers. Stepping in the shower, i let the hot water hit againts my body. All this felt so nice. It felt like all the things that have happen is washed away. 


After twenty minutes i steped out and wraped a towel around my lower half. Walking out of the bathroom, i walked to my closet and pulled out blue jeans and white V-neck. Fixing my hair, i walked down stairs where i was met with a note and breakfast plate.


hi hunny,

left early for work. be home at nine or ten.

have fun at school.

love mom :)


Sighing i pushed the note aside and pulled the plate in my direction. Not even mom is here. Dancing the silver frork on the plate i seemed lost in thoughts because the door bell made me jump like five feet in the air.


Returning from La La Land, i slide off of the bar stool i was sitting on and walked to open the door. ''Though, we'll have to ring the door bell ten more times befor you'll answer.'' Chaz said as soon as the door was opend. ''Anyways ready for school?''


''Yeah.'' i said quietly. Walking back inside, i got my backpac and i was ready to go. Locking the door behind me i followed close after Ryan and Chaz. ''Im sorry about snapping yesterday.'' i said after awhile.


''Don't worry about it.'' Ryan said and slowed down, so now he was walking by my side. ''And everyone haves emosens. It's just normal.''




Slipping in my seat and pulling out my notebook, i tryed to shut down the world and all there hate. Maybe im being to negative. But really who cares these days? No one.


Opening my notebook i skipped all the other pages and found the one with Heartbreaker written on the top.


 Oh girl, I got a secret place that we could go

Cause girl I really wanna be alone

And baby nobody else gotta know


I scribeld down on my notebook. The white paper sheets now having blue pen marks. As i was thinking more lyrics someone bumbed on the side of my desk. I looked up to see a girl. I haven't seen her around, so she must be new or something.


"Oh sorry'' she spoked looking down at the floor. ''I wasn't looking wheer i was going.''


''No, no. It's okey'' i  smiled though she didn't even look at me. I was about say something more, but she walked away and sat at the far end of the class. In the coner that our class calls  the ''nurd corner''. I don't know why.


''What was that?'' someone asked from my left side. I turned around to see Ryan and Chaz eyeing me as if i was some target or something.


''Nothing.'' i responsed. Im not getting what they're talking about. Really.


''You were trying to hit on her?'' Chaz said and pointed to the girl who bumbed on my desk just few seconds ago ''Tiffany still loves you. It was wrong if you would go after her.'' he added and once again took a quick look at the girl ''Plus you can creally see - she's a nurd.''




Tiffany's pov



''So Tiffany, how are  you feeling being here and that everyone is watching your every step?'' The interviewer -as i learned her name is Milanda- asked.


''At first i though it would be scray, but it isn't.'' I asnwerd, sending a warm smile to her and the camers around her ''And with everyone seeing my every move - as long as you don't stupid things it's alright.''


''That's good to know.'' she smiled too ''So i know that you're just starting, but any songs coming?''


''Actuality yes. I've been working on one song.''


''And how are you doing?''


''It's finished. And i don't have any problem singing it now. Live. Can i?'' i asked and she just nodded, that smile still on her face. Smilling back, again, I stood up from the seat i was sitting in and walked to the small stage they had. I took the mic form it's stand and as on cue the band behind me strated to play the melodie of the song.


''Forever is a long time, I'm not gonna lie

Is that a promise you can make?

Are we in the right place at the wrong time?

Right now I really need some space


Together on the front line

Look me in the eye and tell it straight to my face

Are we gonna work it out or pack it in?

I guess this is the chance we take''


I slide my finger tips over the strings of the guitar. The diffrenc this time is that it's finished now and im not in my bedroom, sitting on the floor. Im on live TV this time.


'''Cause you are the only one that gets me

Knows me, feels me, has me

And you are the only one

Who's close enough to drive me crazy''


Did you know that through music you can say so much things? Well that's true, you can. You just have to know how to sing it and the lyrics have to be right.


''Everything is alright some of the time

Are we going through a phase?

Are we moving too fast, going too slow?

Am I just afraid to make mistakes?''


''Frustrate me, complicate me

Make it harder than it needs to be

But the things that you do and the things that you say

Make me wanna stay


Through the ups and downs I do

I just wanna be with you

We're through''


The music played a little longer and than it stoped. As soon as the music stoped, crowed -the people here at the studio- stood up and gave me standing ovations. Milanda came smilling in my way. ''So is song about someone special?'' she asked.


''No.'' i shook my head, still smiling. You know that you lide, right? That annoying voice at the back of my mind spoked again.


''One again give it up for Tiffany Butler.'' she said and one of the camera men shouted 'Clear'.




''So how did it go?'' Selena said as i got in the car next to her. ''Were you nervous?''


''It went well.'' i replyed, leaning my head back, againts the headrest ''It was fun.'' Smilling, i looked up at the back car roof.


''Great to hear.'' was all i heard from her in responce.



Justin's pov



''Dude she's a total nurd.'' Chaz cryed out as we sat down at the one of the cafateria tabels. Since the first lesson he's been winning about that girl who bumbed on my desk in the morning. Yeah, she seems like a nurd, but she's beautiful too. Not as beautiful a- .... just forget what i just said.


''So?'' i asked. Annoyed look taking over my face. But what's so wrong that i like her, even if she's a nurd?


Chaz was about to say something, but Ryan beat him to it. ''You zip it.'' he said pointing his finger to Chaz ''And you..'' he turned to me ''...Tiffany loves you. She was crashed when she heard about you and Brinty. She called me at 3am, just to cry her heart out. All this time she haven't hooked up with any guy, but you have already (with girl of course) and you're fucking thinking with another one.''


''Well she broke up with me, so i don't see the problem in that.'' i replyed ''And who said she can't hook up with another guy?''


''Because SHE LOVES YOU.''




''And you're too stupid to realize that she haves feeling for her, just like you have feeling for her.'' he said and the both of them stood up ''And if you want to hook up with another girl - do it. And don't call us. We're no longer friends.'' And just like that i was left alone at the tabel. There figures going farther and getting blury as they walked away.



Just few more chapters to go.


Saw Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 yesterday. If you don't look at the all killing and strong language I recomend (who haven't seen it) go see it. Will get good laught.


Anyways - Friendship was broken... And some people said that they are officially singel and than Some people want to hook up with another girl, even though they have feelings for another girl.

Complicated. No? Than good. 

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