Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


8. Let's make this kind of deal

Tiffany's pov


''Wake up'' someone shouted and shock me ''I said wake up''

I slowly opend my eyes and were face to face with my nightmare. ''Hm''

''Good you're up'' he smirked

''Chace'' i spoke, my voice shaky ''Can you please give me something to drink or eat?''

''You'll get it when you get out'' he laughted ''now to wake him'' he said and walked over to Justin.

He was still in the corner of the room we're in. And now he looks even weeker. ''Chace'' i called after him. Nor really call but wisper ''Can you let Justin go? If yes, i'll be your girlfriend''

He stoped walking and turned around to look at me ''I'll think about it. But than again i can make the choice now''

''And what it be?'' i asked, scared of the answer

''I wouldn't take you as a girlfriend'' he spoke. Befor i could ask why he continued ''Because im sure you'll dich me once i let both of you go''

''Chace i wont do that. I promise'' i wisper. Well that's how i talk. It's due to fact that he haven't gave me anything to drink ''I promise'' i repeated my self.

he didn't say anything but he woke up Justin. ''Wake up you pretty boy'' he yelld and hit Justin. I couldn't watch what my ex did.

When i left i didn't think he'll turn in bigger monster. Well that day i didn't think at all.

''Wake up you douch'' he yelld and Justin fianlly opend his eyes ''Good you're both up'' he smirked and waked out once again.

''Justin i tryed to talk to him but he wont butch and im really sorry that you need to go through this pain just because of me'' i wisperd, better yet cryed.

''Tiffany don't worry everything will alright'' he wisperd back. I coould feel that it was hard for him to talk and stuff. Due to fact my ex hit him.


Ryan's pov


''Hey Chaz have you seen Justin?'' i asked as did out hand shake

''I was about as you the same thing.'' he gave me wierd look ''You don't something happen. Do you?''

I shrugged. ''I don't know. I mean Tiffany haven't beenn home to. As she left yesterday she haven't came back.''

''Did you talk with Nicki?'' Chaz asked

I schok my head ''No. I never- But if she would stay at her house she would tell me'' I pointed out and Chaz nodded

''Okey, how about this - We got to Nicki's house and ask her when did she last saw Tiffany'' I nodded and we walked out of my house. 

We walked down the porch and on the street. Nicki doesn't live far from our house. If you think like that it's kinds funny how all our houses aren't far from each other.

We walked down the steer when finally we were at Nicki's house. We walked up the stair angi ranged the door bell.

Soon after foor steps were heard and the door opend ''Finally. Were- Oh hey Ryan, Chaz''

''Hey Nicki, can we talk?'' i asked. She nodded and came out side. ''You were yesterday with Tiffany. where did you last saw her?''

''Heck i would know. I could ask you guys the same question.'' she pused ''She never made it to my house.''

''What you meen 'she never made it to your house'?'' Chaz asked

''That's what i mean. We needed to go shopping yesterday, i waited for her here'' she pointed to the steps under us ''But she never came''

''Well this is wierd'' i looked at Chaz and than back at Nicki ''Okey we'll look for her. If anything give us a call'' She nodded and walked in.

''Where do we start?'' Chaz asked as we walked back to my house.


Tiffany's pov


I have been sitting on this wooden chair for past twennty-four hours. I think. All the time we have been here we haven't ate or drank

Chace says: ''You'll get it when you get out''

But if he treats us like this any longer we'll die. This realy is my fault. If i haven't left New York that day. If i would have thought that day. If i would have told someone about this. Maybe we wouldn't be in this mess.

But than again that's BIG what if. I can't turn back the time and do things diffrent. If i could iwoould love  that.

''So how are my prisoners doing?'' Chace laughted and closed the door.

''Chace how about our deal?'' i asked not looking up at him.

''Yeah, i though about it'' he droped to my level

''And?'' i still ddin't look him in the eyes. Yes, im willing to go back being his girlfriend. If that can help us get out im willing to do it.

''I'll tell the answer abit later'' he smirked and got up. He walked over to the door and walked out.

''Tiffany what is that  deal?'' Justin asked and looked up at me.

I can't bear to look at him. It's hard for me to know that he's here because of me. I broth ths on him. I got to close to him when in real life i needed to stay away. 

I took deep breath and than let it out ''The deal is - he let us go and im his girlfriend''

''Tiffany that is stupid deal. Call it off'' he demented

''Justin i... can't'' i wisperd ''I want to get you out. It hurts to see you like this''

''Tiffany don't worry about me'' 

''Justin it's easy for you to say. You're not the one with guit billed up on inside''

''Tiffany don't worry about me, but think about your self. In what danger you're putting your self in again''

''Justin i don't care in what danger im putting my self.'' i pused and looked up at him. ''I've lived with him, no better dated him almost three years when i was in New York.''

Justin was about to say something when the door opend and in came Chace. ''Okey im ready to give you my answer''

I looked up at him ''And?''

''Okey i'll let you both go, but you're my girlfriend'' I nodded.

Okey, im sutck with him in this dating thing, but atleast Justin will be free and won't need to sit in this room again.

''Thank you Chace'' i breathed out. He rolled his eyes and un-tide Justin and than me.

When i stood up he quicly put his arm around my waist and looked at Justin with so much hate. If looks could kil,l Chace would have killed him with the look he gave Justin.

''Now get lost Bieber. And don't ever come near Tiffany ever again'' Chace spat and Justin walked out of the room.

I watched as he left. I could feel tears at back of my eyes. The one who really cared - i hurt him.

At this point i wanted to die or just kill my self. What point is living if your life is fucked up? If you find why - im happy for you. Because i seriosly can't.

''But you..'' Chace looked at me ''Your not going anywhere.'' he pushed me back down on the ground ''Did you really think i'll say yes to your little deal thing?'' he laughted.

I didn't say anything. It's not because i was too week, it's just the i don't know what to say. I really thought he said yes. That's why he followed me, right?

''Hope your confy on the floor.'' he smirked ''You're just a bitch'' he spat and walked out.

Leaving me alone. This time alone in this room. I pulled my knees to my cheast and cryed.


Justin's pov


''Now get lost Bieber. And don't ever come near Tiffany ever again'' Chace spat and i walked out of the room.

I walked out of the room and the house. I would have fougth but im too week for that right now. I need help, i need to tell someone. And i know who.

I walked out of his house and looked around. Good thing i live in Stratford for long time. 

I started walking and after 20-30 minutes i was at Ryan's house. I walked up the porch and ranged the door bell.

Soon the door opend and right infront of me stood worried Ryan. ''Can i come in?'' i asked. He nodded and led me in.

''Ryan who's at-  Justin?'' Chaz asked and took me to the livingroom ''Bro where were you?''

''I was with Tiffany.'' befor they could ask something else i countinued ''She's- Me- I mean we got kiddneped by her ex boyfriend Chace. He kept us in some room and im guessing in his house.''

''But Tiffany haven't dated anyone names Chace'' Ryan pointed out.

''Yes she is'' i looked at Ryan ''They dated in New York. She never told that they dated.''

''And where is she now?''

''She's made a deal with him. If he let us go she'll be his girlfriend. After i left i don't what happen. He just told me to never go near her''

''Okey.'' Ryan said and than looked at something ''You know the adress?''

''Sorry bro but no. I looked around but didn't see anything'' i looked down at my hands. Whick now were coverd with wounds, scars.

''Okey we'll think of something'' he said and sat next to me.

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