Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


3. Lunch and more

Tiffany's pov


 ''Come on Nicki. I want to eat'' i wanned. Art class just ended and we are going to have luch. That is IF we make there.

''Okey. Let's go'' she clapped her hands.

''Finally'' i breateh out ''I thought i'll need to die''

''Whatever'' she rolled her eyes as we walked down the hall way. ''Look, it's your brother and-''

I cut her off ''Justin...'' i said through glich teeth.

''Relax.'' she said putting hand on my sholder ''And come on''

''Okey'' i nodded ''But let's hurry befor HE notices me''  She smiled and we started walking faster.

''Aye, Shawty'' Shit. I turned around and i could still feel Nicki's hand on my sholder.

''What?'' i spat

''Wanna have lunch?'' he asked, with smirk on his face.

''No'' i smiply answerd ''And what part of 'leave me alone', don't you understand?''

He srugged ''Don't know''

''To bad'' i turned back around ''Let's go Nicki.'' i took her hand and pulled her away.

''Dude, you got surved'' I heard Chaz say and that was the lest thing. We walked in and i pulled her to the line.

We were standing in the line, when someone called my name. And i don't even need to turn around to know who he is ''Tiffany!''

 ''Tiffany'' they called agian. ''Tiffany'' they called and took me by my wrist.

''What the hell you want Justin?'' i spat as he pulled me out of the cafateria.

''I want to talk'' he smiled

I rolled my eyes ''About?''

''Us..'' he traild off

''What about- Oh no. No way. There's no thing going between us'' 

''Sure'' he nodded and smirked ''I know and you know the fact that you love me'' 

I rolled my eyes ''Whatever.'' I was about to walk back in the cafateria when he turned me around and kissed me. ''Jusitn!'' i yelld and hit him.

''What?'' he asked staping back ''Don't tell me you didn't like it.'' he smirked

''No, no i didn't like it'' i spat

''Don't lie to your self''

''Oh, im not lieing'' i gave him fake smile and turned around ''And if you ever come clos to me, be cerfull''


Justin's pov


This day couldn't go anyslower, can it? I know it's Tuesday and Friday is somewhere after. Ugh. I just wish it would be Friday.

''Hey Ryan.'' i wisperd ''Can i ask you something?'' He nodded ''What is your sister doing on Friday?''

''She...'' he traild off '' going on date with the basketball team captein''

''What?'' i wisped-yelld ''You mean Brad?'' he nodded ''What does she see in him?''

He shrugged ''I don't know.'' he pused ''but anyways, she told you to leave her alone''

''So?'' i questioned ''Do i ever listen to her?'' he shoock his head no ''So what's the problem?''

''There's no problem. But, dude, don't stalk her.''

''Why would you think that?'' i asked, sounding dumb

''I don't know'' he shrugged ''But don't be like Sara''

''You mean Creepy Betty?''

''Yeah'' he nodded ''Just looking at ther... creeps''

''Don't worry dude, i wont be anything like Creepy Betty'' i choukled ''And don't worry about your sister. I won't do anything to hurt her... she is my baby''


Tiffany's pov


''Hey beautiful'' he smiled and kissed me on the cheek and i blushed ''You ready for Friday?''

''Hey'' i smiled and bit my lip ''Yeah... You?''

''Of curse'' he smiled and put his arm around my waist ''How about i walk you home or are you going with someone?''

''That souns amazing...'' i smiled ''And i wished. Ryan is going with Justin and i don't know where Nicki went'' I said and looked down.

''Beautiful, don't be sad.'' he kissed me on the cheek again ''Come on. Let's go'' I nodded and we walked out the school door.


''Umm thanks... for walking me home'' This time i kissed him, on the cheek. ''See you Friday''

He smiled ''Yeah.. see you'' He waved as he walked  away. I waved back and walked in. ''Im home'' I called out and closed the door. ''Mom?! Dad?!''

I walked in the kitchen and there was a note on the counter. I walked over an dpicked it up.



We are sorry, we are out of town. So that leaves you and Ryan alone for a month or two. We need to go to Brazil. 

I'll call you when we leave. I left you money it's under the house phone.

Take care

Love, Mom and Dad


I read the note. ''So they just left?'' i asked my self ''For moth ot two? Cool? Or not?''

''I wouldn't wanna be anybody else, hey. You made me insecure, told me I wasn't good enough. But who are you to judge. When you're a diamond in the rough...'' my phone ranged in my jean pocket. I pulled it out and slide my finger over the screan.


In-coming call: Ry


I pressed accapte and put it to my ear ''Hey Ry!'' i cheard

''Whoa.. what happen?'' he asked, sounding worried. ''Tell me everything. Who hurt you, i will kill them''

''Whoa.. someone hurt Tiffany'' i could hear people talk in the background, btu i let it go.

''Mom and Dad went to Brazil'' i pused ''And they are gone like month or two''

''That's so great'' he yelld

''Yeah, i know'' i pused ''but why did you call?''

''Oh.. I called to tell you, to tell mom i'll be late''

''Well.. that doesn't matter now'' i smiled, even tho he couldn't see me ''Okey Ry... Bye''

''Wait'' he yelld ''I need to ask you something''


''I know that you don't like him, but can Justin and Chaz stay the night?''

I sighed ''Ryan... You know that i dis-like Jusitn, but i don't know why i like Chaz-''

''Please Tiffany'' he pleated

''Okey'' i sighed ''But keep Justin away from me'' i warned

''Okey and Thanks.. See you soon''

''Yeah, yeah'' and i hunged up. Great. Justin's coming. what else?


 later that day 


Tiffany's pov


Ryan and his little friend's are soemwhere in the house and me... in my room. Im not going outside of this place till they are here. Well till Justin is here, that is.

I was sitting in my bed and watching video clips on youtube. Mostly Selena's... She's mu idol, my roll-model.


''Yes?'' i questioned

''Can i come in?'' he asked. He... i don't witch one. It could be Ry, Chaz or... Justin. The door opend and he walked in ''Hey''

''What you want?'' i spat

''I just want to talk'' he smiled and walked closer to my bed

''Yeah, you kinda you said that in school'' i pointed out. I clapped my hands togetter ''So here's a idea, how about you leave?''

He schook his head 'no' ''But how i about i don't?''

I rolled my eyes and pused the video. I got out of my bed and walked where he was standing. Now i stood just in front off him ''What the fuck you want from me?'' I spat.

''You...'' he smiled '' be my girlfriend''

''How about no?'' i pused ''Haven't you heard im going on DATE with Brad.''

''I know'' he simply answerd ''What what said he loves you?''


''Are you sure?'' he asked again



''Yes'' i spat ''And who said he doesn't LOVE me?''

''He'' he said as it was obvious ''He's jsut using you. He haves many girls like you''

''Your lieing. So i could be your girlfriend. But you know what i don't believe what are you telling me''

''Fine, don't believe me'' he turned around and walked to the door ''BUT when he brakes your hear, you know where i am'' An dwith that he was gone.

I got back in my bad and played the video again. But something in me wanted to believe what Justin said and the other part - no.

I bet he's just lieing. But, maybe no. Yeah, i have heard roumers about Brad's one night stand. But i don't give it so much thought to that.

''Sis you want to play truth or dare?'' Ry asked, snapping me out of my thoughs. 

I pused the video again and walked to the door. ''Why?''

''So you wouldn't be lonely.'' he smiled ''Come on Tif, come play with us''

I sighed and smiled ''Okey'' I closed  the door and walked donw stairs with Ryan infront of me. We sat down and Chaz was the firt to turn the bottle. For my luck it stoped at me, not the sarcasm. ''So truth or dare?'' he asked

''Dare'' i smiled and bit my lip.

He took a moment to answer ''I dare you to... kiss Justin''

''What?'' i asked and i could see from corner of my eye him smile

''On the lips..'' Chaz added.

I turned to Justin and he was smiling like an idiot. I got closer to him and.....


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