Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


14. It Girl

Selena's pov


I woke up to my phone ringing. I grouned and shut it off. Luckuly we found really nice hotel yesterday when we got here, so we checked in for a week. That gives me plany time to talk with her.

I streched and looked at the flat screan which was in my room. I took the remot and turned it on. They were showing re-runs of Two and half men. It's better than nothing, right?

In the middle of the show my phone ranged from the nightstand. I streched my arm and took the phone. Not looking at the screan i pressed it to my ear ''Selena. Talk to me.''

''Heeeey girl'' Vanessa screamed ''Wanna come shoping with me?''

''Sorry can't'' i answerd ''Im not in town''

''Wellll'' she said straching the word ''were are you than?''

''Im in Stratford'' i smiled at the though that im from all the paparzzie and stress.

''What are you doing there again?'' she spat ''Like week ago you got home form that place. LA is soooo better than that shitty place''

''Well for your information i like it, no i love it here.'' i answerd as calmly as i could ''And im here to do my job.'' and with that i hunged up.

~ ♥ ~

I came out of the bathroom all fresh and clean. Today im going to the school so i better wear something nice.

I walked over to the suitcase and pulled out black jeans, grey top and white cardigan (okey on the said is how she really looked)

I did my make-up and hair. When i was already i walked out to the kitchen. Suprisingly they had a little kitchen in the room.

I walked over to the fridge and took out milk. I found white bowl and cereal in the cabinits and made me some breakasft. This hotel is amazing, if may i say so.

''Morning'' i turned around and there stood sleepy looking Kevin ''You're up early''

''Well i am going to that school. To find that girl'' i pointed out and he just nodded. I looked at the clock and than at my bowl. There wasn't much so i'll just leave it ''Okey. I gotta go''

He smiled ''Have fun.'' i nodded and walked past him ''But don't call me to go get you''

''I won't'' i sanged and skiped to my room. I took my phone and bag and walked out of the hotel room. I walked over to the elevator and pressed the botton. While i wated i scroled through my twitter.

The door opend and i steped in. I pressed the botton with number one and waited till the door will open.

I walked passed the front desk and out the hotel door. I looked at the GPS i have on my phone and walked down the street.



I stood infront of big red building with the words 'Stratford High' on it. I walked up the steps and in to the school.

I walked to the principals office and knocked on the door. I don't know why but im nurves. Soon the door opend and infront of me stood lady in her mid 30's.

''Goodmorning'' she smiled ''How may i help you?''

''Hi im Selena Gomez'' i smiled back ''And i would be happy if i could speak with one of you're students''


Tiffany's pov


I couldn't concentrate on my Math work because Justin was making funny faces.

''Tiffany Butler to principals office'' the schools secretary spoked on the schools mic. After that everyone turned and looked at me.

I stood up and shrugged as if saying 'i don't know, but don't worry'. He nodded and i walked out of the class room.

I walked all the way down the long hallway to the principals office. Saying im scared and nurves is understanding. I don't even know why she called me.  I knocked on the door. When i heard her say 'come in' i walked in.

''You wanted to see me Mrs Roxx?'' i asked sofly

''I didn't, but this young lady wanted'' i turned my head in the direction where she showed. Im pretty sure my jaw hit the floor.

''S-Selena?'' i asked suprised

''Yup that's me'' she smiled britly ''I wanted to ask you something.''

''What is it?'' i asked still starstuck. Truth is im fangirling on inside.

''You can dance right?'' she asked. All i did was nod. ''So i need one new back-up dancer.''

''And you want me?'' 

She nodded ''Yes. I would be really happy.'' she pused ''You see i choosed you because that day of my concer you stood out from all the other people there. In good way'' she added.

''Wow'' was all i said ''But you have to speak with my parents''



''Hey mom'' i smiled as i walked in the kitchen. I didn't even give her time to reply when i spoked again ''So this friend came with me because she needs to talk to you'' i walked to the front door and let her in.

We walked back in the kitchen ''Mom this is Selena Gomez. Selena this is my mom'' i smiled.

''Hello'' Selena smiled and mom smiled back. This is good ''You must wonder what is popstar doing here.'' she nodded ''Well i came here to talk about your doughter''

''Is something wrong? Did she do something?''

Selena choukled and shoolk her head ''No ma'am. She didn't do anything. But i do want her to take to LA with me''

''Why?'' my mom asked and looked at me. I of curse where smiling like i just steped in poop.

''Well you see Mrs Butler i need one new dancer, that is girl dancer and i was thinking that Tiffany could'' Selena explaned.

Mom nodded and though about it. She turn to me and stood up from her seat ''Selena, dear can i talk with her?'' she nodded and we walked out.

''Tiffany i know that you would love this, but you know that you're waiting a baby.''

''Mom. I would tell her. And i would dance as long as i could'' she nodded and pressed her lips togetter. Something she did when she thought things through.

''Very well'' she smiled ''You can go''

''Oh mom'' i gasped and hugged her ''Million times thank you''

She laughted and pulled from the hug ''Now go talk to Selena. I'll be in the office'' I nodded and walked back in the kitchen

Selena turned and looked at me ''She said yes. But you need to know few things''

She frowned ''What kinda things? You're not drug addicted, are you?''

I laughted and shook my head ''No, im not. But i am pragnant.''

''Aw so sweet'' she smiled ''But you will do this?''

I nodded ''I'll do it as long as i can. Oh and Selena will there be any chanse i could fly form there to here?''

''Of curse'' she smiled ''I won't keep you away from you're family'' she said and stood up ''Well i'll see you tomorrow.''

''Okey'' i smiled and hugged her



''So what did you wanted to tell me?'' Justin asked and hugged me.

''Remember how we met Selena that day'' i looked up at him and he nodded ''Well when i got called to principals office i talked with her''

''Go on'' he smiled

''And she asked me if i want to be her back-up dancer'' i pused ''And i said yes.'' i looked at him ''But she let me fly from there to here to see my family and you'' i sqeezed his side

''Im happy for you'' he kissed me

''And don't worry we'll skype and all the other things''

''Im not worried about that...'' he spoked and than i realized what was he talking about.

''Don't worry. Im doing it as long as i can. Plus Selena knows that too''


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